Raster Chart Catalogue

Folio: “OceanWise”

Raster Chart Catalogue

Folio: “OceanWise”

 This marine chart folio is sourced from leading hydrographic offices. When you need intelligent marine and coastal mapping that is fit for purpose, in the right format, accurate and up to date, we have a comprehensive range of marine products and services to help you.

Raster Chart Catalogue

Folio: “OceanWise”

This folio contains 60 items. Click on an ID link to explore a folio entry.

ID Title #Charts
ow-allAll available OceanWise Raster Charts1186
ow-worldThe World / Ocean Planning Charts3
ow-folio01South Coast of England66
ow-folio02Bristol Channel and South Coast of Ireland41
ow-folio03Irish Sea, Firth of Clyde and North Coast of Ireland76
ow-folio04West Coast of Ireland35
ow-folio05West Coast of Scotland60
ow-folio06North and East Coasts of Scotland, etc.62
ow-folio07North Sea including Firth of Forth to Thames Entrance62
ow-folio08Rivers Thames and Medway and Approaches14
ow-folio09Eastern Shores of North Sea, Calais to Skagen26
ow-folio10Baltic Sea3
ow-folio13West Coast of Norway4
ow-folio15Færoe Islands, Iceland and Svalbard14
ow-folio16North Coast of France and the Channel Islands18
ow-folio17West Coast of France and North Coast of Spain15
ow-folio18West Coast of Spain, Portugal, Strait of Gibraltar52
ow-folio19Eastern North Atlantic Ocean10
ow-folio20North-west Coast of Africa33
ow-folio24Strait of Gibraltar to Malta and Port Said16
ow-folio25Mediterranean Coasts of Spain and France31
ow-folio27Adriatic and West Coast of Greece15
ow-folio30Eastern Mediterranean - Rhódos to El Arish including Cyprus7
ow-folio32Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea32
ow-folio34South-west Coast of Africa58
ow-folio35Eastern South Atlantic Ocean, South Africa and Southern Ocean47
ow-folio36East Coast of Africa36
ow-folio38Chagos Achipelago, Mauritius, Réunion, etc.9
ow-folio40Persian Gulf45
ow-folio42Sri Lanka and Approaches18
ow-folio43East Coast of India, Bangladesh, Burma and Andaman Islands5
ow-folio45Malacca Strait2
ow-folio47Western side of China Sea4
ow-folio48Eastern side of China Sea and Sulu Sea7
ow-folio54Inland Sea of Japan1
ow-folio57North-west Pacific Ocean1
ow-folio59South and East Coasts of Kalimantan and the West Coast of Sulawesi2
ow-folio68Nouvelle-Caledonie, Vanuatu, Sanata Cruz and Solomon Islands16
ow-folio70Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, etc.25
ow-folio71New Zealand - North Island and Cook Strait2
ow-folio73South-east Pacific Ocean6
ow-folio74North-east Pacific Ocean1
ow-folio81East Coast of United States1
ow-folio82Western North Atlantic Ocean8
ow-folio83Gulf of Mexico and Approaches10
ow-folio85East Coast of Central America9
ow-folio86West Indian Islands and San Salvador and Jamaica to Antigua31
ow-folio87Guadeloupe to Trinidad, Venezuela and Guyana33
ow-folio88Panama Canal and Approaches4
ow-folio92Alaska and Bering Strait1
ow-folio95East Coast of South America - Cabo do Norte to Buenos Aires inc the Rivers Uruguay and Paraná14
ow-folio96East Coast of South America - Punta Piedras to Puerto Gallegos inc Falkland Islands, etc.57
ow-folio97Magellan Strait, Cape Horn, Patagonian Channels and The Antarctic Peninsula34
ow-charts0xxxOceanWise Raster Charts numbered 0xxx269
ow-charts1xxxOceanWise Raster Charts numbered 1xxx325
ow-charts2xxxOceanWise Raster Charts numbered 2xxx302
ow-charts3xxxOceanWise Raster Charts numbered 3xxx189
ow-charts4xxxOceanWise Raster Charts numbered 4xxx101

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