OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 3xxx”

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 3xxx”

 This marine chart folio is sourced from leading hydrographic offices. When you need intelligent marine and coastal mapping that is fit for purpose, in the right format, accurate and up to date, we have a comprehensive range of marine products and services to help you.

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 3xxx”

This folio contains 189 items. Click on an ID link to explore a folio entry.

ID Title Scale
3034Approaches to Palma1:25,000
3100Sassandra to Lagune Aby1:350,000
3102Takoradi and Sekondi Bays1:15,000
3104Greenville to Sassandra1:350,469
3108Grand Bereby to Sassandra1:100,000
3112Harbours in Ghana1:7,500
3113Cape Three Points to Saltpond1:150,000
3118Lagos to Gamba1:1,000,000
3132Strait of Gibraltar to Arquipelago da Madeira1:1,250,000
3133Casablanca to Islas Canarias (Including Arquipelago da Madeira)1:1,250,000
3134Islas Canarias to Nouakchott1:1,250,000
3135Nouakchott to Bissau and Arquipelago De Cabo Verde1:1,250,000
3139Monrovia to Sassandra1:1,000,000
3140Saint Peter Port1:6,000
3146Loch Ewe1:12,500
3164Barrow Harbour and Approaches1:12,500
3175Jazirat Al Hamra' to Dubai (Dubayy) and Jazireh-ye Sirri1:125,000
3176Ajman to Sir Abu Nu Ayr1:125,000
3177Outer Approaches to Abu Dhabi (Abu Zaby)1:125,000
3178Approaches to Mubarraz Terminal including Zaqqum Traffic Separation Scheme1:125,000
3179Jazirat Das to Ar Ruways1:125,000
3200Falkland Islands to South Sandwich Islands and Graham Land1:3,750,000
3205South Shetland Islands and Bransfield Strait1:500,000
3206Gerlache Strait to Orleans Strait1:50,000
3207Gerlache Strait Bluff Island to Emma Island1:50,000
3208Plans in Antarctic Sound1:25,000
3209Plans in Erebus and Terror Gulf1:75,000
3210Plans in the South Shetland Islands1:10,000
3211Zanzibar Harbour1:12,500
3213Plans in Graham Land1:50,000
3220Entrance to Rio Tejo including Baia de Cascais1:15,000
3221Lisboa, Paco de Arcos to Terreiro do Trigo1:15,000
3222Lisboa Alcantara to Canal do Montijo1:15,000
3224Approaches to Sines1:50,000
3227Aveiro and Approaches1:40,000
3228Approaches to Figueira da Foz1:30,000
3257Viana do Castelo and Approaches1:30,000
3258Approaches to Leixoes and Barra do Rio Douro1:30,000
3259Setubal and Approaches1:15,000
3260Setubal Carraca to Ilha do Cavalo1:15,000
3265Weligama to Little Basses Reef1:150,000
3270Lerwick Harbour and Dales Voe - South Quay A Lerwick harbour1:4,500
3271Approaches to Lerwick Harbour1:10,000
3272Moul of Eswick to Helli Ness1:25,000
3273Entrance to Milford Haven1:12,500
3274Milford Haven Saint Ann's Head to Newton Noyes Pier1:12,500
3275Milford Haven Milford Docks to Picton Point1:12,500
3278Saint Helier1:6,000
3281Shetland Islands North-West Sheet1:75,000
3282Shetland Islands North-East Sheet1:75,000
3283Shetland Islands South Sheet1:75,000
3284Moul of Eswick to Lunna Holm including Out Skerries1:37,500
3286Approaches to Bonny River1:60,000
3291Cabinda and Malongo Terminals1:100,000
3292Eastern Approaches to Yell Sound, Colgrave Sound and Bluemull Sound1:30,000
3294Harbours in Southern Mainland1:12,500
3295Harbours in the Shetland Islands1:25,000
3297Sullom Voe1:12,500
3298Yell Sound1:30,000
3299Plans in the Shetland Islands1:10,000
3310Mafia Island to Pemba Island1:350,000
3315Berry Head to Portland Bill1:75,000
3323Male' Atoll1:150,000
3324Cabo San Antonio to Mar Del Plata1:500,000
3327Bata to Libreville including Ilhas do Principe and de Sao Tome1:351,268
3329Mar Del Plata to Segunda Barranca1:500,000
3330Segunda Barranca to Punta Delgada1:500,000
3331Punta Delgada to San Gregorio1:500,000
3332San Gregorio to Puerto Deseado1:500,000
3334Puerto Deseado to Puerto Santa Cruz1:500,000
3335Puerto Santa Cruz to Estrecho de Magallanes1:500,000
3337River Thames Margaret Ness to Tower Bridge1:12,500
3338Kilkee to Inisheer1:50,000
3339Approaches to Galway Bay including the Aran Islands1:50,000
3347Approaches to Al Khums Port1:50,000
3350Marsa el - Brega1:10,000
3361Pemba Island to Lamu1:350,000
3405Ports in 'Ajman, Sharjah and Umm al Qaywayn1:15,000
3409Plans in Iran, Oman and the United Arab Emirates1:25,000
3412Hamriyah to Mina' Seyaha1:50,000
3414Dubai (Dubayy) and Approaches1:15,000
3418Langstone and Chichester Harbours1:20,000
3432Saltpond to Tema1:150,000
3448Plans in Angola1:50,000
3462British Antarctic Survey Base Rothera1:25,000
3463Plans in Graham Land and South Shetland Islands1:10,000
3478Manchester Ship Canal and Upper River Mersey1:25,000
3482Singapore Strait to Song Sai Gon1:1,500,000
3483Mindoro Strait to Luconia Shoals and Selat Makasar1:1,500,000
3488Song Sai Gon to Hong Kong1:1,500,000
3489Manila to Hong Kong1:1,500,000
3490Port of Liverpool1:15,000
3492Approaches to Port Sudan1:50,000
3493Bashayer Oil Terminals and Approaches1:50,000
3496River Humber Immingham and Hull1:10,000
3497River Humber Immingham to Humber Bridge and the Rivers Ouse and Trent1:25,000
3511Approaches to Said Bin Sultan Naval Base1:30,000
3518Ports and Anchorages on the North-East Coast of Oman1:30,000
3519Southern Approaches to Masirah1:100,000
3520Khawr Kalba and Dawhat Diba to Gahha Shoal1:125,000
3522Approaches to Muscat (Masqat) and Mina' al Fahl1:100,000
3523Approaches to Said Bin Sultan Naval Base1:100,000
3530Approaches to Berbera1:50,000
3570Brabant Island to Adelaide Island1:500,000
3571Lavoisier Island to Alexander Island1:500,000
3572Brabant Island to Adelaide Island1:500,000
3575Argentine Islands and Approaches1:60,000
3577Adelaide Island South Western Approaches1:75,000
3578Eastern Approaches to the Strait of Gibraltar1:150,000
3579Rydberg Peninsula to Siple Island1:2,000,000
3582Harbours and Anchorages in South Georgia Sheet 31:25,000
3583Cooper Sound to Drygalski Fjord1:25,000
3586Harbours and Anchorages in South Georgia Sheet 21:25,000
3587Harbours and Anchorages in South Georgia1:25,000
3588Approaches to Stromness and Cumberland Bays1:50,000
3589Stewart Strait including Undine Harbour, Bird Sound and Elsehul1:25,000
3593South Sandwich Islands1:500,000
3595South Georgia Central Sheet1:125,000
3596Approaches to South Georgia1:750,000
3597South Georgia1:250,000
3629Approaches to Halley Base1:200,000
3633Islas Sisargas to Rio Mino1:200,000
3634Montedor to Cabo Mondego1:200,000
3635Cabo Mondego to Cabo Espichel1:200,000
3636Cabo Espichel to Cabo de Sao Vicente1:200,000
3648Approaches to Buchanan1:100,000
3653Guernsey to Alderney and Adjacent Coast of France1:50,000
3654Guernsey Herm and Sark1:50,000
3655Jersey and Adjacent Coast of France1:50,000
3656Plateau des Minquiers and Adjacent Coast of France1:50,000
3657Mersa Tobruch1:12,000
3660Aden Inner Harbour1:7,500
3661Bab el Mandeb to Aden Harbour1:200,000
3683Sheerness and Approaches1:12,500
3700Weligama to Colombo1:150,000
3709Port of Fujairah (Fujayrah) and Offshore Terminals1:25,000
3715Abu Dhabi (Abu Zaby)1:32,500
3718Port of Jubail (Al Jubayl)1:30,000
3719Approaches to Port of Jubail (Al Jubayl)1:80,000
3723Approaches to Khawr Fakkan and Fujairah (Fujayrah)1:50,000
3725Baltimore Harbour1:6,250
3739Jebel Ali (Mina' Jabal 'Ali) and Approaches1:50,000
3741Rivers Colne and Blackwater1:25,000
3746Loch Long and Loch Goil1:25,000
3750Rivers Crouch and Roach1:25,000
3755Bahia Blanca1:50,000
3762Ad Duqm1:25,000
3763Approaches to Ad Duqm1:125,000
3764Cabo Torinana to Punta Carreiro1:40,000
3772Approaches to Ra's Laffan1:35,000
3775Ra's Abu `Ali to Ra's as Saffaniyah1:150,000
3777Approaches to Ad Dammam Ra's Tannurah and Ra's al Ju`aymah1:80,000
3781Ra's Laffan Port1:15,000
3783Mesaieed (Musay 'id or Umm Said)1:25,000
3784Ra's Al Kalb to Ra's Mirbat1:750,000
3785Port Salalah (Mina' Raysut) to Masirah1:750,000
3787Approaches to Mesaieed (Musay 'id or Umm Said), Hamad Port and Doha (Ad Dawhah)1:50,000
3788Fasht al Jarim to Ra's Abu `Ali1:150,000
3793Shixini Point to Port S. Johns1:150,000
3794Port S. Johns to Port Shepstone1:150,000
3795Port Shepstone to Cooper Light1:150,000
3797Green Point to Tongaat Bluff1:150,000
3835Tanjung Sipang to Tanjung Sirik1:200,000
3836Kuala Rajang to Kuala Mukah1:200,000
3859Cape Cross to Conception Bay1:300,000
3860Conception Bay to Hottentot Point1:300,000
3861Approaches to Luderitz1:30,000
3869Hottentot Point to Chamais Bay1:300,000
3870Chamais Bay to Port Nolloth1:300,000
3876Nosy Be to Baie D'Antsiranana including Recif du Geyser and Iles Glorieuses1:350,000
3877Mozambique Channel Northern Part1:1,000,000
3878Mozambique Channel Central Part1:1,000,000
3879Quan-Dao Nam Du to Baie De Ream1:240,000
3880Mozambique Channel Southern Part1:1,000,000
3907Passages Between Mayaguana Island & Turks & Caicos Is inc Northern Apps to Haiti & Dominican Rep1:300,000
3908Passages Between Turks and Caicos Islands and Dominican Republic1:300,000
3910Little Bahama Bank including North West Providence Channel1:300,000
3912North East Providence Channel and Tongue of the Ocean1:300,000
3913Crooked Island Passage and Exuma Sound1:300,000
3914Caicos Passage and Mayaguana Passage1:300,000
3936Approaches to Jamaica1:400,000
3944Pulau Pinang to Kepulauan Sembilan1:200,000
3950Mesaieed (Musay'id or Umm Said) to Ra's Laffan1:150,000
3951Sir Bani Yas to Khawr al 'Udayd1:150,000
3995Choiseul Island to New Georgia Island1:300,000
3996Santa Isabel Island to Guadalcanal Island1:300,000
3997Indispensable Strait1:300,000
3998San Cristobal Island to Malaita Island1:300,000

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