Thrive in a changing consumer landscape


Thrive in a changing consumer landscape

The face of retail is changing at an unprecedented pace. Never has an understanding of the right people and the right place been as pertinent as now in the race for that all-important share of wallet. Retailers need to know who their customers are, what they want to buy (perhaps even before they do) and how and where they want to shop. Important issues such as sustainability and ethical consumerism also need to be considered.

Retail - Know Your Customer

Know your customer

Using location intelligence, we can help you truly understand not only your customers and their engagement with your brand, but also those of your competitors. With advanced demographics, your existing customers can be profiled, and a geographic model created to predict market potential. Dovetailing this with competitor intelligence will allow you to identify both saturated areas and fresh market hot spots.

An improved understanding of ever discerning customers will sharpen your marketing communications, enrich their experience and set your business apart from the competition.

How can we help you know your customer and assess, identify and develop your market?

Refine and optimise site locations

While growing briskly, only 19.3% of UK commerce [Statista, May 2019] happens online. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the location of bricks-and-mortar retail outlets remains paramount, including where the customer journey involves ordering online but with local collection. Location intelligence can also help with retargeting, by providing a geographically focussed follow-up to initial advertising campaigns. These are believed to be more than twice as effective as generic, untargeted marketing messages. A network of outlets can be further optimised by assessing market potential and underperformers selected for development.

The locations of your stores, warehouses, delivery routes and events are key. How do you underpin critical decisions and solve the enigma of where?

Retail - Refine and Optimise Site Locations
Retail - Understand Market Potential and Competition

Understand market potential and competition

Geographic analysis can utilise the latest demographics, purchasing power and consumer profiles to gain a valuable intelligence about your customer base. This insight can then be used to find other territories with similar types of people. This is particularly useful for expanding into international markets. Will success in Manchester translate to success in Hamburg?

A new market assessment must be set against an objective analysis of competitor locations in order to reveal its true potential. We can help you visualise all factors in the context of geography to gain a competitive advantage.

How do you plan market expansion while mitigating risk?

Incorporate dynamic factors

To improve analysis and enable situational awareness, accurate real-time data can incorporate data feeds including sensor networks (e.g. tracking foot fall), weather, health and political factors.

Charting factors in a geographic context will allow you to identify and assess the effect of externals on your customer as well as your brand, whilst allowing you the time and resource to act with any appropriate response

Can you predict the impact of external factors on your sales performance?

Retail - Incorporate Dynamic Factors

Location intelligence solutions

Location Insight

Location Insight

Location Insight offers a powerful yet intuitive means of visualising and analysing spatial data. Designed to provide a simple way to understand sophisticated spatial analytics, it allows organisations to better understand their customers, assets and markets, in a geographic context, thereby gaining a competitive or strategic advantage. Implemented as an online service, Location Insight can be integrated into your internal systems to provide a rich, seamless experience for your users.

Market Trace - Footsteps

Market Trace

Market Trace is a new data service providing unique insight into patterns of visitor behaviour. This innovative service uses anonymised location data from mobile applications, professionally analysed and customised to your specific needs. It can distinguish between locals and visitors, segment by time and profile visit duration.



Demographic data presents the latest population and household figures, population by age (5 x 15-year age bands) and sex, as well as the number of unemployed. If the demand for your product or service is dependent on these variables, this data will be fundamental to planning your operations. It can be used to improve customer targeting and help identify market opportunities by geographic area.

Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power describes the disposable income (before deductions) of populated areas. It is a key indicator for sound location and sales territory planning.

In a competitive retail market, sales, optimisation and growth are critical to survival. All businesses need to know where their customers are located and how much disposable income their target groups possess. Purchasing Power allows companies to target regional markets with increased precision, accuracy and confidence.

Consumer Profiles

Consumer Profiles

Consumer Profiles uses an innovative model for market segmentation and determination of target groups. It is the first product in its class to offer ten internationally validated consumer styles. Consumer Profiles is based on various segmenting criteria such as demographics, value orientation, mind-set & motivation, consumer behaviour and consumer scope.

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europaIQ offers valuable property intelligence data for Great Britain in a variety of pragmatic categories. Whether you are an owner, investor, developer or manager, europaIQ provides invaluable intelligence about properties and their surrounding area. For both commercial and residential properties, a wide variety of data is available which can meet challenges, improve decision-making and reduce risk.

UK Flag

UK Map Data

We carry only the very best data available for our home nation, including products from trusted sources such as Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland and Bluesky International. Let us help make your UK-based location intelligence solution exceed expectations and deliver eminent success.

International Flags

International Map Data

With comprehensive, consistent and dependable data for nearly every country & region of the world, we are your trusted partner for international map data. Explore our extensive inventory of base maps, postcodes, regions & boundaries, socio-demographics, purchasing power, consumer profiles, peril maps, CRESTA zones, mobile network coverage and marine maps.

Global Map Data - Celebrating 25 years, 1997-2022

Global Map Data

Global map data is a cornerstone in the history of Europa Technologies. Our market-leading data products are the choice of SMEs, prestigious Fortune Global 500 companies, governments and missions of the United Nations. As a result of a long-standing integration with Google Earth and Google Maps, our global data products have been seen by over one billion people, approximately one in seven of the world’s entire population.

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