Network Insight

The evolution of coverage mapping

Network Insight

The evolution of coverage mapping

Network Insight is a hosted service offering interactive telecommunications coverage maps for seamless display on your website. Featuring comprehensive and up-to-date maps, the service provides valuable, high quality and fully managed content for any telecoms operator.

Network Insight

Network Insight

Network Insight is a service offering interactive coverage maps for seamless display on your website. The service provides cost savings to operators by promoting Channel Shift – allowing subscribers to check coverage from your own website, rather than make a call to customer service. Importantly, this service helps set customer expectations for coverage at home, work or any important location.

Network Insight provides valuable, high quality and virtually maintenance-free content. It is ideal for network operators, MVNOs and regulators. With the comprehensive search feature, users can quickly find the locations that are important to them and check coverage.

Advance coverage intelligence

Network Insight can provide a range of analysis functions on mobile coverage data. It can perform arithmetic, logical and set operations on coverage (e.g. a ∩ b, a ∪ b, Σ[a,b,…]) to uncover market opportunities and threats. The service can also utilise demographic data to calculate population by geographic coverage, business density or socio-economic profile. This intelligence is invaluable when strategically planning a network expansion or initial roll out.

Coverage is a life blood of a mobile network. Let us help you understand coverage better using the power of location intelligence.

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Ready for 5G

Network Insight can display coverage from any technology and the service has already been used to deploy 5G coverage mapping. The use of small cells in 5G deployments to deliver enhanced mobile broadband with ultra-low latency has opened a wealth of new, or improved, applications. The increased density of these cells does, however, make network coverage more complicated. During the roll out of 5G in any country or region, it has become more important than ever to share coverage both internally and with customers in order to inform and set expectations.

How are you communicating your 5G coverage to optimise network roll out and capture new customers?

Enhance client experience

Telecoms has traditionally been a high-churn industry with customers demanding a quality service from their providers while being all too willing to switch if they fail to deliver. Coverage is the life blood of mobile telecommunications and subscribers expect ubiquitous service. When this is not possible, it is more important than ever to set customers’ expectations, avoid disappointment and reduce churn.

In your mobile telecoms business, coverage matters. Do you really know where, or are you nowhere?

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Tailored to You

A reliable service, tailored to you

Network Insight is delivered as an online cloud-hosted solution with average availability exceeding 99.9%. The service can be customised to match your own branding and even be integrated with internal systems.

As standard, the service allows up to three layers of coverage to be shown simultaneously in different colours. Each of these layers can be loaded with one or more coverage patterns of your choice.

Network Insight can consume base maps from a variety of sources, including Google Maps, Esri ArcGIS Online, Mapbox and our own viaEuropa service.

Industry Recognition

Network Insight was recognised by the GSM Association for its innovative approach to coverage mapping.

COMMENDED – Best Roaming Product or Service, GSM Awards


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