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Europa Technologies has been a digital map data and location data specialist for over two decades. We can provide you with the products necessary to gain real insight into your market. Whether your needs are local, national, continental or global, we will meet your requirements with our own products or something carefully sourced from our trusted partners. After all, high quality data usually underpins the success of any location-based solution.

United Kingdom

As you might expect, we carry only the very best data available for our home nation, including products from trusted sources such as Ordnance Survey.

United Kingdom


Comprehensive and consistent data for nearly every country & region of the world. We are your trusted partner for international map data.

Global Map Data


For truly international organisations, we offer our renowned series of global data products, as featured in Google Earth and Google Maps.


Free Data Life Support

All data products supplied by Europa Technologies include free, world-class, lifetime support.

Got a technical issue or licensing question? No problem – we’re just a call or an e-mail away.

Arrange your digital map licensing though us with the assurance of great value from your data investment.

Data Life Support

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about our data products or would like to place an order, please contact one of our experienced consultants who will be happy to help you.

Map data products and services from Europa Technologies provide great opportunities for reseller partners, system integrators and data brokers. Contact us today about partnering with Europa Technologies and explore how we might benefit from working together.