Driving growth in your market


Driving growth in your market

Europa Technologies has comprehensive expertise in applying location intelligence across a variety of industries.
Whatever your market, our products and services can help you achieve positive outcomes.

Public Sector

The challenges for the public sector are complex – tighter budgets, but with a need to improve delivery and efficiency to an ever-discerning public. Location intelligence has a pivotal role in digital transformation and the progression to smart cities.

Europa Technologies offers a portfolio of cost-effective, efficient solutions which empower public sector bodies. Harnessing the power of location intelligence, our capabilities will help you meet your obligations and, indeed, go beyond expectations.

UK Public Sector


In today’s ever-changing marketplace, insurance businesses need to make better, faster, data-driven decisions. By deploying location intelligence as an enterprise asset, you will increase underwriting productivity, reduce fraud and improve overall profitability.


The telecommunications world relies on accurate, up-to-date geographical information to underpin internal operations and the services delivered to your customers. Using our location intelligence expertise, we have developed a range of products and services to support all areas of your business where location matters.

Public coverage maps, competitive analysis, network roll-outs and daily operations will all benefit from using location intelligence as a strategic corporate asset in the effort to enhance the client experience.

Industries - Retail


The face of retail is changing at an unprecedented pace. Never has an understanding of the right people and the right place been as pertinent as now in the race for that all-important share of wallet. Retailers need to know who their customers are, what they want to buy (perhaps even before they do) and how and where they want to shop. Important issues such as sustainability and ethical consumerism also need to be considered.


In order to remain trusted institutions within a volatile landscape, banks must embrace rapid change over gradual evolution. Banks need to innovate around the combined pressures of customer expectation, changing demographics, new competitors, regulatory requirements and disruptors such as climate change. The insight achieved through effective location intelligence can help to propel this transformation.

Industries - Banking
Industries - Land & Property

Land & Property

The challenges for the land and property sector are far-reaching. The industry is at the sharp end of any economic or political change and with a wider range of risk and return, it is critical that every opportunity is evaluated with detailed insight, at every stage.

Engineering & Infrastructure

In engineering and infrastructure projects, location intelligence is instrumental in improving efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing sustainability through its spatial analysis, visualisation capabilities and integrated data management.

Engineering & Infrastructure - Better planning, design and implementation

Energy & Renewables

The energy industry faces a multitude of challenges as it navigates the complex transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and the fulfillment of more sustainable and efficient systems. Location intelligence plays a crucial role in this sector by providing comprehensive spatial analysis and data management capabilities.


The challenges of the water industry have become a strategic issue. With concerns including infrastructure, climate change and regulatory compliance, location intelligence is a powerful tool which can help address industry challenges.

Water - Answer the deepest challenges
Earth from Space


In this time of space renaissance, location intelligence provides essential elements supporting applications in earth observation, satellite communications and global navigation.

Defence / GEOINT

Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) includes the use of location intelligence in strategic, tactical and operations applications within defence, homeland security and national resilience.

Defence / GEOINT
Other Markets

Other Markets

In a world where nearly everything happens somewhere, the power of location can provide insight, intelligence and better outcomes to any organisation, irrespective of nature or industry.

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