Energy & Renewables

Powering a sustainable future with location intelligence

Energy & Renewables

Powering a sustainable future with location intelligence

The energy industry faces a multitude of challenges as it navigates the complex transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and the fulfillment of more sustainable and efficient systems. Location intelligence plays a crucial role in this sector by providing comprehensive spatial analysis and data management capabilities.

Overcome industry challenges

The transformation from fossil fuels to renewable sources like wind, solar and hydropower, is the primary challenge facing the energy industry. This transition demands massive investment in new technologies, infrastructure and grid modernisation.

Energy security is a critical issue, as countries strive to reduce dependence on imported fuels and develop self-sufficient energy systems. The integration of renewables into existing grids poses significant technical challenges, requiring advanced energy storage solutions and smart grid technologies to maintain stability and efficiency.

Location intelligence provides comprehensive spatial analysis of resources and data management capabilities. How can we help you power a sustainable future?

Embracing a sustainable future

A sustainable future in energy hinges on a multifaceted approach that prioritises renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and technological innovation. Central to this vision are electric vehicles (EVs), which represent a significant shift from fossil fuel dependence to cleaner, renewable energy sources. EVs, powered by electricity from renewable sources like wind, solar and hydroelectric power, offer a path to considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions and urban air pollution.

There is a synergy between renewable energy and electric vehicles. For example, solar panels on residential homes can charge EVs directly, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering energy costs. Governments and businesses play pivotal roles in this transition by implementing supportive policies, investing in research & development and fostering public-private partnerships.

Energy and Renewables - Meet industry challenges
Energy and Renewables - Accelerate the transition

Accelerate the transition

Accelerating the transition to clean energy is crucial for mitigating climate change and ensuring a sustainable future. This shift involves a comprehensive strategy encompassing policy reform, technological innovation and societal engagement.

Location intelligence is pivotal in advancing clean energy initiatives by enhancing site selection, optimising resource management and improving operational efficiency. The technology enables the precise mapping and analysis of geographic data, which is crucial for identifying the most suitable locations for renewable energy projects.

Optimise planning & operations

Location intelligence is an indispensable tool in optimisation within the energy industry. The technology allows for the visualisation, analysis and interpretation of spatial data, facilitating more informed decision-making processes.

In planning, location intelligence enables energy companies to identify optimal locations for renewable energy installations. By analysing spatial data on weather patterns, topography and land use, location intelligence helps in selecting sites that maximise energy production while minimising environmental and social impacts.

Operational efficiency is significantly enhanced by the use of location intelligence. Real-time monitoring of energy assets, such as power lines and substations, allows for prompt identification and resolution of issues, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Energy and Renewables - Optimise planning and operations

Location intelligence solutions for energy & renewables

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UK Map Data

We carry only the very best data available for our home nation, including products from trusted sources such as Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland and Bluesky International. Let us help make your UK-based location intelligence solution exceed expectations and deliver eminent success.



viaEuropa is the award-winning hosted map and API platform from Europa Technologies. It delivers high quality, fully maintained, digital maps and geodata directly to your web applications, desktop GIS and mobile apps. Use viaEuropa to drive location intelligent solutions quickly, easily and efficiently.

viaEuropa supports a variety of high-quality content from Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland, Bluesky International, Government of Jersey, JBA Risk Management, British Geological Survey, MB International and OceanWise.

Location Insight

Location Insight

Location Insight offers a powerful yet intuitive means of visualising and analysing spatial data. Designed to provide a simple way to understand sophisticated spatial analytics, it allows organisations to better understand their customers, assets and markets, in a geographic context, thereby gaining a competitive or strategic advantage. Implemented as an online service, Location Insight can be integrated into your internal systems to provide a rich, seamless experience for your users.

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