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viaEuropa is the award-winning hosted map and API platform from Europa Technologies. It delivers high quality, fully maintained, digital maps and location data directly to your web applications, desktop GIS and mobile apps. Use viaEuropa to drive location intelligent solutions quickly, easily and efficiently.


viaEuropa Maps & API

viaEuropa delivers beautiful maps directly to your web and desktop applications. From small scale, strategic global maps to the most detailed hyper-local maps of the United Kingdom, viaEuropa can provide access to a broad range of open/premium data content. In addition to a comprehensive range of base maps, the service supports overlays for layers such as demographics and peril maps (e.g. flood, subsidence & crime).

The viaEuropa API provides high-performance access to a variety of location data content, including OS AddressBase and AddressHub. It uses a REST interface which can be easily integrated with web applications and mobile apps. Results can be returned in several industry standard formats including JSON, GeoJSON or XML. The API service is lightning fast and supports parallel queries to power efficient work flows and process automation.

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Works With Your Software

By using industry standards and best practice, viaEuropa is compatible with a wide range of GIS software, web mapping APIs and mobile app frameworks. With support for both commercial and open source software, the service can provide your organisation with quality maps and location data for all platforms used in your organisation.

  • Esri ArcGIS
  • Esri ArcGIS Online
  • MapInfo Pro
  • Pitney Bowes Spectrum Spatial Analyst
  • Tableau
  • Google Maps
  • Microsoft Bing Maps
  • Esri ArcGIS JavaScript API
  • OpenLayers
  • Leaflet
  • Mapbox GL

viaEuropa Content

viaEuropa is compatible with virtually any source of digital map data. The service already includes support for a number of Ordnance Survey products including OS OpenData™, but also has full support for OS VectorMap™ Local and OS MasterMap® Topo. It also supports Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) data, including OSNI Largescale, thereby providing a complete, consistent and definitive mapping service for the whole of the United Kingdom.

In addition to definitive base maps, the service includes support for overlays, including flood data from JBA Risk Management, geology from British Geological Survey (BGS), demographics from Michael Bauer International and marine data from OceanWise.

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JBA Risk ManagementBritish Geological SurveyMBI GeodataOceanWise

Supporting OGC Standards and REST APIs

Web services using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards provide many benefits. They provide data access in a standardised way which is well established in the world of geographical information systems (GIS). This makes it easier to transfer, exchange or combine data from different sources and systems.

viaEuropa supports WMTS, WFS and cached WMS and can be accessed by any software compatible with these protocols. REST-based API access provides ultra-fast search and look-up capabilities with results provided in convenient JSON, GeoJSON or XML formats.

Ideal for UK Public Sector

viaEuropa is ideal for UK public sector organisations who wish to optimise their Ordnance Survey (GB & NI) data entitlement under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA), One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA) or Northern Ireland Mapping Agreement (NIMA). The service provides a flexible platform on which to build both internal and citizen-facing map applications.

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Available on G-Cloud

G-Cloud is a procurement framework accessed through the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace and operated by the Crown Commercial Service. It allows UK-based public sector organisations to buy cloud-based services faster and cheaper than would be possible by entering into individual procurement contracts. A range of viaEuropa services are available on the latest iteration of the framework, G-Cloud 11.

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Award-Winning Service

viaEuropa has been recognised in a number of prestigious awards:

SECOND PLACE – Best Use of Technology, Thames Valley Magazine Business Awards 2017

WINNER – OS MasterMap Award for Better Mapping, British Cartographic Society Awards 2012.

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Best Use of Technology, Thames Valley Magazine Business Awards 2012

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Tailored to You

A Reliable Service, Tailored To You

viaEuropa hosted services are designed to meet a wide range of needs from public sector and non-commercial users through to private sector businesses; for individual desktop users, departmental intranets, public web-based applications and even enterprise use. Backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 99.9% availability guarantee, we offer a flexible range of service levels differentiated by utilisation and deployment method.

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about viaEuropa (technical, licensing, pricing, etc.) or would like to arrange a free personalised demo at a time that suits you, please get in touch using the links above. Alternatively, contact one of our product specialists who will be happy to help you. You can also discover more by attending one of our regular webinars.

Our location intelligence products and services provide great opportunities for resellers, system integrators and data brokers. Contact us today about partnering with Europa Technologies and explore how we might benefit from working together.