viaEuropa Prime

The fully bespoke solution for on-premises location intelligence services

viaEuropa Prime

The fully bespoke solution for on-premises location intelligence services

viaEuropa Prime offers high quality maps and location data as an on-premises solution, based on technology from the award-winning viaEuropa platform. Utilising your own network infrastructure, viaEuropa Prime can drive location intelligence solutions securely, privately and locally.

viaEuropa Prime

viaEuropa Prime is an on-premises version of the award-winning viaEuropa service. You can host precisely defined location intelligence services on your own network infrastructure where they will not be impacted by Internet service outages or degradation.

viaEuropa Prime supports the WMTS, WFS and WMS as OGC-compliant services and can be accessed by any software compatible with these protocols. REST-based API access provides ultra-fast address search and look-up capabilities, based on OS AddressBase or AddressHub.

Where required, this fully bespoke capability can be backed by the hosted viaEuropa service to provide a resilient hybrid-cloud model for the delivery of high quality maps and location data.

Take full control

viaEuropa Prime gives you total control over all aspects of data governance. With direct control over network infrastructure, you can implement specific physical and cybersecurity measures suitable for your data and use case. In critical applications, where security and resilience are essential, knowing that data services are hosted on your own servers and IT infrastructure can provide welcome reassurance.

In addition to being private and secure, viaEuropa Prime is highly performant by providing a trusted location intelligence capability on your own network infrastructure. As a single tenant solution, it serves your requirements on an exclusive basis.

viaEuropa Prime - Take full control
viaEuropa Prime - Peace of mind compliance

Peace of mind compliance

All businesses are bound by laws and regulations within the industries they operate. The most common are those related to data privacy, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but there are many others with national and industry specific requirements. The increased control in an on-premises deployment can help ensure compliance and avoid potentially harsh fines and penalties.

By providing complete data visibility and control, how can viaEuropa Prime help get your ducks in row?

A bespoke service, tailored to you

viaEuropa Prime is a fully bespoke service. You can choose exactly which services you need, including mapping and address search/geocoding. The services can be deployed and configured on as many servers as you need to achieve the required level of redundancy.

Customised system maintenance and data update packages are included to ensure your services run smoothly and data holding is kept up-to-date.

And remember, viaEuropa Prime installations can be backed up by the hosted version of viaEuropa to ensure maximum service availability.

Tailored to You

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viaEuropa is the award-winning hosted map and API platform from Europa Technologies. It delivers high quality, fully maintained, digital maps and geodata directly to your web applications, desktop GIS and mobile apps. Use viaEuropa to drive location intelligent solutions quickly, easily and efficiently.

viaEuropa supports a variety of high-quality content from Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland, Bluesky International, Government of Jersey, JBA Risk Management, British Geological Survey, MB International and OceanWise.

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