Case Studies

Stories of success, located.

Case Studies

Stories of success, located.

The following case studies outline our success and effectiveness in applying location intelligence for a variety of clients.
Real clients, great outcomes… stories of success, located.

Case studies

Land Registry logo

viaEuropa helps Land Registry deliver efficiency savings

Land Registry chose to use the viaEuropa hosted map service from Europa Technologies to provide MapSearch users with access to Ordnance Survey base maps. viaEuropa was one of the first hosted map services to provide OS MasterMap Topography Layer as a base map suitable for the overlay of data such as the Index Map maintained by Land Registry. As a results of this highly successful projects, Land Registry have reduced the number of manual searches, increase efficiency savings and increased customer satisfaction.

RSA logo

Risk Insight enables RSA to better manage the risk profile of broker business

Europa Technologies has customised its precision risk assessment platform, Risk Insight, to create a broker-friendly tool for RSA called GeoRisk Broker. This tool will deliver improved risk scoring and lead to more accurate underwriting for broker driven business.

Welsh Government logo

Using viaEuropa to underpin public facing web mapping applications

The Welsh Government is using the viaEuropa for PSGA hosted map service from Europa Technologies to underpin its public facing web mapping applications. The service was first deployed in the Development and Flood Risk Advice Map, providing citizens with self-service access to information on flood risk zones across Wales. Previously, such information was only available by submitting a written request for a given address and was provided in paper form only.

RSA logo

viaEuropa helps RSA streamline mapping applications

RSA chose to use the viaEuropa hosted map service from Europa Technologies to provide its users with access to the OS VectorMap Local base mapping they required. They benefit from a reliable and responsive service, just as if the data was hosted internally. Users have also provided positive feedback on the cartography used within the service. For example, the clarity of the mapping and the consistent styling across all levels make it easy for underwriters to interpret the mapping and make timely decisions accordingly.

Our customers say…

“The Europa Technologies approach is agile, innovative and always looking to add value.”

Edward Nicholas, GeoRisk Consultant, RSA

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