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The telecommunications world relies on accurate, up-to-date geographical information to underpin your internal operations and in the services delivered to your customers. Using Europa Technologies’ spatial domain expertise we have developed a range of products and services to support all areas of your business where location matters.

Network Insight Pro

Network Insight Pro is a hosted service offering interactive coverage maps of the world for seamless display on your web site. Featuring comprehensive and up-to-date maps, the service provides valuable, high quality and virtually maintenance-free content for any mobile telecoms web site. The service supports fixed and mobile telecommunication technologies and is hosted on reliable enterprise-grade web servers. Easy to integrate into your web site, it is customisable to your own brand. Network Insight Pro is targeted towards applications such as service availability and service coverage for both domestic networks and international roaming partners.

Network Insight Pro

Mobile Network Survey

Mobile Network Survey is an independent service providing a comprehensive measurement and visualisation of coverage, capacity and Quality of Service (QoS) for a cellular or Wi-Fi based mobile network. Our equipment can be used for in-vehicle benchmarking (traditional drive tests), but is also small enough to be used for walking surveys of indoor spaces.

Mobile Network Survey

Coverage Analysis Services

Europa Technologies offer a range of bespoke analysis services for both domestic and roaming coverage. We can perform market analysis, roll-out analysis, infrastructure placement and  competitor analysis. If coverage is the life blood of your business, do you really know where, or are you no where?

Coverage Analysis Services

Global Reference Maps

Many businesses in the telecommunications industry have commercial interests worldwide. Understanding the spatial relationships between these can reveal patterns that can help to drive future business. Europa Technologies has created and updates a wide variety of global digital maps. These provide an ideal basis for international strategic planning, enabling you to pinpoint your assets to over 850,000 locations worldwide.

Global Map Data

Ordnance Survey Maps for Great Britain

OS PartnerIncreasingly, organisations in the Telecommunications industry require accurate location data to manage their businesses. This applies for customer analysis, operational support systems, revenue assurance and service coverage and availability. Europa Technologies is a licensed partner of Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency of Great Britain. We can supply digital map data for the entire country or a single property, in exactly the format that you require.

UK Map Data

Map Hosting Services

viaEuropaManaging your own geographical information can be resource intensive. The processes of downloading, converting, styling, preparing and publishing your digital map data can leave little time for valuable analysis. Europa Technologies bridges this chasm between raw data delivery and a finished map ready for deployment, enabling you to spend your time more effectively. Our viaEuropa hosted map services are compatible with virtually any source of digital map data and support a broad range of mapping applications and APIs, across desktop, web and mobile platforms.


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Historical Roaming Coverage Maps

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