What is Location Intelligence?

Harness the power of geography in your organisation

When searching the web for “location intelligence” (sometimes abbreviated to LOCINT or LI) you will find many and varying definitions. Europa Technologies define it in quite accessible terms, as the simple fusion of geography and data science. It is an incredibly powerful technology which can provide insight and advantage to any organisation.

What is Location Intelligence?

What is Location intelligence?

While Geographic Information Systems (GIS), in one form or another, have been around for several decades, we believe that one of the reasons it has been slow to break through into mainstream information technology is the use of over-complicated terminology. GIS, spatial and geospatial are alien terms to newcomers. Most people, however, studied geography to some level at school and data science is now a well-established field.

In essence, location intelligence helps organisations make better, data-driven, decisions by leveraging the power of geography.

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More than just maps

Most people seem to enjoy studying maps. They are often an effective way to visualise an analysis, but location intelligence is much more than just mapping. Indeed, there are many applications where maps are not required and the results of a complicated geospatial analysis can be distilled down to a simple numerical score, traffic light indicator or binary yes/no.

Where maps can be used to improve a solution, we make sure they look exceptional. In recognition of this, Europa Technologies has won multiple awards for its cartography. Take a look at our Europa Labs section for examples of our work.

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What is Location Intelligence? - More than just maps
What is Location Intelligence? - Integrating you data

Integrating your data

There is a somewhat tired old statistic that claims over 80% enterprise data has a location component. While the provenance and veracity of this claim is sometimes challenged, it implies that a lot of enterprise databases contain addresses. These can include customers, retail outlets, suppliers, etc. Addresses are a gateway into the world of location intelligence as they can be geocoded. This is the process of augmenting address data with coordinates so that they may be plotted on a map and analysed. Once geocoded, there is a vast array of capabilities which location intelligence can provide, including visualisation, routing and data enrichment.

Let’s not forget moving assets such as cars, trucks, trains, ships and containers. GPS, and other positioning technologies, plus data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices can provide powerful real-time location awareness.

By applying location intelligence to your own business data, how can you improve performance, streamline processes and reduce costs?

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A wealth of industry knowledge

While location intelligence is an extremely powerful tool, it needs to be applied effectively to industry challenges with knowledge and skill. Over more than 30 years, Europa Technologies has built a wealth of experience in many industries and sectors, including public sector, government, NGOs, telecommunications, insurance, banking, retail and space systems.

Whatever your market, our location intelligence products and services can help you achieve positive outcomes. This mission is captured in our hallmark: Success, located.

What is Location Intelligence? - A wealth of industry knowledge

Location Intelligence = Geography + Data Science

Let Europa Technologies enhance your operations using actionable location intelligence.
We offer a trinity of capabilities which improve performance, streamline processes and reduce costs.



Powerful and robust web-based applications to meet the demanding requirements of businesses across multiple industries.

Map Services & APIs

Map Services & APIs

Empower your desktop, web and mobile applications with location capabilities with our extensive range of map services and APIs.

Map Services & APIs
Map Data

Map Data

A comprehensive range of map data products provided by geography or type. We are the one-stop-shop for your digital map data needs.

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