• CSI: Cyber

    Europa Technologies global maps have featured in CSI: Cyber - the fourth series in the hit CBS franchise.

    CSI: Cyber
  • viaEuropa

    viaEuropa is an online service from Europa Technologies for the delivery of high quality digital maps direct to your desktop, web or mobile application.

  • Enabling “Glocal”

    With support for local names and a wide range of international exonyms, our global products can provide local language views to your operation centres worldwide.

    Enabling “Glocal”
  • The name’s Bond… James Bond

    Europa Technologies supplied the digital mapping for the James Bond 007 movie, Die Another Day. This film was the twentieth instalment of the most successful franchise in movie history.

    The name’s Bond… James Bond
  • United Nations

    Several missions of the UN use digital mapping from Europa Technologies for cartography, internet mapping and operations / logistics planning. Missions include the World Health Organization, World Food Program and UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

    United Nations
  • Google Earth

    Global data from Europa Technologies can be found within the ubiquitous Google Earth software. With over one billion downloads, our data is probably the most widely deployed world map in human history.

    Google Earth
  • Rocket Science

    Over 54 communication satellites currently in orbit use digital mapping from Europa Technologies in their ground or space control segments.

    Rocket Science