HERE Location Services

Build powerful, location-aware applications

HERE Location Services

Build powerful, location-aware applications

HERE Location Services is an enterprise-grade platform with intelligent APIs and SDKs which can enable your applications to solve complex location problems including geocoding, mapping and routing.

HERE Location Services

HERE Location Services

HERE Location Services delivers fresh, high-quality location-based content through an enterprise-grade platform delivered via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and Mobile SDKs (Software Development Kits).

HERE Location Services enables you to:

  • Visualise data on a map to tell compelling stories
  • Generate insights to uncover patterns, trends and relationships
  • Build applications combining your own content, data pipelines and algorithms into an effective solution

The world’s #1 location platform

With over 30 years’ experience at the forefront of location-based services, HERE Technologies has been recognised as the number one location platform in the Omdia (formerly Ovum) Location Platform Index 2020.

Europa Technologies offers expert advice and competitive plans which allow you to optimise your value from HERE Location Services. Contact us for a free consultation and get a quote for a bespoke solution tailored to your requirements.

HERE Location Services - World's #1 Location Platform


Enrich your applications with powerful location features using the HERE Location Services. Click on the + icon to see a description of each service.

HERE Location Service - Geocoding

Inaccurate location information often results in delays, inefficiencies and lower customer satisfaction.

With precise and valuable insights on the location of addresses, places and points of interest (POIs), you’ll be able to make better decisions for your business.

Minimise disruptions by translating addresses into geographical coordinates and vice versa to retrieve highly accurate location information. Search for places within the vast database of POIs and enjoy the flexibility of customising the search infrastructure to meet your end users’ diverse needs.

Benefit from one of the highest quality geocoding and search services available today.

HERE Location Services - Map RenderingRoads evolve every year. Mapping technology needs to address this constant change in order to stay accurate.

HERE Map Rendering keeps pace with changes as they happen – whether it’s new business locations emerging, updated speed limits or altered road layouts. Vector and raster map tiles are always fresh, with real-time updates and graphics that perfectly match the world. HERE Map Rendering is also truly global – covering over 200 countries and several languages.

Get a clear and accurate view of the world with high-quality, satellite imagery from Digital Globe. Improve the efficiency of your fleet operations with map rendering that displays country borders and highways, toll roads within congestion charging zones and highway exits.

HERE Location Services - Routing

With several stops or various modes of transportation, it can be complicated moving people, goods and services from A to B.

From organising multi-stop deliveries to planning an efficient truck route, HERE routing algorithms combine real-time and historical data to help you reach your destination, know your ETA based on actual congestion and incidents and customise routes to suit your business needs.

Whether you are travelling by truck, car (including electric vehicle), train, bicycle or on foot, HERE Location Services helps you easily calculate and plan the best route for your journey.

Ensure simple and safer journeys while keeping up with the demands of a fast-moving world.

HERE Location Services - APIs and SDKs

Today’s consumers and businesses demand innovative apps that help them move in smarter ways.

Leveraging the powerful HERE map, the HERE SDKs allow developers to build immersive native apps for both iOS and Android, in turn enabling businesses to create differentiated mobile experiences.

The HERE SDKs go beyond standard mapping, routing and search functionality. They provide real-time visibility into the geographic location of mobile assets, and offer offline capabilities that include route calculation, location search, turn-by-turn navigation and more.

Our added value

By licensing HERE Location Services through Europa Technologies, you will automatically receive the following benefits, often charged as extras by our competitors:

Free consultation – an opportunity to discuss your precise requirements and tailor a bespoke enterprise-grade solution.
5-star support – any questions or issues with the service during your subscription, just ask!
Expert advice – from a HERE Registered Partner with a professional, award-winning team.

If you have a requirement for HERE Location Services or are an existing subscriber considering a new supplier, please contact us.

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The HERE Maps suite is a reliable snapshot of the world that unlocks value by providing context and relevance for your data. It provides an unparalleled source of location data to build new applications or leverage the value your own data. Features include address ranges, points of interest, topography, lakes, rivers, built-up areas, railway lines and routing information (e.g. turn restrictions & one-way streets).

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