OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 4xxx”

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 4xxx”

 This marine chart folio is sourced from leading hydrographic offices. When you need intelligent marine and coastal mapping that is fit for purpose, in the right format, accurate and up to date, we have a comprehensive range of marine products and services to help you.

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 4xxx”

This folio contains 101 items. Click on an ID link to explore a folio entry.

ID Title Scale
4000The World1:45,000,000
4001A Planning Chart for the Atlantic and Indian Oceans1:27,000,000
4002A Planning Chart for the Pacific Ocean1:27,000,000
4003A Planning Chart for the South Atlantic Ocean1:20,000,000
4004A Planning Chart for the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea1:20,000,000
4005A Planning Chart for the Indian Ocean1:20,000,000
4007A Planning Chart for the South Pacific Ocean1:20,000,000
4008A Planning Chart for the North Pacific Ocean1:20,000,000
4011North Atlantic Ocean Northern Part1:10,000,000
4014North Atlantic Ocean Eastern Part1:10,000,000
4015A Planning Chart for the Atlantic Ocean1:20,000,000
4016A Planning Chart for the Eastern Atlantic Ocean to the Western Pacific Ocean1:20,000,000
4021South Atlantic Ocean Eastern Part1:10,000,000
4024Weddell Sea to Mar del Plata1:10,000,000
4063Bellingshausen Sea to Valdivia1:300,000
4064Marie Byrd Land to Southwest Pacific Basin1:10,000,000
4070Indian Ocean Southern Part1:10,000,000
4071Indian Ocean Northern Part1:10,000,000
4072Indian Ocean Western Part1:10,000,000
4073Indian Ocean Eastern Part1:10,000,000
4075Kapp Norvegia to Iles Kerguelen1:10,000,000
4102Western Approaches to United Kingdom and Ireland1:3,500,000
4112Iceland to Greenland1:3,500,000
4114Arquipelago dos Acores to Flemish Cap1:3,500,000
4115Arquipelago dos Acores to the Arquipelago de Cabo Verde1:3,500,000
4132Kunene River to Sand Table Hill1:300,000
4133Sand Table Hill to Cape Cross1:300,000
4136Harbours on the West Coasts of Namibia and South Africa1:9,000
4137Walvis Bay Harbour1:15,000
4138Approaches to Walvis Bay1:40,000
4141Island Point to Cape Deseada1:300,000
4142Saldanha Bay Harbour1:10,000
4145Approaches to Saldanha Bay1:50,000
4146Cape Columbine to Table Bay1:150,000
4148Approaches to Table Bay1:36,000
4150Table Bay to Valsbaai1:100,000
4151Cape Deseada to Table Bay1:300,000
4152Table Bay to Cape Agulhas1:300,000
4153Cape Agulhas to Cape St Blaize1:300,000
4154Approaches to Mossel Bay1:40,000
4155Cape St Blaize to Cape St Francis1:300,000
4156Cape St Francis to Great Fish Point1:300,000
4157Approaches to Port Elizabeth1:50,000
4158Plans in Algoa Bay1:15,000
4159Great Fish Point to Mbashe Point1:300,000
4160Ngqura Harbour1:10,000
4162Approaches to East London1:40,000
4163Mbashe Point to Port Shepstone1:300,000
4169Approaches to Durban Oil Terminal SBM1:30,000
4170Approaches to Durban1:30,000
4171Port Shepstone to Tugela River1:300,000
4172Tugela River to Ponta do Ouro1:300,000
4173Approaches to Richards Bay1:37,500
4174Richards Bay Harbour1:12,500
4175Baia Dos Tigres to Walvis Bay1:1,000,000
4176Walvis Bay to Orange River1:1,000,000
4177Orange River to Table Bay1:1,000,000
4178Table Bay to East London1:1,000,000
4179East London to Richards Bay1:1,000,000
4180Richards Bay to Inhambane1:1,000,000
4200Rio de la Plata to Cabo de Hornos1:3,500,000
4203Ascension Island and Luanda to Walvis Bay1:3,500,000
4204Walvis Bay to Maputo1:3,500,000
4205Agulhas Plateau to Discovery Seamounts1:3,500,000
4206Tristan da Cunha Group to Discovery Seamounts and Islas Orcadas Rise1:3,500,000
4207Falkland Islands to Cabo Corrientes and Northeast Georgia Rise1:3,500,000
4208Ilha da Trindade to Tristan da Cunha Group1:3,500,000
4209Freetown to Luanda1:3,500,000
4212Drake Passage1:3,500,000
4213Scotia Sea1:3,500,000
4400The West Indies1:4,250,000
4402Caribbean Sea1:2,750,000
4407Trinidad to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge1:3,500,000
4610Pacific - Antarctic Rise to Southeast Pacific Basin1:3,500,000
4611Southwest Pacific Basin to Pacific-Antarctic Rise1:3,500,000
4612Chatham Islands to Pacific-Antarctic Rise1:3,500,000
4613Chatham Islands to Ile Rapa1:3,500,000
4614Ile Rapa to Pacific-Antarctic Rise1:3,500,000
4619Iles Marquises to Clipperton Fracture Zone1:3,500,000
4623Solomon Islands to Kosrae Island1:1,500,000
4624Santa Cruz Islands to Butaritari1:1,500,000
4625Tuvalu to Butaritari1:1,500,000
4626Phoenix Group to Howland1:1,500,000
4632Fiji to Tuvalu1:1,500,000
4633Solomon Islands to Fiji1:1,500,000
4634Frederick Reefs to Solomon Islands1:1,500,000
4637Vanuatu to Norfolk Island1:1,500,000
4652Palmyra Island to Starbuck Island1:1,500,000
4700Port Elizabeth to Mauritius1:3,500,000
4701Maputo to Muqdisho1:3,500,000
4702Chagos Archipelago to Madagascar1:3,500,000
4703Gulf of Aden to the Maldives and the Seychelles Group1:3,500,000
4704Red Sea1:2,250,000
4707Maldives to Sumatera1:3,500,000
4712Iles Crozet to Prince Edward Islands1:3,500,000
4742Harbours on the North Coast of Spain1:40,000
4743Ports on the North Coast of Spain1:20,000
4744Ensenada de San Ciprian1:15,000
4805Hawaiian Islands to the Aleutian Trench1:3,500,000
4906Weddell Sea1:2,000,000
4907Approaches to the Antarctic Peninsula1:2,000,000

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