OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “All available OceanWise Raster Charts”

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “All available OceanWise Raster Charts”

 This marine chart folio is sourced from leading hydrographic offices. When you need intelligent marine and coastal mapping that is fit for purpose, in the right format, accurate and up to date, we have a comprehensive range of marine products and services to help you.

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “All available OceanWise Raster Charts”

This folio contains 1186 items. Click on an ID link to explore a folio entry.

ID Title Scale
0002United Kingdom and Ireland1:1,500,000
0003Chagos Archipelago1:360,000
0005`Abd Al Kuri to Suqutra (Socotra)1:350,000
0006Gulf of Aden1:750,000
0007Aden Harbour and Approaches1:25,000
0018Falmouth Inner Harbour including Penryn1:5,000
0026Harbours on the South Coast of Devon1:12,500
0028Salcombe Harbour1:12,500
0030Plymouth Sound and Approaches1:12,500
0031Harbours on the South Coast of Cornwall1:5,000
0032Falmouth to Truro1:12,500
0034Isles of Scilly1:25,000
0035Scapa Flow and Approaches1:30,000
0036Marsaxlokk and Approaches1:25,000
0045Gibraltar Harbour1:3,600
0060Alderney and the Casquets1:25,000
0073Puerto de Huelva and Approaches1:25,000
0081Sawakin to Ras Qassar1:300,000
0082Outer Approaches to Port Sudan1:150,000
0083Ports on the South Coast of Portugal1:20,000
0086Bahia de Cadiz1:25,000
0087Cabo Finisterre to the Strait of Gibraltar1:1,000,000
0089Cabo de Sao Vicente to Faro1:175,000
0091Cabo de Sao Vicente to the Strait of Gibraltar1:375,000
0093Cabo de Santa Maria to Cabo Trafalgar1:175,000
0100Gees Gwardafuy (Raas Caseyr) to Suqutra (Socotra)1:350,000
0104Approaches to the Humber Traffic Separation Scheme1:37,500
0105Cromer Knoll and the Outer Banks1:75,000
0106Cromer to Smiths Knoll1:75,000
0107Approaches to the River Humber1:75,000
0108Approaches to The Wash1:75,000
0110Westkapelle to Stellendam and Maasvlakte1:75,000
0111Berwick-upon-Tweed to the Farne Islands1:35,000
0112Terschellinger Gronden to Harlingen1:50,000
0114Canal Gent - Terneuzen1:15,000
0115Moray Firth1:200,000
0116Approaches to Westerschelde1:30,000
0120Westerschelde Vlissingen-Oost to Nauw van Bath1:30,000
0121Flamborough Head to Withernsea1:75,000
0122Approaches to Europoort and Hoek van Holland1:60,000
0124Part A Noordzeekanaal including Ijmuiden, Zaandam and Amsterdam1:15,000
0125Approaches to IJmuiden1:60,000
0126Approaches to Den Helder1:60,000
0128Baalhoek to Wintam1:30,000
0129Whitby to Flamborough Head1:75,000
0130Approaches to Scheveningen1:15,000
0134River Tees to Scarborough1:75,000
0142Strait of Gibraltar1:100,000
0146Aberdeen Harbour Berths1:2,500
0147Plans on the South Coast of Cornwall1:12,500
0148Dodman Point to Looe Bay1:30,000
0152River Tyne to River Tees1:75,000
0154Approaches to Falmouth1:35,000
0156Farne Islands to the River Tyne1:75,000
0158Berenice (Barnis) to Masamirit1:750,000
0160Saint Abb's Head to the Farne Islands1:75,000
0175Fife Ness to Saint Abb's Head1:75,000
0177Valletta Harbours1:7,500
0190Montrose to Fife Ness including the Isle of May1:75,000
0194Approaches to Malta and Ghawdex (Gozo)1:100,000
0196Bar to Split including Otok Palagruza1:300,000
0197North West Approaches to Saint Lucia1:25,000
0201Rt Kamenjak to Novigrad1:100,000
0202Kvarner, Kvarneric and Velebitski Kanal1:100,000
0207Hoek Van Holland to Vlaardingen Part A Nieuwe Waterweg and Europoort1:20,000
0208Rotterdam Nieuwe Maas and Oude Maas1:20,000
0209Krimpen A/D Lek to Moerdijk1:20,000
0210Newburgh to Montrose1:75,000
0211Plans in the Maltese Islands1:25,000
0213Fraserburgh to Newburgh1:75,000
0219Western Approaches to the Orkney and Shetland Islands1:500,000
0222Buckie to Fraserburgh1:75,000
0223Dunrobin Point to Buckie1:75,000
0225Joinville Island to Cape Ducorps and Church Point1:150,000
0226Deception Island1:50,000
0227Church Point to Cape Longing including James Ross Island1:150,000
0238Ports in Kenya Kilifi and Malindi1:37,500
0245Scotland to Iceland1:1,250,000
0254Montserrat and Barbuda1:50,000
0255Eastern Approaches to Jamaica1:200,000
0256Western Approaches to Jamaica1:200,000
0258Ports and Anchorages on the South Coast of Jamaica1:25,000
0260Pedro Bank to the South Coast of Jamaica1:200,000
0265Bab el Mandeb and Golfe de Tadjoura1:200,000
0266North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 111:200,000
0267North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 101:200,000
0268North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 91:200,000
0269Ploce and Split with adjacent Harbours, Channels and Anchorages1:5,000
0272North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 81:200,000
0273North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 71:200,000
0278North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 51:200,000
0291North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 41:200,000
0294North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 21:200,000
0295North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 11:200,000
0305Gamba to Pointe-Noire1:350,000
0306Pointe Tchitembo to Cabeca da Cobra1:350,000
0307Cabeca da Cobra to Cabo Ledo1:350,000
0308Cabo Ledo to Lobito1:350,000
0309Lobito to Ponta Grossa1:350,000
0310Ponta Grossa to Kunene River1:350,000
0311Gamba to Luanda1:1,000,000
0312Luanda to Baia dos Tigres1:1,000,000
0323Dover Strait Eastern Part1:75,000
0332Grassy Bay and Great Sound including Little Sound1:12,500
0333Offshore Installations in the Gulf of Suez including Ra's Shuqayr (Ras Shukheir)1:50,000
0366Arquipelago De Cabo Verde1:500,000
0367Ports in Cape Verde1:150,000
0378Savusavu Bay1:50,000
0386Yadua Island to Yaqaga Island1:50,000
0389Lautoka to Vatia Sewa1:50,000
0390Approaches to Freeport1:75,000
0396Barranquilla to Miskito Bank1:1,000,000
0398Freeport Roads1:25,000
0434Balhaf Terminal and Little Aden Oil Harbour1:7,500
0440North Eastern Approaches to Fiji Islands1:400,000
0441South Eastern Approaches to Fiji Islands1:400,000
0442Lizard Point to Berry Head1:150,000
0445Lemaire Channel1:35,000
0446Anvers Island to Renaud Island1:150,000
0447Pendleton Strait and Grandidier Channel1:150,000
0448Pendleton Strait to Harrison Passage1:50,000
0449Elephant Island and Approaches1:200,000
0450Crystal Sound to Pendleton Strait1:75,000
0451Grandidier Channel1:75,000
0455Tarabulus (Tripoli) Harbour1:10,000
0456Approaches to Kingston Harbour1:40,000
0457Portland Bight1:40,000
0458Port Antonio1:7,500
0461Ocean Cay1:50,000
0462The Cayman Islands1:75,000
0468Cruise Terminals in the Caribbean Amber Cove, Dominican Republic and Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos1:5,000
0473Approaches to Alicante1:25,000
0477Tobago and Approaches1:75,000
0483Gulf of Paria1:100,000
0486Jamaica and the Pedro Bank1:831,000
0487Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts), Sint Eustatius and Saba1:50,000
0489Approaches to Nevis1:50,000
0499Harbours in Saint Lucia1:5,000
0500North East Approaches to Trinidad1:150,000
0501South East Approaches to Trinidad1:150,000
0513Isla de Roatan to Puerto Cortes1:250,000
0515Zadar to Luka Mali Losinj1:100,000
0518Approaches to Valencia1:25,000
0522Belize City and Approaches1:40,000
0527Approaches to Demerara and Essequibo Rivers1:150,000
0534Quequen and Approaches1:50,000
0536Beachy Head to Dungeness1:75,000
0542Madiq Kamaran to Al Hudaydah1:100,000
0548Approaches to Madiq Kamaran and Al Luhayyah1:100,000
0552Isla Tova1:50,000
0557Mar del Plata to Comodoro Rivadavia1:1,750,000
0558Isla Leones to Estrecho de Magallanes including the Falkland Islands1:1,750,000
0572Essequibo River to Corentyn River1:500,000
0580Al Hoceima, Melilla and Port Nador with Approaches1:7,500
0583Sombrero Island to Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts)1:175,000
0584Saint Barthelemy to Antigua1:175,000
0585Nevis and Antigua to Northern Guadeloupe1:175,000
0593Approaches to Guadeloupe1:175,000
0594Southern Guadeloupe to Northern Martinique1:175,000
0595Sassandra to Lagos1:1,000,000
0596Southern Martinique to Saint Vincent1:175,000
0597Saint Vincent to Grenada1:175,000
0601Conakry to Cape Saint Ann1:300,000
0605Bluefields Bluff to Man of War Cays1:146,000
0607Riviere Saloum1:75,000
0608River Gambia Entrance1:75,000
0609River Gambia Albreda to Kuntaur1:100,000
0611Cabo Roxo to Port Kamsar1:400,000
0614Freetown Harbour1:12,000
0616Approaches to Port Mombasa1:50,000
0617Sherbro River1:50,000
0623Tagrin Point to Pepel1:25,000
0625Entrance to Sierra Leone River1:25,000
0633Plans on the East Coast of Ireland1:15,000
0643Durban Harbour1:10,000
0659Port of Soyo and Approaches1:15,000
0661Approaches to Kilwa Kisiwani Harbour1:75,000
0662Isla de Guanaja to Isla Cozumel including the Gulf of Honduras1:500,000
0663Approaches to Tanga1:37,500
0664Approaches to Mtwara1:37,500
0665Approaches to Zanzibar1:50,000
0668Lamu, Manda and Pate Bays and Approaches1:75,000
0674Approaches to Dar es Salaam1:50,000
0675Harbours and Anchorages on the Coast of Sudan1:100,000
0681Lindi Bay1:25,000
0684Mtwara and Mikindani Harbours1:36,286
0685Banana Islands to Turtle Islands1:100,000
0686Yelibuya Sound to Banana Islands1:100,000
0687Kiswere Harbour1:24,187
0690Cabo Delgado to Mikindani Bay1:72,800
0691Mtwara Harbour1:12,500
0692Rade de Tulear and Baie de St Augustin1:64,980
0709Maldives to Sri Lanka1:1,500,000
0712La Reunion to Mauritius and Ile Tromelin1:350,000
0714Plans in the Phoenix and Northern Line Groups1:12,500
0716Seychelles Group to Madagascar and Agalega Islands1:1,000,000
0717Seychelles Group to Nazareth Bank and Agalega Islands1:1,000,000
0718Islands North of Madagascar1:100,000
0720Saint George's Harbour1:5,000
0721Southern Approaches to the Seychelles Group1:750,000
0724Anchorages in the Seychelles Group and Outlying Islands1:300,000
0725Plans in Chagos Archipelago1:50,000
0726Egmont Islands to Three Brothers1:100,000
0727Peros Banhos to Blenheim Reef including Nelson's Island1:100,000
0729Plans in the Gilbert Islands1:25,000
0730Maiana to Marakei1:175,000
0731Gilbert Group1:800,000
0733Firth of Forth Burntisland to Dalgety Bay1:7,500
0734Firth of Forth Isle of May to Inchkeith1:50,000
0735Firth of Forth Approaches to Leith and Burntisland1:25,000
0736Firth of Forth Granton and Burntisland to Rosyth1:15,000
0737River Forth Rosyth to Kincardine1:17,500
0740The Seychelles Group1:300,000
0741Plans in the Firth of Forth and River Forth1:20,000
0742Mahe, Praslin and Adjacent Islands1:125,000
0744Suva Harbour to Koro Island1:150,000
0745Kadavu to Suva Harbour1:150,000
0746Navula Passage to Beqa1:150,000
0749Yadua Island to Sau Sau Passage1:150,000
0750Charybdis Reef to Koro Island1:150,000
0751Koro Island to Northern Lau Group1:150,000
0773Strait of Gibraltar to Isla de Alboran1:300,000
0774Motril to Cartagena including Isla de Alboran1:300,000
0775Cape Arnauti to Cape Limniti and Cape Aspro1:100,000
0777Land's End to Falmouth1:75,000
0783Curacao Sint Annabaai and Schottegat1:10,000
0790Saint George's Harbour and Approaches1:15,000
0791Saint Vincent to Bequia1:60,000
0793The Grenadines Northern Part1:60,000
0794The Grenadines Central Part1:60,000
0795The Grenadines - Southern Part1:60,000
0799Kingstown Harbour and Approaches1:15,000
0807Guernsey and Herm1:25,000
0808East Guernsey, Herm and Sark1:25,000
0813Colombo to Sangama Kanda Point1:300,000
0815Approaches to Trincomalee1:50,000
0816Trincomalee Harbour1:10,000
0818Manaung (Cheduba) Island to Pathein River1:350,000
0823Pathein River to Yangon (Rangoon) River1:300,000
0824Heinze Islands to Myeik (Mergui)1:300,000
0826Yangon (Rangoon) River to Heinze Islands1:300,000
0834A Pathein River and Approaches1:75,000
0850Cape Aspro to Cape Pyla1:100,000
0851Cape Kiti to Cape Eloea1:100,000
0852Akrotiri Harbour and Approaches1:5,000
0863Plans on the North West Coast of Morocco1:12,500
0865Plans on the Coast of Tanzania1:17,500
0866Plans in Tanganyika and Kenya1:50,000
0867North and South Channels to Great Sound1:17,500
0868Eastern and Western Approaches to The Narrows including Murray's Anchorage1:17,500
0871Rivers Tamar Lynher and Tavy1:12,500
0883Isles of Scilly Saint Mary's and the Principal Off-Islands1:12,500
0920Diego Garcia1:25,000
0959Colson Point to Belize City including Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe Islands1:125,000
0968Islands and Reefs between Fiji, Samoa and Tonga1:100,000
0991Plans in the South Pacific Ocean1:25,000
1011Addu Atholhu to Huvadhu Atholhu Uthuruburi1:300,000
1012Huvadhu Atholhu Uthuruburi to Mulaku Atholhu1:300,000
1013Mulaku Atholhu to Maalhosmadulu Atholhu Dhekunuburi1:300,000
1014Maalhosmadulu Atholhu Dhekunuburi to Ihavandhippolhu Atholhu1:300,000
1020Punta Morro de Puercos to Isla del Cano and Isla del Coco1:750,000
1025Lesser Antilles Anguilla to Guadeloupe1:301,202
1032North Mafia Channel to Kilwa Point1:150,000
1042Montserrat to Saint Lucia1:300,000
1043Saint Lucia to Grenada and Barbados1:300,000
1064Port de la Nievre1:15,250
1073Dundonald Channel to Hamilton Harbour1:6,000
1076Linney Head to Oxwich Point1:75,000
1077Approaches to Cromarty Firth and Inverness Firth1:20,000
1078Inverness Firth1:20,000
1094Rias de Ferrol, Ares, Betanzos and La Coruna1:25,000
1104Bay of Biscay1:1,000,000
1110La Coruna and Approaches1:10,000
1111Punta da Estaca de Bares to Cabo Finisterre1:200,000
1117Puerto de Ferrol1:10,000
1118Ria de Ferrol1:10,000
1119Orkney and Shetland Islands Fair Isle Channel1:200,000
1121Irish Sea with Saint George's Channel and North Channel1:500,000
1123Western Approaches to Saint George's Channel and Bristol Channel1:500,000
1125Western Approaches to Ireland1:500,000
1127Outer Approaches to the North Channel1:500,000
1128Banks West of the Hebrides1:500,000
1129Banks North - West of the Hebrides1:500,000
1133Ports and Terminals of Nouadhibou1:10,000
1136Jersey - North Coast1:25,000
1137Approaches to Saint Helier1:25,000
1138Jersey - East Coast1:25,000
1139San Juan Del Norte (Greytown) to Bluefields Bluff1:146,000
1142Ria de Aviles1:7,500
1147Cabo Roxo to Monrovia1:1,000,000
1148Isles of Scilly to Land's End1:75,000
1149Pendeen to Trevose Head1:75,000
1150Puerto de Luanco1:12,500
1151Bridgwater Bay1:20,000
1152Bristol Channel Nash Point to Sand Point1:50,000
1153Approaches to Gijon1:50,000
1156Trevose Head to Hartland Point1:75,000
1157Pasaia (Pasajes) and Approaches1:5,000
1160Harbours in Somerset and North Devon1:20,000
1161Swansea Bay1:25,000
1164Hartland Point to Ilfracombe including Lundy1:75,000
1165Bristol Channel Worms Head to Watchet1:75,000
1166River Severn Avonmouth to Sharpness and Hock Cliff1:25,000
1168Harbours on the North Coast of Cornwall1:25,000
1169Approaches to Porthcawl1:25,000
1172Puertos de Bermeo and Mundaka1:10,000
1174Approaches to Bilbao1:25,000
1176Severn Estuary Steep Holm to Avonmouth1:40,000
1178Approaches to the Bristol Channel1:200,000
1179Bristol Channel1:150,000
1182Barry and Cardiff Roads with Approaches1:25,000
1183Thames Estuary1:100,000
1185River Thames Sea Reach1:25,000
1186River Thames Canvey Island to Tilbury1:12,500
1187Outer Silver Pit1:150,000
1188River Humber Spurn Head to Immingham1:25,000
1189Approaches to Cartagena1:30,000
1190Flamborough Head to Blakeney Point1:150,000
1191River Tyne to Flamborough Head1:200,000
1192Saint Abb's Head to the River Tyne1:200,000
1196Approaches to Barcelona1:25,000
1197Plans on the West Coast of Africa1:50,000
1200The Wash Ports1:37,500
1215Plans on the Coast of Angola1:50,000
1220Gulf of Honduras and Yucatan Channel1:1,000,000
1233Northern Approaches to the Shetland Islands1:200,000
1234North - Western Approaches to the Orkney Islands1:200,000
1236Entrance to Saldanha Bay1:20,000
1237Larne Lough and Approaches1:10,000
1239Orkney and Shetland Islands1:350,000
1261Approaches to Song Sai Gon1:200,000
1265Khawr al Amaya and Khawr al Kafka1:60,000
1267Falmouth to Plymouth1:75,000
1268Approaches to Khowr-e Musa1:100,000
1273Saint Lucia1:60,000
1290Cabo de San Lorenzo to Cabo Ortegal1:175,000
1291Santona to Gijon1:175,000
1292Mimizan-Plage to Cabo de Ajo1:175,000
1302Cabo Guardian to Punta Nava1:200,000
1315Five Fathom Hole, The Narrows and Saint George's Harbour1:7,500
1320Fleetwood to Douglas1:100,000
1322Ports and Anchorages in Central West Africa1:25,000
1323Rio Parana Sheet 11:35,000
1324Rio Parana Sheet 21:35,000
1325Rio Parana Sheet 31:35,000
1326Rio Parana Sheet 41:35,000
1327Rio Parana Sheet 51:35,000
1328Rio Parana Sheet 61:35,000
1329Rio Parana Sheet 71:35,000
1330Rio Parana Sheet 81:35,000
1331Approaches to Bahia Blanca1:100,000
1332Isla de los Estados and Estrecho de le Maire1:125,000
1335Rio Parana Sheet 91:35,000
1339Rio de la Plata and Rio Parana1:35,000
1340Rio Parana Guazu and Pasaje Talavera1:35,000
1344Kirkcudbright Bay1:15,000
1346Solway Firth and Approaches1:100,000
1350Dunkerque and Approaches1:20,000
1363Cape Saint Ann to Monrovia1:300,000
1364Monrovia to Greenville1:300,000
1365Greenville to Harper1:300,000
1381Approaches to Lagos1:75,000
1383Lagune Aby to Tema1:350,000
1384Tema to Cotonou1:350,000
1385Cotonou to Pennington River1:350,000
1386Pennington River to Opobo River1:350,000
1387Calabar to Bata including Isla de Bioko1:350,000
1392Ports and Anchorages in Togo and Benin1:15,000
1404Loch Ryan1:25,000
1405Eldfisk Oil Field to Boknafjorden1:350,000
1406Dover and Calais to Orford Ness and Scheveningen1:250,000
1407Montrose to Berwick-upon-Tweed1:200,000
1408Harwich and Rotterdam to Cromer and Terschelling1:300,000
1409Buckie to Arbroath1:200,000
1410Saint George's Channel1:200,000
1411Irish Sea Western Part1:200,000
1413Approaches to Holyhead1:25,000
1415Dublin Bay1:25,000
1422Esbjerg to Hanstholm including Offshore Oil and Gas Fields1:375,000
1427Stavanger to Floro1:350,000
1428Floro to Smola1:350,000
1431Drogheda and Dundalk1:30,000
1438Harbours on the East Coast of Scotland1:20,000
1441Turks Islands1:50,000
1446Aberdeen Harbour1:7,500
1447Dublin and Dun Laoghaire1:7,500
1448Gibraltar Bay1:30,000
1450Turks Island Passage and Mouchoir Passage1:150,000
1456Port de Douala and Approaches1:100,000
1457Terschellinger Gronden to Harlingen1:50,000
1462Harbours on the North and East Coasts of Scotland1:7,500
1463Conwy Bay and Approaches1:25,000
1464Menai Strait1:25,000
1468Arklow to the Skerries Islands1:100,000
1478Saint Govan's Head to Saint David's Head1:75,000
1479River Tay Dundee to Perth1:25,000
1481River Tay Dundee and Approaches1:25,000
1482Plans in South West Wales1:25,000
1484Plans in Cardigan Bay1:18,000
1489New Providence Island1:50,000
1491Harwich and Felixstowe1:10,000
1494Efate and Plans1:150,000
1503Outer Dowsing to Smiths Knoll including Indefatigable Banks1:150,000
1504Cromer to Orford Ness1:150,000
1512Plans on the Lleyn Peninsula1:12,500
1515Ports on the East Coast of Spain1:15,000
1534Great Yarmouth and Approaches1:25,000
1535Lowestoft and Approaches1:25,000
1540River Shannon Shannon Airport to Limerick1:12,500
1543Winterton Ness to Orford Ness1:75,000
1546Zeegat van Texel and Den Helder Roads1:30,000
1547River Shannon Kilcredaun Point to Ardmore Point1:20,000
1548River Shannon Ardmore Point to Rinealon Point1:20,000
1549River Shannon Rinealon Point to Shannon Airport including Foynes Harbour1:20,000
1552Ports in Morecambe Bay1:25,000
1553Bay of Kirkwall1:12,500
1561Ports in Lebanon1:25,000
1563Beyrouth (Beirut) and Approaches1:30,000
1570Efate to Espiritu Santo1:300,000
1573Gulf of Honduras1:125,000
1574Otocic Glavat to Ploce and Makarska1:100,000
1575Ile Pentecote to Torres Islands1:300,000
1576Epi to Ile Mare1:500,000
1577Plans in Central Vanuatu1:37,500
1578Ulcinj to Boka Kotorska including Bar and Tivat1:100,000
1580Otocic Veliki Skolj to Otocic Glavat1:100,000
1581Islands and Anchorages in Southern Vanuatu1:50,000
1583Little Basses Reef to Pulmoddai Roads1:300,000
1594River Stour Erwarton Ness to Manningtree1:10,000
1595Ilhas do Principe, de Sao Tome and Isla de Annobon1:37,500
1606Thames Estuary Fisherman's Gat to Princes Channel1:25,000
1607Thames Estuary Southern Part1:50,000
1609Thames Estuary Knock John Channel to Sea Reach1:25,000
1610Approaches to the Thames Estuary1:150,000
1612Harbours and Anchorages on the East Coast of England and Scotland1:5,000
1613Eddystone Rocks to Berry Head1:75,000
1614Stanley Harbour and Approaches1:30,000
1627Harbours on the East Coast of England1:10,000
1630West Hinder and Outer Gabbard to Vlissingen and Scheveningen1:150,000
1631DW Routes to IJmuiden and Texel1:150,000
1632DW Routes and TSS North Friesland to Vlieland1:150,000
1633TSS North Friesland and GW/EMS to Vlieland and Borkum1:150,000
1634Salcombe to Brixham1:25,000
1652Selsey Bill to Beachy Head1:75,000
1664Riviere Saloum to Ilheu de Caio1:342,450
1673Western Approaches to Suva Harbour1:50,000
1680Teluk Darvel1:100,000
1681Northern Shore of Sibuko Bay1:97,000
1682Beqa Passage and Lagoon1:50,000
1684Machico and Canical1:7,500
1685Ponta Gorda to Ponta de Sao Lourenco1:30,000
1690Plans on the North-West Coast of Africa1:50,000
1691Ascension Island1:50,000
1700Cartagena to Cabo de San Antonio including Isla Formentera1:300,000
1701Cabo de San Antonio to Vilanova i la Geltru including Islas de Ibiza and Formentera1:300,000
1702Ibiza, Formentera and Southern Mallorca1:300,000
1703Mallorca and Menorca1:300,000
1704Punta de la Bana to Islas Medas1:300,000
1705Cabo San Sebastian to Iles d'Hyeres1:300,000
1708Bougainville Strait1:75,000
1709Manning Strait1:100,000
1713Sealark Channel and Approaches to Honiara1:100,000
1724Canal do Geba and Bissau1:100,000
1726Approaches to Canal do Geba and Rio Cacheu1:100,000
1727Bolama and Approaches1:100,000
1730Ria de Vigo1:25,000
1732Ria de Pontevedra1:25,000
1733Marin and Pontevedra1:10,000
1734Approaches to Ria de Arousa1:25,000
1740Bond Point to Brunow Bay1:35,000
1751Puerto de Buenos Aires and Puerto La Plata1:25,000
1752Approaches to Belfast1:15,000
1753Belfast Lough and Approaches1:37,500
1755Plans in Ria de Arousa1:7,500
1756Ria de Muros1:40,000
1757The Little Minch Northern Part1:100,000
1762Vilagarcia de Arousa1:7,500
1764Ria de Arousa1:25,000
1765Old Head of Kinsale to Power Head1:50,000
1770Islay to Stanton Banks1:100,000
1771Saint Helena with Approaches to Ascension Island1:150,000
1772Rosslare Europort and Wexford Harbours with Approaches1:30,000
1773Port of Cork Upper Harbour1:12,500
1775South Orkney Islands1:200,000
1776Livingston Island to King George Island1:200,000
1777Port of Cork Lower Harbour and Approaches1:12,500
1778Stanton Banks to Passage of Tiree1:100,000
1779Approaches to Signy Island1:50,000
1785North Minch Northern Part1:100,000
1787Carnsore Point to Wicklow Head1:100,000
1790Oban and Approaches1:10,000
1791Caledonian Canal1:75,000
1794North Minch Southern Part1:100,000
1795The Little Minch Southern Part1:100,000
1796Barra Head to Point of Ardnamurchan1:100,000
1797Monkey River to Colson Point1:125,000
1819Approaches to the River Shannon1:50,000
1820Aran Islands to Roonah Head1:75,000
1826Irish Sea Eastern Part1:200,000
1827Harbours on the South East Coast of England1:12,500
1828Dover to North Foreland1:37,500
1831Arquipelago da Madeira1:150,000
1834River Medway Garrison Point to Folly Point1:12,500
1835River Medway Folly Point to Maidstone1:6,000
1838Bantry Bay, Shot Head to Bantry1:30,000
1840Bantry Bay Black Ball Head to Shot Head1:30,000
1846Table Bay1:10,000
1847Santa Cruz de Tenerife1:5,000
1850Approaches to Malaga1:25,000
1854Motril and Adra1:7,500
1856Approaches to Puerto de La Luz (Las Palmas)1:75,000
1858Apps. to S. Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de S. Sebastian de la Gomera, S. Cruz de la Palma and Apps.1:10,000
1859Port of Bristol1:10,000
1861Gran Canaria to El Hierro1:350,000
1862Lanzarote to Cabo Bojador1:350,000
1863Puerto de los Marmoles to Puerto del Rosario1:60,000
1864Harbours and Anchorages in Arran and Kintyre1:25,000
1866Ports in the Firth of Clyde1:7,500
1867Firth of Clyde Hunterston Channel and Rothesay Sound1:10,000
1872Dunkerque to Vlissingen1:100,000
1873Dunkerque to Oostende1:60,000
1874Westerschelde Oostende to Westkapelle1:60,000
1879Rathlin O'Birne Island to Aran Island1:75,000
1882Bridlington and Filey1:5,000
1883Crohy Head to Bloody Foreland including Aran Island1:30,000
1889Cromarty Firth Cromarty to Invergordon1:15,000
1890Cromarty Firth Invergordon to Dingwall1:15,000
1892Dover Strait Western Part1:75,000
1895Ilha de Sao Miguel1:100,000
1900Whitsand Bay to Yealm Head including Plymouth Sound1:25,000
1901Smeaton Pass and The Narrows1:5,000
1904Galway Harbour and Approaches1:10,000
1906Kyles of Bute1:25,000
1907Little Cumbrae Island to Cloch Point1:25,000
1909Ile Plane to Cherchell1:300,000
1922Simon's Bay1:10,000
1934River Tyne1:7,500
1935Approaches to Blyth, the River Tyne and Sunderland1:30,000
1942Fair Isle to Wick1:200,000
1949Approaches to Miri and Batang Baram1:50,000
1950Arquipelago dos Acores1:750,000
1951Approaches to Liverpool1:25,000
1953Approaches to the River Dee1:25,000
1954Cape Wrath to Pentland Firth including the Orkney Islands1:200,000
1955Ports in the Yemen1:30,000
1956Arquipelago dos Acores Central Group1:175,000
1957Harbours in the Arquipelago Dos Acores (Central Group)1:37,500
1959Flores, Corvo and Santa Maria with Banco Das Formigas1:150,000
1967Plymouth Sound1:7,500
1970Caernarfon Bay1:75,000
1971Cardigan Bay Northern Part1:75,000
1972Cardigan Bay Central Part1:75,000
1973Cardigan Bay Southern Part1:75,000
1975Thames Estuary Northern Part1:50,000
1977Holyhead to Great Ormes Head1:75,000
1978Great Ormes Head to Liverpool1:75,000
1980Greenville and Harper with Approaches1:100,000
1981Liverpool to Fleetwood including Approaches to Preston1:75,000
1982BRio Parana Rosario to Parana1:150,000
1984Galway Bay1:30,000
1991Harbours on the South Coast of England1:5,000
1994Approaches to the River Clyde1:15,000
1996Ports in Rijecki Zaljev1:10,000
2006Anegada to Saint Thomas1:100,000
2007River Clyde1:15,000
2010Morecambe Bay and Approaches1:50,000
2011Holyhead Harbour1:6,250
2013Saint Bees Head to Silloth1:50,000
2016Puerto Rico to Leeward Islands1:300,000
2017Dungarvan Harbour1:15,000
2021Harbours and Anchorages in the West Solent Area1:10,000
2022Harbours and Anchorages in the East Solent Area1:5,000
2035Western Approaches to The Solent1:25,000
2036The Solent and Southampton Water1:25,000
2037Eastern Approaches to The Solent1:25,000
2038Southampton Water and Approaches1:15,000
2041Port of Southampton1:10,000
2044Shoreham Harbour and Approaches1:5,000
2045Outer Approaches to The Solent1:75,000
2046Waterford Harbour1:25,000
2047Approaches to Anguilla1:50,000
2049Old Head of Kinsale to Tuskar Rock1:150,000
2052Orford Ness to The Naze1:50,000
2053Kinsale Harbour and Oyster Haven1:12,500
2057Westport Bay and Approaches1:15,000
2065Northern Antigua1:25,000
2067Addu Atholhu (Addoo Atoll)1:25,000
2068Anchorages in the Maldives1:50,000
2076Loch Eriboll1:17,500
2078Port Nolloth to Island Point1:300,000
2079Ports and Anchorages in Anguilla, Sint Maarten (Saint Martin) and Saint Barthelemy1:15,000
2081Courtmacsherry Bay1:25,000
2092Toe Head to Old Head of Kinsale1:50,000
2093Southern Approach to North Channel1:100,000
2094Kirkcudbright to Mull of Galloway and Isle of Man1:100,000
2096Cashla Bay to Kilkieran Bay1:30,000
2111Labuan to Kota Kinabalu1:150,000
2112Kota Kinabalu to Pulau-Pulau Mantanani1:150,000
2121Cap de Fer (Ras el Hadid) to Iles Cani1:300,000
2126Approaches to the Firth of Clyde1:75,000
2129Long Island Bay to Castlehaven1:30,000
2131Firth of Clyde and Loch Fyne1:75,000
2132Ports in the Gulf of Suez1:25,000
2133Approaches to Suez Bay (Bahr al Qulzum)1:55,000
2151River Thames Tilbury to Margaret Ness1:12,500
2154Newhaven Harbour1:5,000
2155Approaches to Selat Klang Utara1:35,000
2156Strangford Lough1:37,500
2159Strangford Narrows1:12,500
2162Pentland Firth and Approaches1:50,000
2163Lough Neagh1:40,000
2168Approaches to the Sound of Jura1:75,000
2169Approaches to the Firth of Lorn1:75,000
2171Sound of Mull and Approaches1:75,000
2172Harbours and Anchorages on the South Coast of England1:12,500
2173Loop Head to Slyne Head1:150,000
2175Poole Bay1:20,000
2182ANorth Sea Southern Sheet1:750,000
2182BNorth Sea Central Sheet1:750,000
2182CNorth Sea Northern Sheet1:750,000
2182DNorwegian Sea Foroyar to Bergen1:750,000
2184Mizen Head to Gascanane Sound1:30,000
2198North Channel Southern Part1:75,000
2199North Channel Northern Part1:75,000
2207Point of Ardnamurchan to the Sound of Sleat1:50,000
2208Mallaig to Canna Harbour1:50,000
2209Inner Sound1:50,000
2210Approaches to Inner Sound1:50,000
2220Firth of Clyde Pladda to Inchmarnock Southern Sheet1:36,000
2221Firth of Clyde Pladda to Inchmarnock Northern Sheet1:36,000
2249Orkney Islands Western Sheet1:75,000
2250Orkney Islands Eastern Sheet1:75,000
2253Dartmouth Harbour1:6,250
2254Valentia Island to River Shannon1:150,000
2255Approaches to Portland and Weymouth1:20,000
2258Bahia Buenaventura to Panama1:750,000
2268Portland Harbour1:10,000
2290River Exe and Approaches including Exeter Canal1:12,500
2326Loch Crinan to the Firth of Lorn1:25,000
2343Gulf of Corryvreckan and Approaches1:25,000
2345Plans in South-West Cornwall1:12,500
2372Loch Linnhe Corran Narrows, Fort William and Corpach1:10,000
2373Suez Bay (Bahr al Qulzum) to Ra's Sharatib1:150,000
2374Ra's Sharatib to Juzur Ashrafi1:150,000
2375Juzur Ashrafi to Safaga (Bur Safajah) and Strait of Tiran1:150,000
2379Loch Linnhe Central Part1:25,000
2380Loch Linnhe Northern Part1:25,000
2381Lower Loch Fyne1:25,000
2382Upper Loch Fyne1:25,000
2383Inchmarnock Water1:25,000
2386Firth of Lorn Southern Part1:25,000
2387Firth of Lorn Northern Part1:25,000
2388Loch Etive and Approaches1:25,000
2389Loch Linnhe Southern Part1:25,000
2390Sound of Mull1:25,000
2392Sound of Mull Western Entrance1:25,000
2394Loch Sunart1:25,000
2396Sound of Jura Southern Part1:25,000
2397Sound of Jura Northern Part1:25,000
2417Harbours on the North Coast of Central America1:50,000
2420Aran Islands to Broad Haven Bay1:150,000
2423Mizen Head to Dingle Bay1:150,000
2424Kenmare River to Cork Harbour1:150,000
2425River Hueson to False Cape including Morrison and Mosquito Cays1:144,000
2437Ras Tarf to Oran1:300,000
2442Jazireh-ye Sirri to Sir Abu Nu'ayr1:125,000
2443Sir Abu Nu'ayr to Zirkuh1:125,000
2444Eastern Approaches to Jazirat Das and Jazirat Halul1:125,000
2449Dover Strait to Westerschelde1:150,000
2450Anvil Point to Beachy Head1:150,000
2451Newhaven to Dover and Cap d'Antifer to Cap Gris-Nez1:150,000
2454Start Point to The Needles including Off Casquets TSS1:150,000
2474Harbours and Passages in the Inner Hebrides1:15,000
2475Sound of Gigha1:25,000
2476Lochs and Harbours in the Sound of Jura and Approaches1:25,000
2478Approaches to Monrovia1:120,000
2479Inner Sound Northern Part1:18,000
2480Inner Sound Central Part1:25,000
2481Sound of Islay1:25,000
2482River Medway and The Swale1:25,000
2484A Hole Haven to Purfleet1:25,000
2485Approaches to Barbados1:100,000
2491Ardrossan to Largs1:25,000
2494Plans on the North Coast of Ireland1:37,500
2495Kenmare River1:60,000
2498Inner Sound Southern Part1:25,000
2500Ullapool and Approaches1:25,000
2501Summer Isles1:25,000
2502Eddrachillis Bay1:25,000
2503Kinlochbervie and Approaches1:25,000
2504Lochinver and Approaches1:25,000
2505Approaches to the Falkland Islands1:1,500,000
2506Mare Harbour and Approaches1:12,500
2507Pebble Island to Port Fitzroy1:150,000
2508Port Fitzroy to Eagle Passage1:150,000
2509Rubha Reidh to Cailleach Head1:25,000
2510Approaches to Londonderry1:15,000
2511Approaches to Lough Foyle1:25,000
2512The Falkland Islands1:400,000
2513Eagle Passage to New Island1:150,000
2514New Island to Pebble Island1:150,000
2515Ard More Mangersta to Tiumpan including Loch Roag1:25,000
2517North-Western Approaches to the Falkland Islands1:600,000
2518North-Eastern Approaches to the Falkland Islands1:600,000
2519South-Western Approaches to the Falkland Islands1:600,000
2520South-Eastern Approaches to the Falkland Islands1:600,000
2523Cable Bank to Ra's Rakan1:150,000
2524Islands off the North West Coast of Scotland1:15,000
2525Choiseul Sound1:25,000
2526Byron Sound to Jason Islands1:80,000
2527Port Albemarle1:25,000
2528Loch Gairloch, Loch Kishorn and Loch Carron1:15,000
2529Approaches to Stornoway1:25,000
2533Anchorages on the West Coast of Skye1:25,000
2534Plans in the Sound of Raasay1:25,000
2536Port William to Choiseul Sound1:75,000
2537Ghawdex (Gozo), Kemmuna (Comino) and the Northern Part of Malta1:50,000
2540Loch Alsh and Approaches1:20,000
2541Lochs on the West Coast of Scotland1:25,000
2543Anchorages in West Falkland Island1:75,000
2544Passages in West Falkland Island1:15,000
2545Port Egmont to Port Purvis1:50,000
2546Approaches to Port Salvador1:75,000
2547Port Salvador to Port William1:75,000
2550Plans in East Falkland Island1:20,000
2552Dunmanus Bay1:30,000
2558Falkland Sound Northern Part1:75,000
2559Falkland Sound Southern Part1:75,000
2560Lively Sound to Eagle Passage1:75,000
2561Choiseul Sound and Adventure Sound1:75,000
2562Plans in the Northern Orkney Islands1:37,500
2565Saint Agnes Head to Dodman Point including the Isles of Scilly1:150,000
2566Tees and Hartlepool Bays1:20,000
2567Approaches to Tees Bay1:30,000
2568Harbours in the Orkney Islands1:12,500
2571The Swale Whitstable to Harty Ferry1:12,500
2572The Swale Windmill Creek to Queenborough1:12,500
2573Al Burullus to Al 'Arish1:300,000
2581Southern Approaches to Scapa Flow1:26,000
2582Plans in Falkland Sound1:35,000
2584Approaches to Kirkwall1:25,000
2600Mona Passage to Dominica1:800,000
2610Portland Bill to Anvil Point1:40,000
2611Poole Harbour and Approaches1:12,500
2613Cap de La Hague to Fecamp1:154,155
2615Portland Bill to The Needles1:75,000
2617Sound of Iona1:25,000
2625Approaches to Portsmouth1:7,500
2628Portsmouth Harbour Northern Part1:5,000
2629Portsmouth Harbour Southern Part1:5,000
2631Portsmouth Harbour1:7,500
2633Al Ladhiqiyah to Sour and Famagusta1:300,000
2635Scotland West Coast1:500,000
2647Ile d'Ouessant to Ile de Batz1:156,702
2648Roches de Portsall to Plateau des Roches Douvres1:156,269
2649Western Approaches to the English Channel1:500,000
2652Loch Na Keal and Loch Tuath1:25,000
2655English Channel Western Entrance1:325,000
2656English Channel Central Part1:325,000
2658Outer Approaches to Jeddah (Jiddah)1:75,000
2659Shi`b Nazar to Qita` Kidan1:200,000
2666Grand Banks of Newfoundland1:1,500,000
2667Clew Bay and Approaches1:50,000
2669Channel Islands and Adjacent Coast of France1:150,000
2675English Channel1:500,000
2687Approaches to the Berbice River1:150,000
2691Fiji Islands1:800,000
2692Sunk Inner Precautionary Area1:25,000
2693Approaches to Felixstowe, Harwich and Ipswich with the Rivers Stour, Orwell and Deben1:25,000
2695Plans on the East Coast of England1:12,500
2696Plans in the Isle of Man1:7,500
2697Lough Swilly1:37,500
2699Horn Head to Fanad Head with Mulroy Bay1:30,000
2702Donegal Bay1:60,000
2703Broad Haven Bay and Approaches1:50,000
2704Blacksod Bay and Approaches1:50,000
2706Ballynakill and Killary Harbours with Approaches1:25,000
2707Kingstown Bay to Cleggan Bay and Inishbofin to Inishturk1:25,000
2708Ballyconneely Bay to Clifden Bay including Slyne Head1:25,000
2709Roundstone and Approaches1:30,000
2710Delaware Bay to Straits of Florida1:1,500,000
2711Rogoznica to Zadar1:100,000
2712Otok Susac to Split1:100,000
2715Killala and Donegal1:25,000
2717Strait of Gibraltar to Barcelona and Alger including Islas Baleares1:1,100,000
2719Rt Marlera to Senj including Approaches to Rijeka1:100,000
2720Flannan Isles to Sule Skerry1:200,000
2721Saint Kilda to Butt of Lewis1:200,000
2722Skerryvore to Saint Kilda1:200,000
2723Western Approaches to the North Channel1:200,000
2724North Channel to the Firth of Lorn1:200,000
2725Blacksod Bay to Tory Island1:200,000
2733Dyrholaey to Snaefellsjokull1:300,000
2734Approaches to Reykjavik1:100,000
2739Brandon and Tralee Bays1:37,500
2740Kilmore Quay including the Saltee Islands1:25,000
2752Bloody Foreland to Horn Head including Tory Island1:30,000
2767Porturlin to Sligo Bay and Rathlin O'Birne Island1:75,000
2769Barra Head to Greian Head1:30,000
2770Sound of Barra1:30,000
2771Loch Scridain1:25,000
2773Sibenik, Pasmanski Kanal, Luka Telascica, Sedmovrace, Rijeka Krka1:30,000
2774Otok Vis to Sibenik1:100,000
2782Essequibo River Leguan I. to Mamarikuru Is. including West Channel1:50,000
2783Essequibo River - Mamarikuru Is. to Bartica including the Entrance to the Mazaruni River1:25,000
2784Entrance to the Berbice River including New Amsterdam Harbour1:50,000
2789Dingle Bay and Smerwick Harbour1:60,000
2790Ventry and Dingle Harbours1:15,000
2792Plans on the North - West Coast of Ireland1:10,000
2793Cowes Harbour and River Medina1:3,500
2798Lough Foyle to Sanda Island including Rathlin Island1:75,000
2800Carlingford Lough1:20,000
2802Sound of Harris1:21,000
2811Sheep Haven to Lough Foyle including Inishtrahull1:75,000
2825Lochs on the East Coast of Uist1:12,500
2831Punta Salinas to Cabo de Formentor including Canal de Menorca1:120,000
2832Punta Salinas to Punta Beca including Isla de Cabrera1:120,000
2834Ibiza and Formentera1:120,000
2837Strait of Hormuz to Qatar1:750,000
2841Loch Maddy to Loch Resort1:50,000
2845Alderney Harbour1:6,000
2851Masirah to the Strait of Hormuz1:750,000
2853Approaches to Suhar Port1:25,000
2854Northern Approaches to Masirah1:100,000
2858Gulf of Oman to Shatt al Arab1:1,500,000
2866Cape Canaveral to Key West including the Western Part of the Bahama Banks1:500,000
2878Approaches to Milford Haven1:25,000
2882Ra's Tannurah to Jazirat Faylakah and Jazireh-ye Khark1:350,000
2889Dubai (Dubayy) to Jabal Az Zannah and Jazirat Das1:350,000
2895Outer Approaches to Mina' Salalah1:100,000
2896Mina' Salalah and Approaches1:25,000
2899Horn to Raudinupur1:300,000
2900Raudinupur to Glettinganes1:300,000
2901Glettinganes to Stokksnes1:300,000
2902Stokksnes to Dyrholaey1:300,000
2904Usinish to Eigneig Mhor1:25,000
2905East Loch Tarbert1:12,500
2929Mtwara to Mafia Island1:350,000
2930Jesser Point to Boa Paz1:300,000
2932Cabo de Sao Sebastiao to Beira1:300,000
2934Beira to Rio Zambeze1:300,000
2935Rio Zambeze to Ilha Epidendron1:300,000
2937Hlada to Glettinganes1:100,000
2943Jamaica and Pedro Bank1:1,000,000
2949Mtwara to Lamu1:1,000,000
2964Gulf of Aden and Approaches1:1,500,000
2974Adelaide Island to Neny Fjord1:150,000
2975Matha Strait to Larrouy Island1:150,000
2976Approaches to Rio Guadalquivir1:12,500
2977Rio Guadalquivir Cano de Enriquez to Cano de San Carlos1:12,500
2978Rio Guadalquivir Cano de San Carlos to Punta de la Lisa1:12,500
2979Rio Guadalquivir Punta de la Lisa to Coria del Rio1:12,500
2980Rio Guadalquivir Huerta del Rincon to Sevilla1:7,500
3034Approaches to Palma1:25,000
3100Sassandra to Lagune Aby1:350,000
3102Takoradi and Sekondi Bays1:15,000
3104Greenville to Sassandra1:350,469
3108Grand Bereby to Sassandra1:100,000
3112Harbours in Ghana1:7,500
3113Cape Three Points to Saltpond1:150,000
3118Lagos to Gamba1:1,000,000
3132Strait of Gibraltar to Arquipelago da Madeira1:1,250,000
3133Casablanca to Islas Canarias (Including Arquipelago da Madeira)1:1,250,000
3134Islas Canarias to Nouakchott1:1,250,000
3135Nouakchott to Bissau and Arquipelago De Cabo Verde1:1,250,000
3139Monrovia to Sassandra1:1,000,000
3140Saint Peter Port1:6,000
3146Loch Ewe1:12,500
3164Barrow Harbour and Approaches1:12,500
3175Jazirat Al Hamra' to Dubai (Dubayy) and Jazireh-ye Sirri1:125,000
3176Ajman to Sir Abu Nu Ayr1:125,000
3177Outer Approaches to Abu Dhabi (Abu Zaby)1:125,000
3178Approaches to Mubarraz Terminal including Zaqqum Traffic Separation Scheme1:125,000
3179Jazirat Das to Ar Ruways1:125,000
3200Falkland Islands to South Sandwich Islands and Graham Land1:3,750,000
3205South Shetland Islands and Bransfield Strait1:500,000
3206Gerlache Strait to Orleans Strait1:50,000
3207Gerlache Strait Bluff Island to Emma Island1:50,000
3208Plans in Antarctic Sound1:25,000
3209Plans in Erebus and Terror Gulf1:75,000
3210Plans in the South Shetland Islands1:10,000
3211Zanzibar Harbour1:12,500
3213Plans in Graham Land1:50,000
3220Entrance to Rio Tejo including Baia de Cascais1:15,000
3221Lisboa, Paco de Arcos to Terreiro do Trigo1:15,000
3222Lisboa Alcantara to Canal do Montijo1:15,000
3224Approaches to Sines1:50,000
3227Aveiro and Approaches1:40,000
3228Approaches to Figueira da Foz1:30,000
3257Viana do Castelo and Approaches1:30,000
3258Approaches to Leixoes and Barra do Rio Douro1:30,000
3259Setubal and Approaches1:15,000
3260Setubal Carraca to Ilha do Cavalo1:15,000
3265Weligama to Little Basses Reef1:150,000
3270Lerwick Harbour and Dales Voe - South Quay A Lerwick harbour1:4,500
3271Approaches to Lerwick Harbour1:10,000
3272Moul of Eswick to Helli Ness1:25,000
3273Entrance to Milford Haven1:12,500
3274Milford Haven Saint Ann's Head to Newton Noyes Pier1:12,500
3275Milford Haven Milford Docks to Picton Point1:12,500
3278Saint Helier1:6,000
3281Shetland Islands North-West Sheet1:75,000
3282Shetland Islands North-East Sheet1:75,000
3283Shetland Islands South Sheet1:75,000
3284Moul of Eswick to Lunna Holm including Out Skerries1:37,500
3286Approaches to Bonny River1:60,000
3291Cabinda and Malongo Terminals1:100,000
3292Eastern Approaches to Yell Sound, Colgrave Sound and Bluemull Sound1:30,000
3294Harbours in Southern Mainland1:12,500
3295Harbours in the Shetland Islands1:25,000
3297Sullom Voe1:12,500
3298Yell Sound1:30,000
3299Plans in the Shetland Islands1:10,000
3310Mafia Island to Pemba Island1:350,000
3315Berry Head to Portland Bill1:75,000
3323Male' Atoll1:150,000
3324Cabo San Antonio to Mar Del Plata1:500,000
3327Bata to Libreville including Ilhas do Principe and de Sao Tome1:351,268
3329Mar Del Plata to Segunda Barranca1:500,000
3330Segunda Barranca to Punta Delgada1:500,000
3331Punta Delgada to San Gregorio1:500,000
3332San Gregorio to Puerto Deseado1:500,000
3334Puerto Deseado to Puerto Santa Cruz1:500,000
3335Puerto Santa Cruz to Estrecho de Magallanes1:500,000
3337River Thames Margaret Ness to Tower Bridge1:12,500
3338Kilkee to Inisheer1:50,000
3339Approaches to Galway Bay including the Aran Islands1:50,000
3347Approaches to Al Khums Port1:50,000
3350Marsa el - Brega1:10,000
3361Pemba Island to Lamu1:350,000
3405Ports in 'Ajman, Sharjah and Umm al Qaywayn1:15,000
3409Plans in Iran, Oman and the United Arab Emirates1:25,000
3412Hamriyah to Mina' Seyaha1:50,000
3414Dubai (Dubayy) and Approaches1:15,000
3418Langstone and Chichester Harbours1:20,000
3432Saltpond to Tema1:150,000
3448Plans in Angola1:50,000
3462British Antarctic Survey Base Rothera1:25,000
3463Plans in Graham Land and South Shetland Islands1:10,000
3478Manchester Ship Canal and Upper River Mersey1:25,000
3482Singapore Strait to Song Sai Gon1:1,500,000
3483Mindoro Strait to Luconia Shoals and Selat Makasar1:1,500,000
3488Song Sai Gon to Hong Kong1:1,500,000
3489Manila to Hong Kong1:1,500,000
3490Port of Liverpool1:15,000
3492Approaches to Port Sudan1:50,000
3493Bashayer Oil Terminals and Approaches1:50,000
3496River Humber Immingham and Hull1:10,000
3497River Humber Immingham to Humber Bridge and the Rivers Ouse and Trent1:25,000
3511Approaches to Said Bin Sultan Naval Base1:30,000
3518Ports and Anchorages on the North-East Coast of Oman1:30,000
3519Southern Approaches to Masirah1:100,000
3520Khawr Kalba and Dawhat Diba to Gahha Shoal1:125,000
3522Approaches to Muscat (Masqat) and Mina' al Fahl1:100,000
3523Approaches to Said Bin Sultan Naval Base1:100,000
3530Approaches to Berbera1:50,000
3570Brabant Island to Adelaide Island1:500,000
3571Lavoisier Island to Alexander Island1:500,000
3572Brabant Island to Adelaide Island1:500,000
3575Argentine Islands and Approaches1:60,000
3577Adelaide Island South Western Approaches1:75,000
3578Eastern Approaches to the Strait of Gibraltar1:150,000
3579Rydberg Peninsula to Siple Island1:2,000,000
3582Harbours and Anchorages in South Georgia Sheet 31:25,000
3583Cooper Sound to Drygalski Fjord1:25,000
3586Harbours and Anchorages in South Georgia Sheet 21:25,000
3587Harbours and Anchorages in South Georgia1:25,000
3588Approaches to Stromness and Cumberland Bays1:50,000
3589Stewart Strait including Undine Harbour, Bird Sound and Elsehul1:25,000
3593South Sandwich Islands1:500,000
3595South Georgia Central Sheet1:125,000
3596Approaches to South Georgia1:750,000
3597South Georgia1:250,000
3629Approaches to Halley Base1:200,000
3633Islas Sisargas to Rio Mino1:200,000
3634Montedor to Cabo Mondego1:200,000
3635Cabo Mondego to Cabo Espichel1:200,000
3636Cabo Espichel to Cabo de Sao Vicente1:200,000
3648Approaches to Buchanan1:100,000
3653Guernsey to Alderney and Adjacent Coast of France1:50,000
3654Guernsey Herm and Sark1:50,000
3655Jersey and Adjacent Coast of France1:50,000
3656Plateau des Minquiers and Adjacent Coast of France1:50,000
3657Mersa Tobruch1:12,000
3660Aden Inner Harbour1:7,500
3661Bab el Mandeb to Aden Harbour1:200,000
3683Sheerness and Approaches1:12,500
3700Weligama to Colombo1:150,000
3709Port of Fujairah (Fujayrah) and Offshore Terminals1:25,000
3715Abu Dhabi (Abu Zaby)1:32,500
3718Port of Jubail (Al Jubayl)1:30,000
3719Approaches to Port of Jubail (Al Jubayl)1:80,000
3723Approaches to Khawr Fakkan and Fujairah (Fujayrah)1:50,000
3725Baltimore Harbour1:6,250
3739Jebel Ali (Mina' Jabal 'Ali) and Approaches1:50,000
3741Rivers Colne and Blackwater1:25,000
3746Loch Long and Loch Goil1:25,000
3750Rivers Crouch and Roach1:25,000
3755Bahia Blanca1:50,000
3762Ad Duqm1:25,000
3763Approaches to Ad Duqm1:125,000
3764Cabo Torinana to Punta Carreiro1:40,000
3772Approaches to Ra's Laffan1:35,000
3775Ra's Abu `Ali to Ra's as Saffaniyah1:150,000
3777Approaches to Ad Dammam Ra's Tannurah and Ra's al Ju`aymah1:80,000
3781Ra's Laffan Port1:15,000
3783Mesaieed (Musay 'id or Umm Said)1:25,000
3784Ra's Al Kalb to Ra's Mirbat1:750,000
3785Port Salalah (Mina' Raysut) to Masirah1:750,000
3787Approaches to Mesaieed (Musay 'id or Umm Said), Hamad Port and Doha (Ad Dawhah)1:50,000
3788Fasht al Jarim to Ra's Abu `Ali1:150,000
3793Shixini Point to Port S. Johns1:150,000
3794Port S. Johns to Port Shepstone1:150,000
3795Port Shepstone to Cooper Light1:150,000
3797Green Point to Tongaat Bluff1:150,000
3835Tanjung Sipang to Tanjung Sirik1:200,000
3836Kuala Rajang to Kuala Mukah1:200,000
3859Cape Cross to Conception Bay1:300,000
3860Conception Bay to Hottentot Point1:300,000
3861Approaches to Luderitz1:30,000
3869Hottentot Point to Chamais Bay1:300,000
3870Chamais Bay to Port Nolloth1:300,000
3876Nosy Be to Baie D'Antsiranana including Recif du Geyser and Iles Glorieuses1:350,000
3877Mozambique Channel Northern Part1:1,000,000
3878Mozambique Channel Central Part1:1,000,000
3879Quan-Dao Nam Du to Baie De Ream1:240,000
3880Mozambique Channel Southern Part1:1,000,000
3907Passages Between Mayaguana Island & Turks & Caicos Is inc Northern Apps to Haiti & Dominican Rep1:300,000
3908Passages Between Turks and Caicos Islands and Dominican Republic1:300,000
3910Little Bahama Bank including North West Providence Channel1:300,000
3912North East Providence Channel and Tongue of the Ocean1:300,000
3913Crooked Island Passage and Exuma Sound1:300,000
3914Caicos Passage and Mayaguana Passage1:300,000
3936Approaches to Jamaica1:400,000
3944Pulau Pinang to Kepulauan Sembilan1:200,000
3950Mesaieed (Musay'id or Umm Said) to Ra's Laffan1:150,000
3951Sir Bani Yas to Khawr al 'Udayd1:150,000
3995Choiseul Island to New Georgia Island1:300,000
3996Santa Isabel Island to Guadalcanal Island1:300,000
3997Indispensable Strait1:300,000
3998San Cristobal Island to Malaita Island1:300,000
4000The World1:45,000,000
4001A Planning Chart for the Atlantic and Indian Oceans1:27,000,000
4002A Planning Chart for the Pacific Ocean1:27,000,000
4003A Planning Chart for the South Atlantic Ocean1:20,000,000
4004A Planning Chart for the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea1:20,000,000
4005A Planning Chart for the Indian Ocean1:20,000,000
4007A Planning Chart for the South Pacific Ocean1:20,000,000
4008A Planning Chart for the North Pacific Ocean1:20,000,000
4011North Atlantic Ocean Northern Part1:10,000,000
4014North Atlantic Ocean Eastern Part1:10,000,000
4015A Planning Chart for the Atlantic Ocean1:20,000,000
4016A Planning Chart for the Eastern Atlantic Ocean to the Western Pacific Ocean1:20,000,000
4021South Atlantic Ocean Eastern Part1:10,000,000
4024Weddell Sea to Mar del Plata1:10,000,000
4063Bellingshausen Sea to Valdivia1:300,000
4064Marie Byrd Land to Southwest Pacific Basin1:10,000,000
4070Indian Ocean Southern Part1:10,000,000
4071Indian Ocean Northern Part1:10,000,000
4072Indian Ocean Western Part1:10,000,000
4073Indian Ocean Eastern Part1:10,000,000
4075Kapp Norvegia to Iles Kerguelen1:10,000,000
4102Western Approaches to United Kingdom and Ireland1:3,500,000
4112Iceland to Greenland1:3,500,000
4114Arquipelago dos Acores to Flemish Cap1:3,500,000
4115Arquipelago dos Acores to the Arquipelago de Cabo Verde1:3,500,000
4132Kunene River to Sand Table Hill1:300,000
4133Sand Table Hill to Cape Cross1:300,000
4136Harbours on the West Coasts of Namibia and South Africa1:9,000
4137Walvis Bay Harbour1:15,000
4138Approaches to Walvis Bay1:40,000
4141Island Point to Cape Deseada1:300,000
4142Saldanha Bay Harbour1:10,000
4145Approaches to Saldanha Bay1:50,000
4146Cape Columbine to Table Bay1:150,000
4148Approaches to Table Bay1:36,000
4150Table Bay to Valsbaai1:100,000
4151Cape Deseada to Table Bay1:300,000
4152Table Bay to Cape Agulhas1:300,000
4153Cape Agulhas to Cape St Blaize1:300,000
4154Approaches to Mossel Bay1:40,000
4155Cape St Blaize to Cape St Francis1:300,000
4156Cape St Francis to Great Fish Point1:300,000
4157Approaches to Port Elizabeth1:50,000
4158Plans in Algoa Bay1:15,000
4159Great Fish Point to Mbashe Point1:300,000
4160Ngqura Harbour1:10,000
4162Approaches to East London1:40,000
4163Mbashe Point to Port Shepstone1:300,000
4169Approaches to Durban Oil Terminal SBM1:30,000
4170Approaches to Durban1:30,000
4171Port Shepstone to Tugela River1:300,000
4172Tugela River to Ponta do Ouro1:300,000
4173Approaches to Richards Bay1:37,500
4174Richards Bay Harbour1:12,500
4175Baia Dos Tigres to Walvis Bay1:1,000,000
4176Walvis Bay to Orange River1:1,000,000
4177Orange River to Table Bay1:1,000,000
4178Table Bay to East London1:1,000,000
4179East London to Richards Bay1:1,000,000
4180Richards Bay to Inhambane1:1,000,000
4200Rio de la Plata to Cabo de Hornos1:3,500,000
4203Ascension Island and Luanda to Walvis Bay1:3,500,000
4204Walvis Bay to Maputo1:3,500,000
4205Agulhas Plateau to Discovery Seamounts1:3,500,000
4206Tristan da Cunha Group to Discovery Seamounts and Islas Orcadas Rise1:3,500,000
4207Falkland Islands to Cabo Corrientes and Northeast Georgia Rise1:3,500,000
4208Ilha da Trindade to Tristan da Cunha Group1:3,500,000
4209Freetown to Luanda1:3,500,000
4212Drake Passage1:3,500,000
4213Scotia Sea1:3,500,000
4400The West Indies1:4,250,000
4402Caribbean Sea1:2,750,000
4407Trinidad to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge1:3,500,000
4610Pacific - Antarctic Rise to Southeast Pacific Basin1:3,500,000
4611Southwest Pacific Basin to Pacific-Antarctic Rise1:3,500,000
4612Chatham Islands to Pacific-Antarctic Rise1:3,500,000
4613Chatham Islands to Ile Rapa1:3,500,000
4614Ile Rapa to Pacific-Antarctic Rise1:3,500,000
4619Iles Marquises to Clipperton Fracture Zone1:3,500,000
4623Solomon Islands to Kosrae Island1:1,500,000
4624Santa Cruz Islands to Butaritari1:1,500,000
4625Tuvalu to Butaritari1:1,500,000
4626Phoenix Group to Howland1:1,500,000
4632Fiji to Tuvalu1:1,500,000
4633Solomon Islands to Fiji1:1,500,000
4634Frederick Reefs to Solomon Islands1:1,500,000
4637Vanuatu to Norfolk Island1:1,500,000
4652Palmyra Island to Starbuck Island1:1,500,000
4700Port Elizabeth to Mauritius1:3,500,000
4701Maputo to Muqdisho1:3,500,000
4702Chagos Archipelago to Madagascar1:3,500,000
4703Gulf of Aden to the Maldives and the Seychelles Group1:3,500,000
4704Red Sea1:2,250,000
4707Maldives to Sumatera1:3,500,000
4712Iles Crozet to Prince Edward Islands1:3,500,000
4742Harbours on the North Coast of Spain1:40,000
4743Ports on the North Coast of Spain1:20,000
4744Ensenada de San Ciprian1:15,000
4805Hawaiian Islands to the Aleutian Trench1:3,500,000
4906Weddell Sea1:2,000,000
4907Approaches to the Antarctic Peninsula1:2,000,000

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