OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 0xxx”

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 0xxx”

 This marine chart folio is sourced from leading hydrographic offices. When you need intelligent marine and coastal mapping that is fit for purpose, in the right format, accurate and up to date, we have a comprehensive range of marine products and services to help you.

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 0xxx”

This folio contains 269 items. Click on an ID link to explore a folio entry.

ID Title Scale
0002United Kingdom and Ireland1:1,500,000
0003Chagos Archipelago1:360,000
0005`Abd Al Kuri to Suqutra (Socotra)1:350,000
0006Gulf of Aden1:750,000
0007Aden Harbour and Approaches1:25,000
0018Falmouth Inner Harbour including Penryn1:5,000
0026Harbours on the South Coast of Devon1:12,500
0028Salcombe Harbour1:12,500
0030Plymouth Sound and Approaches1:12,500
0031Harbours on the South Coast of Cornwall1:5,000
0032Falmouth to Truro1:12,500
0034Isles of Scilly1:25,000
0035Scapa Flow and Approaches1:30,000
0036Marsaxlokk and Approaches1:25,000
0045Gibraltar Harbour1:3,600
0060Alderney and the Casquets1:25,000
0073Puerto de Huelva and Approaches1:25,000
0081Sawakin to Ras Qassar1:300,000
0082Outer Approaches to Port Sudan1:150,000
0083Ports on the South Coast of Portugal1:20,000
0086Bahia de Cadiz1:25,000
0087Cabo Finisterre to the Strait of Gibraltar1:1,000,000
0089Cabo de Sao Vicente to Faro1:175,000
0091Cabo de Sao Vicente to the Strait of Gibraltar1:375,000
0093Cabo de Santa Maria to Cabo Trafalgar1:175,000
0100Gees Gwardafuy (Raas Caseyr) to Suqutra (Socotra)1:350,000
0104Approaches to the Humber Traffic Separation Scheme1:37,500
0105Cromer Knoll and the Outer Banks1:75,000
0106Cromer to Smiths Knoll1:75,000
0107Approaches to the River Humber1:75,000
0108Approaches to The Wash1:75,000
0110Westkapelle to Stellendam and Maasvlakte1:75,000
0111Berwick-upon-Tweed to the Farne Islands1:35,000
0112Terschellinger Gronden to Harlingen1:50,000
0114Canal Gent - Terneuzen1:15,000
0115Moray Firth1:200,000
0116Approaches to Westerschelde1:30,000
0120Westerschelde Vlissingen-Oost to Nauw van Bath1:30,000
0121Flamborough Head to Withernsea1:75,000
0122Approaches to Europoort and Hoek van Holland1:60,000
0124Part A Noordzeekanaal including Ijmuiden, Zaandam and Amsterdam1:15,000
0125Approaches to IJmuiden1:60,000
0126Approaches to Den Helder1:60,000
0128Baalhoek to Wintam1:30,000
0129Whitby to Flamborough Head1:75,000
0130Approaches to Scheveningen1:15,000
0134River Tees to Scarborough1:75,000
0142Strait of Gibraltar1:100,000
0146Aberdeen Harbour Berths1:2,500
0147Plans on the South Coast of Cornwall1:12,500
0148Dodman Point to Looe Bay1:30,000
0152River Tyne to River Tees1:75,000
0154Approaches to Falmouth1:35,000
0156Farne Islands to the River Tyne1:75,000
0158Berenice (Barnis) to Masamirit1:750,000
0160Saint Abb's Head to the Farne Islands1:75,000
0175Fife Ness to Saint Abb's Head1:75,000
0177Valletta Harbours1:7,500
0190Montrose to Fife Ness including the Isle of May1:75,000
0194Approaches to Malta and Ghawdex (Gozo)1:100,000
0196Bar to Split including Otok Palagruza1:300,000
0197North West Approaches to Saint Lucia1:25,000
0201Rt Kamenjak to Novigrad1:100,000
0202Kvarner, Kvarneric and Velebitski Kanal1:100,000
0207Hoek Van Holland to Vlaardingen Part A Nieuwe Waterweg and Europoort1:20,000
0208Rotterdam Nieuwe Maas and Oude Maas1:20,000
0209Krimpen A/D Lek to Moerdijk1:20,000
0210Newburgh to Montrose1:75,000
0211Plans in the Maltese Islands1:25,000
0213Fraserburgh to Newburgh1:75,000
0219Western Approaches to the Orkney and Shetland Islands1:500,000
0222Buckie to Fraserburgh1:75,000
0223Dunrobin Point to Buckie1:75,000
0225Joinville Island to Cape Ducorps and Church Point1:150,000
0226Deception Island1:50,000
0227Church Point to Cape Longing including James Ross Island1:150,000
0238Ports in Kenya Kilifi and Malindi1:37,500
0245Scotland to Iceland1:1,250,000
0254Montserrat and Barbuda1:50,000
0255Eastern Approaches to Jamaica1:200,000
0256Western Approaches to Jamaica1:200,000
0258Ports and Anchorages on the South Coast of Jamaica1:25,000
0260Pedro Bank to the South Coast of Jamaica1:200,000
0265Bab el Mandeb and Golfe de Tadjoura1:200,000
0266North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 111:200,000
0267North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 101:200,000
0268North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 91:200,000
0269Ploce and Split with adjacent Harbours, Channels and Anchorages1:5,000
0272North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 81:200,000
0273North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 71:200,000
0278North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 51:200,000
0291North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 41:200,000
0294North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 21:200,000
0295North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 11:200,000
0305Gamba to Pointe-Noire1:350,000
0306Pointe Tchitembo to Cabeca da Cobra1:350,000
0307Cabeca da Cobra to Cabo Ledo1:350,000
0308Cabo Ledo to Lobito1:350,000
0309Lobito to Ponta Grossa1:350,000
0310Ponta Grossa to Kunene River1:350,000
0311Gamba to Luanda1:1,000,000
0312Luanda to Baia dos Tigres1:1,000,000
0323Dover Strait Eastern Part1:75,000
0332Grassy Bay and Great Sound including Little Sound1:12,500
0333Offshore Installations in the Gulf of Suez including Ra's Shuqayr (Ras Shukheir)1:50,000
0366Arquipelago De Cabo Verde1:500,000
0367Ports in Cape Verde1:150,000
0378Savusavu Bay1:50,000
0386Yadua Island to Yaqaga Island1:50,000
0389Lautoka to Vatia Sewa1:50,000
0390Approaches to Freeport1:75,000
0396Barranquilla to Miskito Bank1:1,000,000
0398Freeport Roads1:25,000
0434Balhaf Terminal and Little Aden Oil Harbour1:7,500
0440North Eastern Approaches to Fiji Islands1:400,000
0441South Eastern Approaches to Fiji Islands1:400,000
0442Lizard Point to Berry Head1:150,000
0445Lemaire Channel1:35,000
0446Anvers Island to Renaud Island1:150,000
0447Pendleton Strait and Grandidier Channel1:150,000
0448Pendleton Strait to Harrison Passage1:50,000
0449Elephant Island and Approaches1:200,000
0450Crystal Sound to Pendleton Strait1:75,000
0451Grandidier Channel1:75,000
0455Tarabulus (Tripoli) Harbour1:10,000
0456Approaches to Kingston Harbour1:40,000
0457Portland Bight1:40,000
0458Port Antonio1:7,500
0461Ocean Cay1:50,000
0462The Cayman Islands1:75,000
0468Cruise Terminals in the Caribbean Amber Cove, Dominican Republic and Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos1:5,000
0473Approaches to Alicante1:25,000
0477Tobago and Approaches1:75,000
0483Gulf of Paria1:100,000
0486Jamaica and the Pedro Bank1:831,000
0487Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts), Sint Eustatius and Saba1:50,000
0489Approaches to Nevis1:50,000
0499Harbours in Saint Lucia1:5,000
0500North East Approaches to Trinidad1:150,000
0501South East Approaches to Trinidad1:150,000
0513Isla de Roatan to Puerto Cortes1:250,000
0515Zadar to Luka Mali Losinj1:100,000
0518Approaches to Valencia1:25,000
0522Belize City and Approaches1:40,000
0527Approaches to Demerara and Essequibo Rivers1:150,000
0534Quequen and Approaches1:50,000
0536Beachy Head to Dungeness1:75,000
0542Madiq Kamaran to Al Hudaydah1:100,000
0548Approaches to Madiq Kamaran and Al Luhayyah1:100,000
0552Isla Tova1:50,000
0557Mar del Plata to Comodoro Rivadavia1:1,750,000
0558Isla Leones to Estrecho de Magallanes including the Falkland Islands1:1,750,000
0572Essequibo River to Corentyn River1:500,000
0580Al Hoceima, Melilla and Port Nador with Approaches1:7,500
0583Sombrero Island to Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts)1:175,000
0584Saint Barthelemy to Antigua1:175,000
0585Nevis and Antigua to Northern Guadeloupe1:175,000
0593Approaches to Guadeloupe1:175,000
0594Southern Guadeloupe to Northern Martinique1:175,000
0595Sassandra to Lagos1:1,000,000
0596Southern Martinique to Saint Vincent1:175,000
0597Saint Vincent to Grenada1:175,000
0601Conakry to Cape Saint Ann1:300,000
0605Bluefields Bluff to Man of War Cays1:146,000
0607Riviere Saloum1:75,000
0608River Gambia Entrance1:75,000
0609River Gambia Albreda to Kuntaur1:100,000
0611Cabo Roxo to Port Kamsar1:400,000
0614Freetown Harbour1:12,000
0616Approaches to Port Mombasa1:50,000
0617Sherbro River1:50,000
0623Tagrin Point to Pepel1:25,000
0625Entrance to Sierra Leone River1:25,000
0633Plans on the East Coast of Ireland1:15,000
0643Durban Harbour1:10,000
0659Port of Soyo and Approaches1:15,000
0661Approaches to Kilwa Kisiwani Harbour1:75,000
0662Isla de Guanaja to Isla Cozumel including the Gulf of Honduras1:500,000
0663Approaches to Tanga1:37,500
0664Approaches to Mtwara1:37,500
0665Approaches to Zanzibar1:50,000
0668Lamu, Manda and Pate Bays and Approaches1:75,000
0674Approaches to Dar es Salaam1:50,000
0675Harbours and Anchorages on the Coast of Sudan1:100,000
0681Lindi Bay1:25,000
0684Mtwara and Mikindani Harbours1:36,286
0685Banana Islands to Turtle Islands1:100,000
0686Yelibuya Sound to Banana Islands1:100,000
0687Kiswere Harbour1:24,187
0690Cabo Delgado to Mikindani Bay1:72,800
0691Mtwara Harbour1:12,500
0692Rade de Tulear and Baie de St Augustin1:64,980
0709Maldives to Sri Lanka1:1,500,000
0712La Reunion to Mauritius and Ile Tromelin1:350,000
0714Plans in the Phoenix and Northern Line Groups1:12,500
0716Seychelles Group to Madagascar and Agalega Islands1:1,000,000
0717Seychelles Group to Nazareth Bank and Agalega Islands1:1,000,000
0718Islands North of Madagascar1:100,000
0720Saint George's Harbour1:5,000
0721Southern Approaches to the Seychelles Group1:750,000
0724Anchorages in the Seychelles Group and Outlying Islands1:300,000
0725Plans in Chagos Archipelago1:50,000
0726Egmont Islands to Three Brothers1:100,000
0727Peros Banhos to Blenheim Reef including Nelson's Island1:100,000
0729Plans in the Gilbert Islands1:25,000
0730Maiana to Marakei1:175,000
0731Gilbert Group1:800,000
0733Firth of Forth Burntisland to Dalgety Bay1:7,500
0734Firth of Forth Isle of May to Inchkeith1:50,000
0735Firth of Forth Approaches to Leith and Burntisland1:25,000
0736Firth of Forth Granton and Burntisland to Rosyth1:15,000
0737River Forth Rosyth to Kincardine1:17,500
0740The Seychelles Group1:300,000
0741Plans in the Firth of Forth and River Forth1:20,000
0742Mahe, Praslin and Adjacent Islands1:125,000
0744Suva Harbour to Koro Island1:150,000
0745Kadavu to Suva Harbour1:150,000
0746Navula Passage to Beqa1:150,000
0749Yadua Island to Sau Sau Passage1:150,000
0750Charybdis Reef to Koro Island1:150,000
0751Koro Island to Northern Lau Group1:150,000
0773Strait of Gibraltar to Isla de Alboran1:300,000
0774Motril to Cartagena including Isla de Alboran1:300,000
0775Cape Arnauti to Cape Limniti and Cape Aspro1:100,000
0777Land's End to Falmouth1:75,000
0783Curacao Sint Annabaai and Schottegat1:10,000
0790Saint George's Harbour and Approaches1:15,000
0791Saint Vincent to Bequia1:60,000
0793The Grenadines Northern Part1:60,000
0794The Grenadines Central Part1:60,000
0795The Grenadines - Southern Part1:60,000
0799Kingstown Harbour and Approaches1:15,000
0807Guernsey and Herm1:25,000
0808East Guernsey, Herm and Sark1:25,000
0813Colombo to Sangama Kanda Point1:300,000
0815Approaches to Trincomalee1:50,000
0816Trincomalee Harbour1:10,000
0818Manaung (Cheduba) Island to Pathein River1:350,000
0823Pathein River to Yangon (Rangoon) River1:300,000
0824Heinze Islands to Myeik (Mergui)1:300,000
0826Yangon (Rangoon) River to Heinze Islands1:300,000
0834A Pathein River and Approaches1:75,000
0850Cape Aspro to Cape Pyla1:100,000
0851Cape Kiti to Cape Eloea1:100,000
0852Akrotiri Harbour and Approaches1:5,000
0863Plans on the North West Coast of Morocco1:12,500
0865Plans on the Coast of Tanzania1:17,500
0866Plans in Tanganyika and Kenya1:50,000
0867North and South Channels to Great Sound1:17,500
0868Eastern and Western Approaches to The Narrows including Murray's Anchorage1:17,500
0871Rivers Tamar Lynher and Tavy1:12,500
0883Isles of Scilly Saint Mary's and the Principal Off-Islands1:12,500
0920Diego Garcia1:25,000
0959Colson Point to Belize City including Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe Islands1:125,000
0968Islands and Reefs between Fiji, Samoa and Tonga1:100,000
0991Plans in the South Pacific Ocean1:25,000

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