OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 2xxx”

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 2xxx”

 This marine chart folio is sourced from leading hydrographic offices. When you need intelligent marine and coastal mapping that is fit for purpose, in the right format, accurate and up to date, we have a comprehensive range of marine products and services to help you.

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 2xxx”

This folio contains 302 items. Click on an ID link to explore a folio entry.

ID Title Scale
2006Anegada to Saint Thomas1:100,000
2007River Clyde1:15,000
2010Morecambe Bay and Approaches1:50,000
2011Holyhead Harbour1:6,250
2013Saint Bees Head to Silloth1:50,000
2016Puerto Rico to Leeward Islands1:300,000
2017Dungarvan Harbour1:15,000
2021Harbours and Anchorages in the West Solent Area1:10,000
2022Harbours and Anchorages in the East Solent Area1:5,000
2035Western Approaches to The Solent1:25,000
2036The Solent and Southampton Water1:25,000
2037Eastern Approaches to The Solent1:25,000
2038Southampton Water and Approaches1:15,000
2041Port of Southampton1:10,000
2044Shoreham Harbour and Approaches1:5,000
2045Outer Approaches to The Solent1:75,000
2046Waterford Harbour1:25,000
2047Approaches to Anguilla1:50,000
2049Old Head of Kinsale to Tuskar Rock1:150,000
2052Orford Ness to The Naze1:50,000
2053Kinsale Harbour and Oyster Haven1:12,500
2057Westport Bay and Approaches1:15,000
2065Northern Antigua1:25,000
2067Addu Atholhu (Addoo Atoll)1:25,000
2068Anchorages in the Maldives1:50,000
2076Loch Eriboll1:17,500
2078Port Nolloth to Island Point1:300,000
2079Ports and Anchorages in Anguilla, Sint Maarten (Saint Martin) and Saint Barthelemy1:15,000
2081Courtmacsherry Bay1:25,000
2092Toe Head to Old Head of Kinsale1:50,000
2093Southern Approach to North Channel1:100,000
2094Kirkcudbright to Mull of Galloway and Isle of Man1:100,000
2096Cashla Bay to Kilkieran Bay1:30,000
2111Labuan to Kota Kinabalu1:150,000
2112Kota Kinabalu to Pulau-Pulau Mantanani1:150,000
2121Cap de Fer (Ras el Hadid) to Iles Cani1:300,000
2126Approaches to the Firth of Clyde1:75,000
2129Long Island Bay to Castlehaven1:30,000
2131Firth of Clyde and Loch Fyne1:75,000
2132Ports in the Gulf of Suez1:25,000
2133Approaches to Suez Bay (Bahr al Qulzum)1:55,000
2151River Thames Tilbury to Margaret Ness1:12,500
2154Newhaven Harbour1:5,000
2155Approaches to Selat Klang Utara1:35,000
2156Strangford Lough1:37,500
2159Strangford Narrows1:12,500
2162Pentland Firth and Approaches1:50,000
2163Lough Neagh1:40,000
2168Approaches to the Sound of Jura1:75,000
2169Approaches to the Firth of Lorn1:75,000
2171Sound of Mull and Approaches1:75,000
2172Harbours and Anchorages on the South Coast of England1:12,500
2173Loop Head to Slyne Head1:150,000
2175Poole Bay1:20,000
2182ANorth Sea Southern Sheet1:750,000
2182BNorth Sea Central Sheet1:750,000
2182CNorth Sea Northern Sheet1:750,000
2182DNorwegian Sea Foroyar to Bergen1:750,000
2184Mizen Head to Gascanane Sound1:30,000
2198North Channel Southern Part1:75,000
2199North Channel Northern Part1:75,000
2207Point of Ardnamurchan to the Sound of Sleat1:50,000
2208Mallaig to Canna Harbour1:50,000
2209Inner Sound1:50,000
2210Approaches to Inner Sound1:50,000
2220Firth of Clyde Pladda to Inchmarnock Southern Sheet1:36,000
2221Firth of Clyde Pladda to Inchmarnock Northern Sheet1:36,000
2249Orkney Islands Western Sheet1:75,000
2250Orkney Islands Eastern Sheet1:75,000
2253Dartmouth Harbour1:6,250
2254Valentia Island to River Shannon1:150,000
2255Approaches to Portland and Weymouth1:20,000
2258Bahia Buenaventura to Panama1:750,000
2268Portland Harbour1:10,000
2290River Exe and Approaches including Exeter Canal1:12,500
2326Loch Crinan to the Firth of Lorn1:25,000
2343Gulf of Corryvreckan and Approaches1:25,000
2345Plans in South-West Cornwall1:12,500
2372Loch Linnhe Corran Narrows, Fort William and Corpach1:10,000
2373Suez Bay (Bahr al Qulzum) to Ra's Sharatib1:150,000
2374Ra's Sharatib to Juzur Ashrafi1:150,000
2375Juzur Ashrafi to Safaga (Bur Safajah) and Strait of Tiran1:150,000
2379Loch Linnhe Central Part1:25,000
2380Loch Linnhe Northern Part1:25,000
2381Lower Loch Fyne1:25,000
2382Upper Loch Fyne1:25,000
2383Inchmarnock Water1:25,000
2386Firth of Lorn Southern Part1:25,000
2387Firth of Lorn Northern Part1:25,000
2388Loch Etive and Approaches1:25,000
2389Loch Linnhe Southern Part1:25,000
2390Sound of Mull1:25,000
2392Sound of Mull Western Entrance1:25,000
2394Loch Sunart1:25,000
2396Sound of Jura Southern Part1:25,000
2397Sound of Jura Northern Part1:25,000
2417Harbours on the North Coast of Central America1:50,000
2420Aran Islands to Broad Haven Bay1:150,000
2423Mizen Head to Dingle Bay1:150,000
2424Kenmare River to Cork Harbour1:150,000
2425River Hueson to False Cape including Morrison and Mosquito Cays1:144,000
2437Ras Tarf to Oran1:300,000
2442Jazireh-ye Sirri to Sir Abu Nu'ayr1:125,000
2443Sir Abu Nu'ayr to Zirkuh1:125,000
2444Eastern Approaches to Jazirat Das and Jazirat Halul1:125,000
2449Dover Strait to Westerschelde1:150,000
2450Anvil Point to Beachy Head1:150,000
2451Newhaven to Dover and Cap d'Antifer to Cap Gris-Nez1:150,000
2454Start Point to The Needles including Off Casquets TSS1:150,000
2474Harbours and Passages in the Inner Hebrides1:15,000
2475Sound of Gigha1:25,000
2476Lochs and Harbours in the Sound of Jura and Approaches1:25,000
2478Approaches to Monrovia1:120,000
2479Inner Sound Northern Part1:18,000
2480Inner Sound Central Part1:25,000
2481Sound of Islay1:25,000
2482River Medway and The Swale1:25,000
2484A Hole Haven to Purfleet1:25,000
2485Approaches to Barbados1:100,000
2491Ardrossan to Largs1:25,000
2494Plans on the North Coast of Ireland1:37,500
2495Kenmare River1:60,000
2498Inner Sound Southern Part1:25,000
2500Ullapool and Approaches1:25,000
2501Summer Isles1:25,000
2502Eddrachillis Bay1:25,000
2503Kinlochbervie and Approaches1:25,000
2504Lochinver and Approaches1:25,000
2505Approaches to the Falkland Islands1:1,500,000
2506Mare Harbour and Approaches1:12,500
2507Pebble Island to Port Fitzroy1:150,000
2508Port Fitzroy to Eagle Passage1:150,000
2509Rubha Reidh to Cailleach Head1:25,000
2510Approaches to Londonderry1:15,000
2511Approaches to Lough Foyle1:25,000
2512The Falkland Islands1:400,000
2513Eagle Passage to New Island1:150,000
2514New Island to Pebble Island1:150,000
2515Ard More Mangersta to Tiumpan including Loch Roag1:25,000
2517North-Western Approaches to the Falkland Islands1:600,000
2518North-Eastern Approaches to the Falkland Islands1:600,000
2519South-Western Approaches to the Falkland Islands1:600,000
2520South-Eastern Approaches to the Falkland Islands1:600,000
2523Cable Bank to Ra's Rakan1:150,000
2524Islands off the North West Coast of Scotland1:15,000
2525Choiseul Sound1:25,000
2526Byron Sound to Jason Islands1:80,000
2527Port Albemarle1:25,000
2528Loch Gairloch, Loch Kishorn and Loch Carron1:15,000
2529Approaches to Stornoway1:25,000
2533Anchorages on the West Coast of Skye1:25,000
2534Plans in the Sound of Raasay1:25,000
2536Port William to Choiseul Sound1:75,000
2537Ghawdex (Gozo), Kemmuna (Comino) and the Northern Part of Malta1:50,000
2540Loch Alsh and Approaches1:20,000
2541Lochs on the West Coast of Scotland1:25,000
2543Anchorages in West Falkland Island1:75,000
2544Passages in West Falkland Island1:15,000
2545Port Egmont to Port Purvis1:50,000
2546Approaches to Port Salvador1:75,000
2547Port Salvador to Port William1:75,000
2550Plans in East Falkland Island1:20,000
2552Dunmanus Bay1:30,000
2558Falkland Sound Northern Part1:75,000
2559Falkland Sound Southern Part1:75,000
2560Lively Sound to Eagle Passage1:75,000
2561Choiseul Sound and Adventure Sound1:75,000
2562Plans in the Northern Orkney Islands1:37,500
2565Saint Agnes Head to Dodman Point including the Isles of Scilly1:150,000
2566Tees and Hartlepool Bays1:20,000
2567Approaches to Tees Bay1:30,000
2568Harbours in the Orkney Islands1:12,500
2571The Swale Whitstable to Harty Ferry1:12,500
2572The Swale Windmill Creek to Queenborough1:12,500
2573Al Burullus to Al 'Arish1:300,000
2581Southern Approaches to Scapa Flow1:26,000
2582Plans in Falkland Sound1:35,000
2584Approaches to Kirkwall1:25,000
2600Mona Passage to Dominica1:800,000
2610Portland Bill to Anvil Point1:40,000
2611Poole Harbour and Approaches1:12,500
2613Cap de La Hague to Fecamp1:154,155
2615Portland Bill to The Needles1:75,000
2617Sound of Iona1:25,000
2625Approaches to Portsmouth1:7,500
2628Portsmouth Harbour Northern Part1:5,000
2629Portsmouth Harbour Southern Part1:5,000
2631Portsmouth Harbour1:7,500
2633Al Ladhiqiyah to Sour and Famagusta1:300,000
2635Scotland West Coast1:500,000
2647Ile d'Ouessant to Ile de Batz1:156,702
2648Roches de Portsall to Plateau des Roches Douvres1:156,269
2649Western Approaches to the English Channel1:500,000
2652Loch Na Keal and Loch Tuath1:25,000
2655English Channel Western Entrance1:325,000
2656English Channel Central Part1:325,000
2658Outer Approaches to Jeddah (Jiddah)1:75,000
2659Shi`b Nazar to Qita` Kidan1:200,000
2666Grand Banks of Newfoundland1:1,500,000
2667Clew Bay and Approaches1:50,000
2669Channel Islands and Adjacent Coast of France1:150,000
2675English Channel1:500,000
2687Approaches to the Berbice River1:150,000
2691Fiji Islands1:800,000
2692Sunk Inner Precautionary Area1:25,000
2693Approaches to Felixstowe, Harwich and Ipswich with the Rivers Stour, Orwell and Deben1:25,000
2695Plans on the East Coast of England1:12,500
2696Plans in the Isle of Man1:7,500
2697Lough Swilly1:37,500
2699Horn Head to Fanad Head with Mulroy Bay1:30,000
2702Donegal Bay1:60,000
2703Broad Haven Bay and Approaches1:50,000
2704Blacksod Bay and Approaches1:50,000
2706Ballynakill and Killary Harbours with Approaches1:25,000
2707Kingstown Bay to Cleggan Bay and Inishbofin to Inishturk1:25,000
2708Ballyconneely Bay to Clifden Bay including Slyne Head1:25,000
2709Roundstone and Approaches1:30,000
2710Delaware Bay to Straits of Florida1:1,500,000
2711Rogoznica to Zadar1:100,000
2712Otok Susac to Split1:100,000
2715Killala and Donegal1:25,000
2717Strait of Gibraltar to Barcelona and Alger including Islas Baleares1:1,100,000
2719Rt Marlera to Senj including Approaches to Rijeka1:100,000
2720Flannan Isles to Sule Skerry1:200,000
2721Saint Kilda to Butt of Lewis1:200,000
2722Skerryvore to Saint Kilda1:200,000
2723Western Approaches to the North Channel1:200,000
2724North Channel to the Firth of Lorn1:200,000
2725Blacksod Bay to Tory Island1:200,000
2733Dyrholaey to Snaefellsjokull1:300,000
2734Approaches to Reykjavik1:100,000
2739Brandon and Tralee Bays1:37,500
2740Kilmore Quay including the Saltee Islands1:25,000
2752Bloody Foreland to Horn Head including Tory Island1:30,000
2767Porturlin to Sligo Bay and Rathlin O'Birne Island1:75,000
2769Barra Head to Greian Head1:30,000
2770Sound of Barra1:30,000
2771Loch Scridain1:25,000
2773Sibenik, Pasmanski Kanal, Luka Telascica, Sedmovrace, Rijeka Krka1:30,000
2774Otok Vis to Sibenik1:100,000
2782Essequibo River Leguan I. to Mamarikuru Is. including West Channel1:50,000
2783Essequibo River - Mamarikuru Is. to Bartica including the Entrance to the Mazaruni River1:25,000
2784Entrance to the Berbice River including New Amsterdam Harbour1:50,000
2789Dingle Bay and Smerwick Harbour1:60,000
2790Ventry and Dingle Harbours1:15,000
2792Plans on the North - West Coast of Ireland1:10,000
2793Cowes Harbour and River Medina1:3,500
2798Lough Foyle to Sanda Island including Rathlin Island1:75,000
2800Carlingford Lough1:20,000
2802Sound of Harris1:21,000
2811Sheep Haven to Lough Foyle including Inishtrahull1:75,000
2825Lochs on the East Coast of Uist1:12,500
2831Punta Salinas to Cabo de Formentor including Canal de Menorca1:120,000
2832Punta Salinas to Punta Beca including Isla de Cabrera1:120,000
2834Ibiza and Formentera1:120,000
2837Strait of Hormuz to Qatar1:750,000
2841Loch Maddy to Loch Resort1:50,000
2845Alderney Harbour1:6,000
2851Masirah to the Strait of Hormuz1:750,000
2853Approaches to Suhar Port1:25,000
2854Northern Approaches to Masirah1:100,000
2858Gulf of Oman to Shatt al Arab1:1,500,000
2866Cape Canaveral to Key West including the Western Part of the Bahama Banks1:500,000
2878Approaches to Milford Haven1:25,000
2882Ra's Tannurah to Jazirat Faylakah and Jazireh-ye Khark1:350,000
2889Dubai (Dubayy) to Jabal Az Zannah and Jazirat Das1:350,000
2895Outer Approaches to Mina' Salalah1:100,000
2896Mina' Salalah and Approaches1:25,000
2899Horn to Raudinupur1:300,000
2900Raudinupur to Glettinganes1:300,000
2901Glettinganes to Stokksnes1:300,000
2902Stokksnes to Dyrholaey1:300,000
2904Usinish to Eigneig Mhor1:25,000
2905East Loch Tarbert1:12,500
2929Mtwara to Mafia Island1:350,000
2930Jesser Point to Boa Paz1:300,000
2932Cabo de Sao Sebastiao to Beira1:300,000
2934Beira to Rio Zambeze1:300,000
2935Rio Zambeze to Ilha Epidendron1:300,000
2937Hlada to Glettinganes1:100,000
2943Jamaica and Pedro Bank1:1,000,000
2949Mtwara to Lamu1:1,000,000
2964Gulf of Aden and Approaches1:1,500,000
2974Adelaide Island to Neny Fjord1:150,000
2975Matha Strait to Larrouy Island1:150,000
2976Approaches to Rio Guadalquivir1:12,500
2977Rio Guadalquivir Cano de Enriquez to Cano de San Carlos1:12,500
2978Rio Guadalquivir Cano de San Carlos to Punta de la Lisa1:12,500
2979Rio Guadalquivir Punta de la Lisa to Coria del Rio1:12,500
2980Rio Guadalquivir Huerta del Rincon to Sevilla1:7,500

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