OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 1xxx”

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 1xxx”

 This marine chart folio is sourced from leading hydrographic offices. When you need intelligent marine and coastal mapping that is fit for purpose, in the right format, accurate and up to date, we have a comprehensive range of marine products and services to help you.

OceanWise Raster Charts

Folio: “OceanWise Raster Charts numbered 1xxx”

This folio contains 325 items. Click on an ID link to explore a folio entry.

ID Title Scale
1011Addu Atholhu to Huvadhu Atholhu Uthuruburi1:300,000
1012Huvadhu Atholhu Uthuruburi to Mulaku Atholhu1:300,000
1013Mulaku Atholhu to Maalhosmadulu Atholhu Dhekunuburi1:300,000
1014Maalhosmadulu Atholhu Dhekunuburi to Ihavandhippolhu Atholhu1:300,000
1020Punta Morro de Puercos to Isla del Cano and Isla del Coco1:750,000
1025Lesser Antilles Anguilla to Guadeloupe1:301,202
1032North Mafia Channel to Kilwa Point1:150,000
1042Montserrat to Saint Lucia1:300,000
1043Saint Lucia to Grenada and Barbados1:300,000
1064Port de la Nievre1:15,250
1073Dundonald Channel to Hamilton Harbour1:6,000
1076Linney Head to Oxwich Point1:75,000
1077Approaches to Cromarty Firth and Inverness Firth1:20,000
1078Inverness Firth1:20,000
1094Rias de Ferrol, Ares, Betanzos and La Coruna1:25,000
1104Bay of Biscay1:1,000,000
1110La Coruna and Approaches1:10,000
1111Punta da Estaca de Bares to Cabo Finisterre1:200,000
1117Puerto de Ferrol1:10,000
1118Ria de Ferrol1:10,000
1119Orkney and Shetland Islands Fair Isle Channel1:200,000
1121Irish Sea with Saint George's Channel and North Channel1:500,000
1123Western Approaches to Saint George's Channel and Bristol Channel1:500,000
1125Western Approaches to Ireland1:500,000
1127Outer Approaches to the North Channel1:500,000
1128Banks West of the Hebrides1:500,000
1129Banks North - West of the Hebrides1:500,000
1133Ports and Terminals of Nouadhibou1:10,000
1136Jersey - North Coast1:25,000
1137Approaches to Saint Helier1:25,000
1138Jersey - East Coast1:25,000
1139San Juan Del Norte (Greytown) to Bluefields Bluff1:146,000
1142Ria de Aviles1:7,500
1147Cabo Roxo to Monrovia1:1,000,000
1148Isles of Scilly to Land's End1:75,000
1149Pendeen to Trevose Head1:75,000
1150Puerto de Luanco1:12,500
1151Bridgwater Bay1:20,000
1152Bristol Channel Nash Point to Sand Point1:50,000
1153Approaches to Gijon1:50,000
1156Trevose Head to Hartland Point1:75,000
1157Pasaia (Pasajes) and Approaches1:5,000
1160Harbours in Somerset and North Devon1:20,000
1161Swansea Bay1:25,000
1164Hartland Point to Ilfracombe including Lundy1:75,000
1165Bristol Channel Worms Head to Watchet1:75,000
1166River Severn Avonmouth to Sharpness and Hock Cliff1:25,000
1168Harbours on the North Coast of Cornwall1:25,000
1169Approaches to Porthcawl1:25,000
1172Puertos de Bermeo and Mundaka1:10,000
1174Approaches to Bilbao1:25,000
1176Severn Estuary Steep Holm to Avonmouth1:40,000
1178Approaches to the Bristol Channel1:200,000
1179Bristol Channel1:150,000
1182Barry and Cardiff Roads with Approaches1:25,000
1183Thames Estuary1:100,000
1185River Thames Sea Reach1:25,000
1186River Thames Canvey Island to Tilbury1:12,500
1187Outer Silver Pit1:150,000
1188River Humber Spurn Head to Immingham1:25,000
1189Approaches to Cartagena1:30,000
1190Flamborough Head to Blakeney Point1:150,000
1191River Tyne to Flamborough Head1:200,000
1192Saint Abb's Head to the River Tyne1:200,000
1196Approaches to Barcelona1:25,000
1197Plans on the West Coast of Africa1:50,000
1200The Wash Ports1:37,500
1215Plans on the Coast of Angola1:50,000
1220Gulf of Honduras and Yucatan Channel1:1,000,000
1233Northern Approaches to the Shetland Islands1:200,000
1234North - Western Approaches to the Orkney Islands1:200,000
1236Entrance to Saldanha Bay1:20,000
1237Larne Lough and Approaches1:10,000
1239Orkney and Shetland Islands1:350,000
1261Approaches to Song Sai Gon1:200,000
1265Khawr al Amaya and Khawr al Kafka1:60,000
1267Falmouth to Plymouth1:75,000
1268Approaches to Khowr-e Musa1:100,000
1273Saint Lucia1:60,000
1290Cabo de San Lorenzo to Cabo Ortegal1:175,000
1291Santona to Gijon1:175,000
1292Mimizan-Plage to Cabo de Ajo1:175,000
1302Cabo Guardian to Punta Nava1:200,000
1315Five Fathom Hole, The Narrows and Saint George's Harbour1:7,500
1320Fleetwood to Douglas1:100,000
1322Ports and Anchorages in Central West Africa1:25,000
1323Rio Parana Sheet 11:35,000
1324Rio Parana Sheet 21:35,000
1325Rio Parana Sheet 31:35,000
1326Rio Parana Sheet 41:35,000
1327Rio Parana Sheet 51:35,000
1328Rio Parana Sheet 61:35,000
1329Rio Parana Sheet 71:35,000
1330Rio Parana Sheet 81:35,000
1331Approaches to Bahia Blanca1:100,000
1332Isla de los Estados and Estrecho de le Maire1:125,000
1335Rio Parana Sheet 91:35,000
1339Rio de la Plata and Rio Parana1:35,000
1340Rio Parana Guazu and Pasaje Talavera1:35,000
1344Kirkcudbright Bay1:15,000
1346Solway Firth and Approaches1:100,000
1350Dunkerque and Approaches1:20,000
1363Cape Saint Ann to Monrovia1:300,000
1364Monrovia to Greenville1:300,000
1365Greenville to Harper1:300,000
1381Approaches to Lagos1:75,000
1383Lagune Aby to Tema1:350,000
1384Tema to Cotonou1:350,000
1385Cotonou to Pennington River1:350,000
1386Pennington River to Opobo River1:350,000
1387Calabar to Bata including Isla de Bioko1:350,000
1392Ports and Anchorages in Togo and Benin1:15,000
1404Loch Ryan1:25,000
1405Eldfisk Oil Field to Boknafjorden1:350,000
1406Dover and Calais to Orford Ness and Scheveningen1:250,000
1407Montrose to Berwick-upon-Tweed1:200,000
1408Harwich and Rotterdam to Cromer and Terschelling1:300,000
1409Buckie to Arbroath1:200,000
1410Saint George's Channel1:200,000
1411Irish Sea Western Part1:200,000
1413Approaches to Holyhead1:25,000
1415Dublin Bay1:25,000
1422Esbjerg to Hanstholm including Offshore Oil and Gas Fields1:375,000
1427Stavanger to Floro1:350,000
1428Floro to Smola1:350,000
1431Drogheda and Dundalk1:30,000
1438Harbours on the East Coast of Scotland1:20,000
1441Turks Islands1:50,000
1446Aberdeen Harbour1:7,500
1447Dublin and Dun Laoghaire1:7,500
1448Gibraltar Bay1:30,000
1450Turks Island Passage and Mouchoir Passage1:150,000
1456Port de Douala and Approaches1:100,000
1457Terschellinger Gronden to Harlingen1:50,000
1462Harbours on the North and East Coasts of Scotland1:7,500
1463Conwy Bay and Approaches1:25,000
1464Menai Strait1:25,000
1468Arklow to the Skerries Islands1:100,000
1478Saint Govan's Head to Saint David's Head1:75,000
1479River Tay Dundee to Perth1:25,000
1481River Tay Dundee and Approaches1:25,000
1482Plans in South West Wales1:25,000
1484Plans in Cardigan Bay1:18,000
1489New Providence Island1:50,000
1491Harwich and Felixstowe1:10,000
1494Efate and Plans1:150,000
1503Outer Dowsing to Smiths Knoll including Indefatigable Banks1:150,000
1504Cromer to Orford Ness1:150,000
1512Plans on the Lleyn Peninsula1:12,500
1515Ports on the East Coast of Spain1:15,000
1534Great Yarmouth and Approaches1:25,000
1535Lowestoft and Approaches1:25,000
1540River Shannon Shannon Airport to Limerick1:12,500
1543Winterton Ness to Orford Ness1:75,000
1546Zeegat van Texel and Den Helder Roads1:30,000
1547River Shannon Kilcredaun Point to Ardmore Point1:20,000
1548River Shannon Ardmore Point to Rinealon Point1:20,000
1549River Shannon Rinealon Point to Shannon Airport including Foynes Harbour1:20,000
1552Ports in Morecambe Bay1:25,000
1553Bay of Kirkwall1:12,500
1561Ports in Lebanon1:25,000
1563Beyrouth (Beirut) and Approaches1:30,000
1570Efate to Espiritu Santo1:300,000
1573Gulf of Honduras1:125,000
1574Otocic Glavat to Ploce and Makarska1:100,000
1575Ile Pentecote to Torres Islands1:300,000
1576Epi to Ile Mare1:500,000
1577Plans in Central Vanuatu1:37,500
1578Ulcinj to Boka Kotorska including Bar and Tivat1:100,000
1580Otocic Veliki Skolj to Otocic Glavat1:100,000
1581Islands and Anchorages in Southern Vanuatu1:50,000
1583Little Basses Reef to Pulmoddai Roads1:300,000
1594River Stour Erwarton Ness to Manningtree1:10,000
1595Ilhas do Principe, de Sao Tome and Isla de Annobon1:37,500
1606Thames Estuary Fisherman's Gat to Princes Channel1:25,000
1607Thames Estuary Southern Part1:50,000
1609Thames Estuary Knock John Channel to Sea Reach1:25,000
1610Approaches to the Thames Estuary1:150,000
1612Harbours and Anchorages on the East Coast of England and Scotland1:5,000
1613Eddystone Rocks to Berry Head1:75,000
1614Stanley Harbour and Approaches1:30,000
1627Harbours on the East Coast of England1:10,000
1630West Hinder and Outer Gabbard to Vlissingen and Scheveningen1:150,000
1631DW Routes to IJmuiden and Texel1:150,000
1632DW Routes and TSS North Friesland to Vlieland1:150,000
1633TSS North Friesland and GW/EMS to Vlieland and Borkum1:150,000
1634Salcombe to Brixham1:25,000
1652Selsey Bill to Beachy Head1:75,000
1664Riviere Saloum to Ilheu de Caio1:342,450
1673Western Approaches to Suva Harbour1:50,000
1680Teluk Darvel1:100,000
1681Northern Shore of Sibuko Bay1:97,000
1682Beqa Passage and Lagoon1:50,000
1684Machico and Canical1:7,500
1685Ponta Gorda to Ponta de Sao Lourenco1:30,000
1690Plans on the North-West Coast of Africa1:50,000
1691Ascension Island1:50,000
1700Cartagena to Cabo de San Antonio including Isla Formentera1:300,000
1701Cabo de San Antonio to Vilanova i la Geltru including Islas de Ibiza and Formentera1:300,000
1702Ibiza, Formentera and Southern Mallorca1:300,000
1703Mallorca and Menorca1:300,000
1704Punta de la Bana to Islas Medas1:300,000
1705Cabo San Sebastian to Iles d'Hyeres1:300,000
1708Bougainville Strait1:75,000
1709Manning Strait1:100,000
1713Sealark Channel and Approaches to Honiara1:100,000
1724Canal do Geba and Bissau1:100,000
1726Approaches to Canal do Geba and Rio Cacheu1:100,000
1727Bolama and Approaches1:100,000
1730Ria de Vigo1:25,000
1732Ria de Pontevedra1:25,000
1733Marin and Pontevedra1:10,000
1734Approaches to Ria de Arousa1:25,000
1740Bond Point to Brunow Bay1:35,000
1751Puerto de Buenos Aires and Puerto La Plata1:25,000
1752Approaches to Belfast1:15,000
1753Belfast Lough and Approaches1:37,500
1755Plans in Ria de Arousa1:7,500
1756Ria de Muros1:40,000
1757The Little Minch Northern Part1:100,000
1762Vilagarcia de Arousa1:7,500
1764Ria de Arousa1:25,000
1765Old Head of Kinsale to Power Head1:50,000
1770Islay to Stanton Banks1:100,000
1771Saint Helena with Approaches to Ascension Island1:150,000
1772Rosslare Europort and Wexford Harbours with Approaches1:30,000
1773Port of Cork Upper Harbour1:12,500
1775South Orkney Islands1:200,000
1776Livingston Island to King George Island1:200,000
1777Port of Cork Lower Harbour and Approaches1:12,500
1778Stanton Banks to Passage of Tiree1:100,000
1779Approaches to Signy Island1:50,000
1785North Minch Northern Part1:100,000
1787Carnsore Point to Wicklow Head1:100,000
1790Oban and Approaches1:10,000
1791Caledonian Canal1:75,000
1794North Minch Southern Part1:100,000
1795The Little Minch Southern Part1:100,000
1796Barra Head to Point of Ardnamurchan1:100,000
1797Monkey River to Colson Point1:125,000
1819Approaches to the River Shannon1:50,000
1820Aran Islands to Roonah Head1:75,000
1826Irish Sea Eastern Part1:200,000
1827Harbours on the South East Coast of England1:12,500
1828Dover to North Foreland1:37,500
1831Arquipelago da Madeira1:150,000
1834River Medway Garrison Point to Folly Point1:12,500
1835River Medway Folly Point to Maidstone1:6,000
1838Bantry Bay, Shot Head to Bantry1:30,000
1840Bantry Bay Black Ball Head to Shot Head1:30,000
1846Table Bay1:10,000
1847Santa Cruz de Tenerife1:5,000
1850Approaches to Malaga1:25,000
1854Motril and Adra1:7,500
1856Approaches to Puerto de La Luz (Las Palmas)1:75,000
1858Apps. to S. Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de S. Sebastian de la Gomera, S. Cruz de la Palma and Apps.1:10,000
1859Port of Bristol1:10,000
1861Gran Canaria to El Hierro1:350,000
1862Lanzarote to Cabo Bojador1:350,000
1863Puerto de los Marmoles to Puerto del Rosario1:60,000
1864Harbours and Anchorages in Arran and Kintyre1:25,000
1866Ports in the Firth of Clyde1:7,500
1867Firth of Clyde Hunterston Channel and Rothesay Sound1:10,000
1872Dunkerque to Vlissingen1:100,000
1873Dunkerque to Oostende1:60,000
1874Westerschelde Oostende to Westkapelle1:60,000
1879Rathlin O'Birne Island to Aran Island1:75,000
1882Bridlington and Filey1:5,000
1883Crohy Head to Bloody Foreland including Aran Island1:30,000
1889Cromarty Firth Cromarty to Invergordon1:15,000
1890Cromarty Firth Invergordon to Dingwall1:15,000
1892Dover Strait Western Part1:75,000
1895Ilha de Sao Miguel1:100,000
1900Whitsand Bay to Yealm Head including Plymouth Sound1:25,000
1901Smeaton Pass and The Narrows1:5,000
1904Galway Harbour and Approaches1:10,000
1906Kyles of Bute1:25,000
1907Little Cumbrae Island to Cloch Point1:25,000
1909Ile Plane to Cherchell1:300,000
1922Simon's Bay1:10,000
1934River Tyne1:7,500
1935Approaches to Blyth, the River Tyne and Sunderland1:30,000
1942Fair Isle to Wick1:200,000
1949Approaches to Miri and Batang Baram1:50,000
1950Arquipelago dos Acores1:750,000
1951Approaches to Liverpool1:25,000
1953Approaches to the River Dee1:25,000
1954Cape Wrath to Pentland Firth including the Orkney Islands1:200,000
1955Ports in the Yemen1:30,000
1956Arquipelago dos Acores Central Group1:175,000
1957Harbours in the Arquipelago Dos Acores (Central Group)1:37,500
1959Flores, Corvo and Santa Maria with Banco Das Formigas1:150,000
1967Plymouth Sound1:7,500
1970Caernarfon Bay1:75,000
1971Cardigan Bay Northern Part1:75,000
1972Cardigan Bay Central Part1:75,000
1973Cardigan Bay Southern Part1:75,000
1975Thames Estuary Northern Part1:50,000
1977Holyhead to Great Ormes Head1:75,000
1978Great Ormes Head to Liverpool1:75,000
1980Greenville and Harper with Approaches1:100,000
1981Liverpool to Fleetwood including Approaches to Preston1:75,000
1982BRio Parana Rosario to Parana1:150,000
1984Galway Bay1:30,000
1991Harbours on the South Coast of England1:5,000
1994Approaches to the River Clyde1:15,000
1996Ports in Rijecki Zaljev1:10,000

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