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viaeuropaviaEuropa is an online service from Europa Technologies for the delivery of high quality digital maps direct to your application. viaEuropa bridges the chasm between raw data delivery and a finished map product ready for deployment, making it ideal for any organisation needing to deliver location intelligent applications whilst saving time, saving money and improving customer service.

The service uses Europa Technologies’ years of expertise in map rendering to deliver high quality map tiles directly to your web mapping application or desktop GIS. The hosted service is an example of Data as a Service (DaaS) and uses high performance servers to provide a scalable level of performance as the number of users grows. The service benefits include:

  • OGC standards compliant service
  • Optimum performance
  • Cartographic flexibility including Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD) support
  • Consistent maps across different applications
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Broad support for different applications and platforms

Award-winning service

viaEuropa has been recognised in a number of industry awards including the WINNER of the  OS MasterMap Award for Better Mapping at the British Cartographic Society Awards 2012 and HIGHLY COMMENDED in the Best Use of Technology category at the Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards 2012.

Levels of service

viaEuropa hosted services are designed to meet a wide range of needs from public sector and non-commercial users through to private sector businesses; for individual desktop users, departmental intranets and public web mapping applications. Backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), we offer a range of service levels differentiated by their deployment method, performance and usage limits – making them match the needs of your applications and users.

Premium map content

viaEuropa is compatible with virtually any source of digital map data. The service already includes support for a number of Ordnance Survey products including OS OpenData™, but also has full support for OS VectorMap™ Local and OS MasterMap® Topo/ITN. The service is ideal for public sector organisations as it provides easy-access to map data sets covered by the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) or One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA). It can even be fused with your own map data to create a stunning base map that is bespoke for you. The service can seamlessly integrate multiple map sources allowing a user to seamlessly zoom through levels of detail, each supplied by a different digital map product.

Wide industry support

viaEuropa delivers maps using established web standards such a XYZ/TMS/WMTS and WMS in both British National Grid and Web Mercator projections. Support for WFS is currently in beta testing. This standards-based approach to deliver digital maps to many different applications and APIs across desktop, web and mobile platforms. These include Bing, ESRI, Google, MapInfo, OpenLayers, Oracle and OS OpenSpace®.

How can I start using the viaEuropa service?

To start using viaEuropa, simply register for a free trial today. We will send you back you own unique access information and details of how to link your web mapping application or desktop GIS into the viaEuropa service.

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Further Information

For further information, please contact our experienced consultants who will be happy to help you.

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