OS Code-Point

The new geography for business planning

OS Code-Point

The new geography for business planning

OS Code-Point precisely locates 1.7 million postcode units in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Each unit contains an average of 15 adjoining addresses.

OS Code-Point

OS Code-Point

For direct marketers, Code-Point helps you maximise your response rates by targeting customers in the best postcodes for your offering.

OS Code-Point can show up geographical hot-spots so you can target local action on, for example, petty crime or disease outbreaks. By giving a split between residential and commercial addresses in each postcode, the product lets you work out which areas to target for your products and services, making it a powerful location intelligence tool.

The product is updated quarterly in February, May, August and November.

Potential applications

OS Code-Point can be used to display and analyse any data collected at the postcode level. This has led to the product being widely used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Site location
  • Enable web searches
  • Market analysis and profiling
  • Health and epidemiology
  • Resource allocation
  • End-to-end to end journey route planning
  • Socio-economic profiling
  • Sales targeting
OS Code-Point
Postcodes / Zipcodes

Beyond postcodes

For each coordinated record, OS Code-Point provides:

  • Information about the number and type of postal delivery points in the postcode
  • Positional quality indicator (PQI), which indicates the quality of the data underlying the Code-Point location coordinate (CPLC)
  • Country indicator (either England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)
  • Postcode type
  • National Health Service region and area codes
  • Local government county, district and ward codes

Code-Point includes postcodes in Northern Ireland, so you can analyse data and provide accurate online look-ups right across the United Kingdom. Please note that Code-Point does not contain any data for the Isle of Man or Channel Islands.

Our added value

By licensing OS data products through Europa Technologies, you will automatically receive the following benefits, charged as optional extras by many of our competitors:

  • Free consultation – an opportunity to discuss your precise requirements and tailor a bespoke solution.
  • Free support – If you have any questions or issues with the product during the licence period, just ask! Our support team is ready to help you.
  • Broad range of formats – Ordnance Survey supply their products in limited formats but we can convert into all common GIS and CAD formats such as GeoPackage, MapInfo TAB, Esri Shapefile, Esri File GeoDatabase, Autodesk DWG and others. For many data formats, deliveries can also include our award-winning cartographic styling.
  • Expert advice – From an award-winning Ordnance Survey Strategic Partner and Ordnance Survey Accredited Consultant.

If you have a requirement for Ordnance Survey data, or are an existing licence holder and are considering a new supplier, please contact us.

Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner

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Documentation & Resources

As part of our support for OS Code-Point, we provide a full, up-to-date library of documentation and resources, including product guides and technical specifications.

Documentation & Resources

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