Adding location intelligence to the HM Land Registry NPS


Adding location intelligence to the HM Land Registry NPS

EstateHub is a land coverage product for England & Wales built upon the authoritative HM Land Registry National Polygon Service (NPS). It includes polygons defining all registered freehold and leasehold land parcels, including title number, property UPRNs, significantly enhanced with additional attributes which give depth and context to estate-based searches.

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EstateHub – discover the lie of the land

EstateHub is a comprehensive database of registered land in England and Wales, derived from the authoritative HM Land Registry National Polygon Service (NPS), which incorporates the National Polygon Dataset (NPD). It includes a polygon layer containing title number and tenure information, alongside look-up tables linking to Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN) and domestic/foreign company ownership information.

EstateHub has been designed to provide the definitive lie of the land and act as a gateway to ownership information from HM Land Registry reports.

Locate, identify and understand land ownership with ease and precision using EstateHub.

Land, addresses, aerial & maps – a winning combination

Many applications can benefit from EstateHub combined with other data products, such as definitive address databases, rich aerial photography, and detailed Ordnance Survey maps. For example, insurance companies can identify potential risks across both site and property at a given address. In telecommunications, network operators deploying full fibre broadband can identify land access required and (through HM Land Registry reports) approach landowners with lease or wayleaving propositions.

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EstateHub - A winning combination
EstateHub - Land data made easy

Land data made easy

EstateHub is available in a range of commonly used GIS data formats including GeoPackage, Esri File Geodatabase and MapInfo TAB Extended.

EstateHub can be supplied for the whole of England & Wales, by local authority or fully bespoke area. Licensed annually and with monthly updates available, EstateHub offers comprehensive, up-to-date intelligence and excellent value for money.

Looking to consume land data as a service? Our viaEuropa platform can deliver EstateHub as a high-performance API.

A foundation for PropTech

With comprehensive coverage of England and Wales, EstateHub is ideal as a core reference database for land and property intelligence applications. It will give you a fuller picture of land registration in a given area.

The powerful combination of UPRN and location connects properties across multiple databases, enabling data analytics and revealing insights that can underpin crucial decision and policy making.

What would you like to discover about a specific property, estate or neighbourhood?

EstateHub - A foundation for PropTech

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