National Tree Map

The most comprehensive tree database for GB & Ireland

National Tree Map

The most comprehensive tree database for GB & Ireland

The National Tree Map™ is the foremost environmental database of its kind. With coverage across Great Britain and Ireland, it contains the location, height and canopy/crown extents for trees 3m and above in height.

“He is a fool who looks at the fruit of lofty trees, but does not measure their height”
– Quintus Curtius Rufus

National Tree Map over aerial imagery

National Tree Map

Trees are vital to our environment and well-being – improving the air we breathe, providing valuable habitats for wildlife and conserving energy by naturally cooling nearby buildings.

The proximity of trees to buildings, utilities networks and subterranean assets can, however, pose significant risk through subsidence or pipeline fractures, root damage and destruction caused by falling trees and branches. It is a priority that those involved in tree and vegetation management have access to the most accurate and comprehensive data available.

Rich specification

The National Tree Map, produced by Bluesky International, is created from high-resolution aerial photography, accurate terrain and surface data plus colour infrared imagery, combined with innovative processing techniques. For all trees over 3m in height, the database includes measurements of location, height and canopy/crown spread.

This comprehensive product is delivered in three layers:

  • Polygons representing tree canopies
  • Idealised circular shaped crowns
  • Height point

The National Tree Map is updated regularly as new aerial photography becomes available through a cyclic update programme.

National Tree Map - power line application

A wealth of applications

The National Tree Map is used to meet challenges across various market sectors. Its importance is not limited to forestry, environmental management and government planning. It is a valuable tool for insurers in the mitigation of risk posed by subsidence, flood and structural damage. Transportation networks rely on tree data to avoid disruption and damage caused by falling trees and even leaf-fall. All utilities will value this resource for the maintenance of subterranean assets as well as those above ground, such as powerlines (illustrated).

The database is an essential reference asset in planning and managing our future environments, both rural and urban.

Beautifully visualised

In addition to supply in all common GIS formats, the National Tree Map can be accessed as an overlay with our award-winning viaEuropa service. Featuring beautiful cartography, the product can be visualised over imagery or base maps such as OS VectorMap Local and OS MasterMap Topography layer.

viaEuropa even supports a special treeless version of OS MasterMap Topography layer which has all positioned trees and woodland fill symbols removed. This forms an ideal background for the National Tree Map.

National Tree Maps visualised with viaEuropa

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