Regions & Boundaries
map data for Malaysia

Regions & Boundaries
map data for Malaysia

Regions and Boundaries map data for Malaysia helps you display and analyse key factors geographically. They can easily be matched and enriched with your own data or supplemented with statistics such as demographics, purchasing power and consumer profiles.

Regions & Boundaries

Regions & Boundaries map data for Malaysia

Regions & Boundaries map data provides a geographic breakdown of Malaysia for visualisation and analysis purposes. Using GIS or mapping software, colours can be assigned to these regions to form a thematic map, also known as a choropleth map. Thematic maps are visually powerful and a simple but effective way to communicate a variable (e.g. sales figures) across a geographic area. Regions can be political/administrative, postcode or small areas often connected with a census. With seamless transitions across borders with neighbouring countries, this data product is ideal for international projects.

Further enabling geographic analysis, Regions & Boundaries for Malaysia can also be supplemented with statistics such as socio-demographics, purchasing power and consumer profiles. This product is available in a number of popular GIS data formats.

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Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia – Mukim

Number of Regions
Avg Population / Region
Situated in Southeast Asia, Malaysia comprises two regions, separated by around 640 miles of the South China Sea. The regions are Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo’s East Malaysia. Borders are shared with Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia. The capital and largest city is Kuala Lumpur.
Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy and comprises thirteen states and three federal territories. The head of state is an elected monarch, chosen every five years from the nine state Sultans. The political power is held by the majority Muslim ethnic Malay, but the economic powerbase is held by the minority ethnic Chinese Malay. In the eighteenth-century various Malay kingdoms came under British colonial rule, until Japanese invasion in WWII, and subsequent formation of the Federation of Malaya, which became independent in 1957. In 1963, the Federation of Malaya joined with North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore, to form Malaysia, which then separated from Singapore in 1965.
Boasting one of southeast Asia’s most vibrant economies, Malaysia has benefitted from a growth in manufacturing. The service sector dominates, especially with tourism. It has a very well-developed infrastructure and industries include electronics, palm oil and oil and gas. There is, however, a conflict between Malaysia’s environmental tourism and the amount of continued deforestation by some industries.
Malaysia is strongly multicultural with influences from indigenous people, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Persian and British. These influences remain apparent in the arts, music, architecture and cuisine. There is a very strong oral tradition within Malaysian literature. The government strongly encourages architectural programmes, from the world’s tallest pair of towers to the garden city of Putrajaya.
On the world stage, Malaysia is a member of the United Nations, ASEAN and the Commonwealth.

Product details

Regions & Boundaries map data for Malaysia
Administrative Postcode Small Area
Region Type Daerah Mukim
Number of Regions 159 1,191
Average Population/Region 210,000 28,000

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Data formats & delivery

Regions & Boundaries map data for Malaysia is available in many popular GIS formats, including:

  • Esri Shapefile
  • Esri File GeoDatabase
  • MapInfo TAB (Extended)

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