Europa Technologies announces EstateHub land coverage data

PRESS RELEASE – 5 July 2022

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Europa Technologies is proud to announce a new land coverage data product for England and Wales called EstateHub. The product is built upon the authoritative HM Land Registry National Polygon Service (NPS). It includes polygons defining all registered freehold and leasehold land parcels, including title number, property UPRNs and domestic/foreign corporate ownership. It incorporates significant enhancements in the form of additional attributes which give depth and context to estate-based searches. Extending the Europa Technologies location data portfolio, EstateHub sits alongside AddressHub – an address product for Great Britain built upon the definitive Royal Mail PAF data.

There are many potential applications for EstateHub, especially when combined with other data products, such as definitive address databases, rich aerial photography, and detailed Ordnance Survey maps. For example, insurance companies can identify potential risks across both site and property at a given address. In telecommunications, network operators deploying full fibre broadband can identify land access required and (through HM Land Registry reports) approach landowners with lease or wayleaving propositions.

EstateHub is licensed annually and includes monthly updates. The product will also be available as a high-performance API using Europa Technologies’ award-winning viaEuropa platform.

Warren Vick, Founder & Director of Europa Technologies, commented: “Using the authoritative HM Land Registry NPS, we have created a rich land coverage product which complements our portfolio of addressing, aerial photography and mapping products. With a broad range of potential applications, EstateHub can help locate, identify and understand land ownership with ease and precision”.

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