Cosmic Eye “Louise”

A zoom journey from the universe to the sub-atomic

This amazing video called “Cosmic Eye” or “Cosmic Earth”, is often mistakenly attributed to Europa Technologies. It was, however, created by Dr Danail Obreschkow, an astrophysicist at the University of Western Australia (UWA).

Cosmic Eye shows the largest and smallest known scales of the universe by gradually zooming out from and then back into the eye of a young lady called Louise. In 2016, it became a viral hit with the original video being viewed over a million times on YouTube.

The Europa Technologies credit only appeared in the original portrait version of the video because we are a supplier of map data to Google, and Google Earth seems to have been used for some of the views of our planet. While we can’t take any credit for this great piece of work, we love it and are delighted to be associated with it.

Cosmic Eye was re-released in 2018 in high-resolution landscape (16:9) format, which features below, but sadly our credit is no longer displayed.

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