Google Earth and Google Maps

Over one billion users and counting…

Google Earth and Google Maps

Over one billion users and counting…

Europa Technologies has been a supplier of map data to Google since 2005. We’re proud that Google has selected our global products for their ubiquitous Google Earth and Google Maps services. This page outlines what we do for Google, how to download/access software and how to report problems.

We are one of many suppliers to Google Earth and Google Maps. Google is a great company to work with and we value their business. Google Earth is said to have over a billion downloads, that’s about half the people connected the to Internet and over 1 in 7 of the world’s entire population! With this many people looking at our maps, we hope you understand that we cannot support Google users directly.

We only supply some of the international borders, national borders, coastlines, airports and place name data featured in Google Earth and Google Maps. We do not provide any satellite/aerial imagery or street data. To find the supplier of satellite or aerial imagery for your area of interest, try locating the holder of the copyright prefixed with “Image:”. Since our map data is blended with so many other providers, it is sometimes difficult (even for us) to clearly identify the content provided by Europa Technologies. It is best not to assume that we are the originator of any particular content but to check our website for full details of our global map data.
To report a map data error in Google Earth, follow this link:

Google Earth Help Center

To report a map data error in Google Maps, click on “Report a problem” in the bottom-right corner of the map.

Europa Technologies is committed to a continuous programme of product improvement. We thank you for your time and effort in providing quality feedback but stress that we are unable to accept error reports directly. For your feedback to be effective, please direct it to the correct Google reporting channel.

You will need to contact Google in your own country, plus each of the copyright holders listed on the screenshot you wish to use. If Europa Technologies copyright is listed, please contact us ( with a copy of the images and a description of your intended use.

Europa Technologies can only speak for its own part of the digital map content. Generally for reasonable private, non-commercial or academic use, we provide permission at no cost with an e-mail-based notification. No contract can be signed when there is no fee involved. For commercial use, such as television, with more than fair use an agreement and licence fee will be applicable. Other suppliers will operate their own policy.

We would strongly advise against this as you may be in breach of the Google Earth/Maps licence agreement. The total content within Google Earth is worth millions of US dollars and suppliers, including ourselves, vigorously defend our intellectual property. After all, it’s the lifeblood of our business. Google has made an incredible piece of technology available to the world which is free for most users. Please don’t abuse it!

For further information or to download the Google Earth software  follow this link:

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