OS Data Hub Northern Ireland coverage?

How to access premium maps of the entire United Kingdom

OS Data Hub Northern Ireland coverage?

How to access premium maps of the entire United Kingdom

OS Data Hub is a service which provides access to premium Ordnance Survey maps and data. It does, however, have some limitations. One shortcoming is that OS maps only have coverage of Great Britain, meaning there is no OS Data Hub Northern Ireland coverage. As a licensed partner of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland, Europa Technologies has an award-winning solution to address this problem.

OS Data Hub Northern Ireland

OS Data Hub Northern Ireland coverage?

The exclusion of OS Data Hub Northern Ireland coverage is a significant limitation for users who wish to access premium map content for the whole of the United Kingdom. While Ordnance Survey has a remit as the mapping agency for Great Britain, many public sector and commercial organisations need the broader picture. The lack of full UK support can be a severe hindrance to comprehensive national-level operations.

Fortunately, Europa Technologies has the solution. As an authorised partner of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI), we offer an alternative to OS Data Hub called viaEuropa, which includes support for premium map content with full UK coverage. We can also help with data licensing, where required.

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Introducing viaEuropa

viaEuropa is an award-winning service which delivers beautiful maps directly to your web, mobile and desktop applications. From small scale, strategic global maps to the most detailed hyper-local maps of the United Kingdom, viaEuropa can provide access to a broad range of open/premium data content. In addition to a comprehensive range of base maps, the service supports overlays for layers such as demographics and perils. viaEuropa supports a range of OGC-compliant services including WMTS, WMS and WFS. Additionally, there is a comprehensive set of APIs which provide reliable, high-performance access to a variety of location data content, including OS AddressBase.

viaEuropa is an effective solution to the shortcomings of other mapping services, such as OS Data Hub Northern Ireland coverage. Subject to licensing, it supports premium maps with full UK coverage.

OS Data Hub vs viaEuropa

OS Data Hub viaEuropa
Target availability (1) 99.9% 99.9%
2021 & 2022 Uptime (2) <100% 100%
5-year uptime (3) n/a >99.999%
SLA with penalties
WMTS service
WMS service
WFS service
API service for addressing
Option to add OSNI Northern Ireland data for full UK coverage
Zero downtime during maintenance periods
No throttling or blocking
WFS transaction safety net (4)
Telephone support
Commercial Users Premium Plan
Internal business use
Public Sector Users Public Sector Plan
Non-OS Content
Aerial Photography GB access, under APGB licence
Royal Mail PAF access, under Public Sector Licence (PSL)


1. OS does not record service downtime periods of less than 10 minutes. They also do not include scheduled maintenance periods as service downtime. viaEuropa service availability statistics are absolute and 24×7×365.
2. @OSDataHubStatus
3. OS Data Hub was launched in July 2020 and therefore has no long-term availability statistics yet.
4. A transaction safety net is a mechanism which prevents accidental or unreasonable requests on a WFS service, which may be costly in terms of processing time or transactional licence fees (where applicable).

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