Europa Technologies celebrates Earth Day
with v2018.1 release of global data

PRESS RELEASE – 23 April 2018

Earth DayIn celebration of Earth Day 2018, Europa Technologies has announced the latest major version (v2018.1) of its market-leading suite of global map data products. In addition to supporting commercial applications, the enhancements continue to help monitor and promote awareness of environmental issues affecting our planet.

As well as thousands of minor updates and enhancements, the new release includes:

  • An increase to over 1.35 million named places
  • Political updates, including all changes published by ISO and GENC
  • Updates to 1st and 2nd level administrative boundaries
  • Time zone updated DST for 2018/2019
  • Addition of time zone standard and DST names & abbreviations
  • Earthquake events layer updated
  • Addition of multi-level Superfund discrete global grids
  • Addition of monthly cloud cover grids/rasters
  • Addition of population count & density grid/raster
  • Addition of NASA Blue Marble and Black Marble imagery
  • Addition of Earth Gravitational Model (EGM2008) grid/raster

Europa Technologies’ digital implementation of the CRESTA global zoning system, as used by insurers and reinsurers, has also been updated.

The global map data products published by Europa Technologies are recognised and utilised by earth scientists and a variety of businesses and organisations, including Fortune Global 500 companies, governments and missions of the United Nations. It is licensed by Google for use within the ubiquitous Google Earth and Google Maps services.

Warren Vick, Founder & Director of Europa Technologies said, “We are once again proud to celebrate Earth Day with this new product release. During a time of heightened awareness of environmental issues alongside political disruption, it is perhaps more important than ever to share common values with the billion plus people supporting this important civic observance. With this new global data release, we restate our commitment to maintain one of the most powerful tools for earth scientists and any organisation with international interests”.

The new product release will continue to be available as a service through the award-winning viaEuropa platform. viaEuropa provides access to hosted, high quality cartography as OGC-compliant web services which can be easily consumed by desktop, mobile and web applications.

For more information on the Europa Technologies global data suite, visit:

About Europa Technologies

Europa Technologies is an award-winning specialist in geospatial intelligence solutions for a wide variety of market sectors. Our capabilities allow organisations with international interests to better understand their customers, assets and markets, in a geographic context, thereby gaining a competitive or strategic advantage. Digital map products and services from Europa Technologies are used by many Fortune Global 500 companies, governments and missions of the United Nations. The company has global licence agreements with several leading Internet-based service providers including Google. Through deployment via Google Earth and Google Maps alone, our world data products have been seen by over one billion people, approximately 1 in 7 of the world’s entire population. The company’s identity is captured in its mantra: “Success, located”.


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