Royal Mail PAF

The comprehensive, up-to-date UK delivery address database

The Royal Mail PAF® (Postcode Address File) is widely recognised as the UK’s most up-to-date and complete address database. It contains over 30 million business and residential addresses, and 1.8 million postcodes, which are verified each day by Royal Mail’s 65,000 postmen and women.

PAF Applications

Royal Mail PAF

Approximately 37,000 UK businesses use the Royal Mail PAF in many innovative ways including satellite navigation, mapping and customer profiling. PAF is used by businesses from all sectors of the economy from banking, insurance and retail to distribution and utilities.

PAF provides a number of benefits, including easier online transactions, improved mail efficiency and verifying customer details. This powerful data product can help you streamline processes and reduce costs.

As an authorised Royal Mail PAF Solutions Provider, Europa Technologies can help you make effective use of PAF-based products and services in your organisation.

PAF Upgrade Options

PAF can be enhanced with two complementary products:

Shared premises create challenges for many organisations. The Multiple Residence (MR) database identifies and verifies premises where multiple households share a letter box, and provides a detailed address structure for these properties. It contains over 800,000 records for over 185,000 properties divided into apartments or businesses.

The Not Yet Built (NYB) database is a comprehensive database that enables you to identify postcodes and addresses for properties that are under construction or in the planning stage, giving you prior knowledge of potential future customers. It contains over 500,000 records covering the 100,000+ new properties built annually.

Royal Mail PAF - Multiple Residence & Not Yet Built
Royal Mail PAF Solutions

PAF Solutions

Europa Technologies offers access to PAF (including Multiple Residences and Not Yet Built) through an enterprise-grade API.

For those needing to hold and process data in-house, AddressHub is a new address product for Great Britain built upon PAF data, enhanced with UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number), coordinates and other valuable attributes. AddressHub is also available through an API.

Royal Mail PAF API

Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF)

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