OS AddressBase Core API

Access AddressBase Core through the award-winning viaEuropa API

OS AddressBase Core API

Access AddressBase Core through the award-winning viaEuropa API

Our AddressBase Core API service is delivered through viaEuropa – the award-winning platform from Europa Technologies. It delivers AddressBase Core data directly to your web and desktop applications, plus mobile apps. Use viaEuropa to drive location-enabled solutions quickly, easily and efficiently.

OS AddressBase

AddressBase Core API

viaEuropa provides access to AddressBase Core as a high-performance, reliable and secure Application Programming Interface (API).

Our enterprise-grade addressing API allows software to retrieve data using a well-defined, consistent and programmatic method for performing queries. Organisations of all sizes and industries can use APIs to transform and streamline their business processes.

The viaEuropa API uses an industry-standard REST interface with flexible query options and responses in JSON, GeoJSON or XML formats. The API allows you to query AddressBase Core by UPRN, postcode, free text address or geographic coordinates (point+radius or bounding box).

As an accredited Ordnance Survey partner, we can arrange AddressBase Core licensing where required.

Lightning fast and super reliable

viaEuropa services are lightning fast and support concurrent requests. This makes the API suitable for real-time applications where response time is critical.

viaEuropa is also super reliable and backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a 99.9% availability guarantee. Furthermore, rest assured as the actual service availability across all viaEuropa services over the past five years has been over 99.999%.

SLA Guaranteed Uptime
Actual Uptime (past 5 years)
Super fast viaEuropa API
viaEuropa API

Convenient and maintenance free

Organisations across many industries already use APIs to create new products and improve operational efficiency. APIs continue to play a crucial role in linking organisations and technologies within digital ecosystems.

By consuming the viaEuropa AddressBase Core API, you will enjoy the convenience of accessing the latest version of the product without any data maintenance tasks. Using an API will save development time, reducing the cost of integrating AddressBase Core into your solution.

Need access to the raw data too? We can provide a managed supply of AddressBase Core through our secure data delivery platform, Europa Data Vault.

A perfect fit

viaEuropa hosted services are designed to meet a wide range of needs from public sector and non-commercial users through to private sector businesses; for individual desktop users, departmental intranets, public web-based applications and enterprise-wide use. We offer a flexible range of service levels differentiated by utilisation and deployment method.

viaEuropa is backed by free world-class support. Our expert team is accessible, approachable and ready to help answer your questions quickly and effectively.

Let us help you find the viaEuropa service that is a perfect fit for your organisation.

Tailored to You

How can we help you?

Do get in touch if you would like more details about the OS AddressBase Core API (technical, licensing, pricing, etc.) or would like to arrange a personalised demo. Our product specialists will be happy to provide you with a free consultation.