Flood Maps & Data

Understand, prepare and mitigate flood challenges

Flood Maps & Data

Understand, prepare and mitigate flood challenges

Flood maps & data are a vital element in land use planning for flood-prone areas. They can identify areas at risk of flooding and help prioritise mitigation measures and response efforts. Flood maps & data enable visualisation and analysis of several flood types, including river, surface water, coastal, groundwater, canal failure and dam break.

Flood Maps & Data

Flood maps & data

Flood maps & data are available for many countries around the world, providing a consistent and broad view of global flood hazard. This data is typically supplied ready for use in a GIS or desktop mapping application, or as a database linked to either address or postcode for ease of lookup.

Complex scenarios are simulated using hydraulic modelling to create maps for multiple flood types. These show flood extents at different return periods (1 in 20 years, 1 in 75 years, etc.) as well as flood depths.

In addition to identifying areas at risk, the data also illustrates the clearance height for areas that are not thought to be prone to flood. This information is useful for many different planning and asset management applications.

Drive decisions with precision

Traditionally, flood risk has often been mapped at postcode level. In the UK and selected other countries, the data is now modelled to a 5m grid and is therefore appropriate to use at individual address/property level. This is important as there can often be significant differences in flood risk across a single postcode, especially where there is marked variation in elevation. A good example of this would be a property at the top of a hill and another at the bottom. These may share a postcode but have entirely different flood risk profiles.

Precision risk assessment improves underwriting performance, enhances readiness and allows you to coordinate response efforts with clarity.

Flood Maps & Data - Drive decisions with Precision
Flood Maps & Data - Deepen your Insight

Deepen your insight

The use of flood maps & data to assist in managing insurance business has become standard. The same intelligence, however, can also be of tremendous value to any organisation with properties, businesses and assets which may be damaged or disrupted by flood.

Within insurance, the data can not only be used to help determine pricing for both commercial and personal lines, but it can also be combined with data from other sources to assist with exposure and accumulation management. Historic flood footprints can also greatly help fraud detection.

Whilst the data already includes standard perils scores, these can be customised to reflect your own risk scoring model.

Our trusted partner

Known as The Flood People, JBA Risk Management produces flood maps, catastrophe models and analytics used around the world by insurers, reinsurers, financial institutions, property companies and governments.

As a licensed business partner, Europa Technologies can supply and support a wide range of JBA Risk Management products with an attractive value-added proposition. Flood maps can be delivered as raw data, as an online service or as a bespoke web-based application.

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Delivery options

Tap into our trinity of capabilities to consume flood maps & data in whatever way suits you best. Whether you need a robust web-based application, an API service to boost your own development or just the raw data, we can support you. We have the expertise, credentials and capabilities to help you improve performance, streamline processes and reduce costs.

Risk Insight

Risk Insight

Risk Insight offers a powerful yet intuitive means of assessing risk intelligence across your property portfolio. Developed for insurers, public sector bodies and property managers, it provides a clear picture and understanding of individual risks and overall exposure. Implemented as an online service, Risk Insight can be integrated with your internal systems to provide a rich, seamless experience for your users.



viaEuropa is the award-winning hosted map and API platform from Europa Technologies. It delivers high quality, fully maintained, digital maps and geodata directly to your web applications, desktop GIS and mobile apps. Use viaEuropa to drive location intelligent solutions quickly, easily and efficiently.

viaEuropa supports a variety of high-quality content from Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland, Bluesky International, Government of Jersey, JBA Risk Management, British Geological Survey, MB International and OceanWise.

Europa Data Vault

Europa Data Vault

Europa Data Vault is a managed data delivery platform supporting OS data products, including OS MasterMap, VectorMap Local and AddressBase. The service delivers the latest version of all key products included in the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA). Data is available in a range of spatial data formats and delivered by secure download.

Data formats & delivery

Flood Maps & Data is available in many popular GIS formats, including:

  • Esri Shapefile
  • Esri File GeoDatabase
  • MapInfo TAB (Extended)

All data products are delivered using our secure data delivery platform, Europa Data Vault.

Orders, Formats & Delivery

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Free data life support

All data products supplied by Europa Technologies include free, world-class, lifetime support.

Got a technical issue or licensing question? No problem – we’re just a call or an e-mail away.

Arrange your digital map licensing through us with the assurance of great value from your data investment.

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