Market Trace for Tourism

The leading-edge source of visitor intelligence

Market Trace for Tourism

The leading-edge source of visitor intelligence

Market Trace for Tourism provides an innovative way to measure human attendance within a specified area. In addition to identifying locals, visitors can be categorised as domestic or international travellers. Using 2019 data as a benchmark, this service provides performance metrics which are essential in the creation of a pandemic recovery plan.

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Market Trace for Tourism

Market Trace for Tourism offers a new and unique insight into visitors and is a powerful tool for tourist boards and businesses in the travel, leisure and hospitality industry.

As a fully bespoke offering, this data service uses anonymised location data which can trace visitors to your regions, resorts and attractions.

Get a clearer picture of your visitors and improve your post-pandemic bounce back with Market Trace for Tourism.

Benchmark visitors

While official statistics are often out-of-date by the time they are published, this service can benchmark your visitors, including where they have come from domestically and internationally, over the past year. Local population, workforce and short-term guests can be excluded, leaving an accurate footprint of tourists.

This service offers a comprehensive picture of the visitor gravity of your region and enables month-on-month and year-on-year benchmarking and comparison.

Market Trace for Tourism can also be used as a competitor intelligence tool. How are your rivals thriving and how could you replicate their success?

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Monitor recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on tourism worldwide. Using Market Trace for Tourism, you can benchmark past performance, quantify lost visitors and plan effective mitigation and recovery.

In planning your bounce back, this data service will support your evidence-based decision making.

Know your visitors

In addition to quantifying tourists and their origins, this service can optionally provide demographics about visitors, including purchasing power. This can help you target your marketing budget to the right people in the right places.

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Market Trace - How it works

How does it work?

Market Trace services use anonymised location data derived from mobile phone applications. The data was collected with full user consent and was created with a consistent methodology for 190 countries. Over 14 trillion observations and 1.2 trillion locations from over 800 million active devices were processed and aggregated in strict compliance with privacy and data protection laws, including GDPR. Multiple protections against deanonymisation are employed.

It is important to understand that this service does not track people in real-time. It uses data science methods to interpret the transient presence of people in a given area, akin to footprints on a beach.

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