Market Trace for Retail

Gain unique commercial insight with customer intelligence

Market Trace for Retail

Gain unique commercial insight with customer intelligence

Market Trace for Retail provides valuable intelligence on your customers and those of your competitors. By analysing trends in movement, this data service can reveal the true gravity of your stores and where shoppers travel from. Extending beyond loyalty cards, it provides insight into customers who may be difficult to quantify and engage. Advanced analytics provide answers to more complex questions and support evidence-based decision making.

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Market Trace for Retail

Market Trace for Retail is a new and unique insight into shopper activity and is a powerful tool for supermarkets, groups, franchisers and others in the retail industry.

As a fully bespoke offering, this data service uses anonymised location data which can trace customers’ proximity to your stores or those of your competitors.

Get a clearer picture of your customers and the marketplace for your stores with Market Trace for Retail.

Beyond loyalty cards

Loyalty card programmes are a fantastic source of data about your most faithful customers, but what about the rest? For any store, do you know where those unidentified customers are coming from and how you might engage with them?

Market Trace for Retail allows you to profile your customer base, revealing the true reach of stores and allowing you to plan more effective marketing strategies.

How can we help you identify where your customers come from?

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Market Trace for Retail - Eye on the Competition

An eye on the competition

You may have good insight into your own customers, but how valuable would it be to know where your competitors’ customers come from? Market Trace for Retail can help you keep an eye on the opposition and plan competitive marketing campaigns in key geographic market areas.

Advanced customer analytics

Market Trace for Retail goes beyond simple tracing of visits to a single location. It is also possible to analyse behaviour. For example, between two shopping malls, how many people go to both in a day? Which do they visit first and what is the statistical distribution of visit duration?

As a fully bespoke data service, Market Trace for Retail can answer complex questions and provide a deep insight into your competition.

What information do you need to improve your market share?

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Market Trace - How it works

How does it work?

Market Trace services use anonymised location data derived from mobile phone applications. The data was collected with full user consent and was created with a consistent methodology for 190 countries. Over 14 trillion observations and 1.2 trillion locations from over 800 million active devices were processed and aggregated in strict compliance with privacy and data protection laws, including GDPR. Multiple protections against deanonymisation are employed.

It is important to understand that this service does not track people in real-time. It uses data science methods to interpret the transient presence of people in a given area, akin to footprints on a beach.

How can we help you?

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