Jersey Address Database

The definitive address gazetteer of Jersey

Jersey Address Database

The definitive address gazetteer of Jersey

The Jersey Address Database is derived from the Jersey Land & Property Index (JLPI) which is the definitive source of address data for the Bailiwick of Jersey. The gazetteer contains over 65,000 records, including unique property reference numbers (UPRN), for addresses of properties, businesses, field numbers and places of interest.

Jersey Address Gazetteer

Jersey Address Database

The Jersey Address Database is created from the authoritative source of addresses for the island of Jersey. The Jersey Land and Property Index (JLPI), and derived Corporate Address File (CAF), is the official source of address information for both the public and private sector. This source data is maintained on a daily basis, with this product being released monthly.

Use the Jersey Address Database to streamline data capture, cleanse and enrich your data holdings and deliver better services on Jersey.

Connect to PropTech with UPRN

With comprehensive coverage of the island, the Jersey Address Database is ideal as a core reference database for property intelligence applications. It can give you a fuller picture of a property and its surrounding area.

The powerful combination of UPRN and location connects properties across multiple databases, enabling data analytics and revealing insights that can underpin crucial decision and policy making.

What would you like to discover about a specific address or neighbourhood in Jersey?

Jersey Address Gazetteer - Connect to PropTech with UPRN
Jersey Address Gazetteer - Addressing Made Simple

Jersey addressing made simple

Avoiding the need for complex relational database models, the Jersey Address Database is supplied as an easy-to-use single data table. It is available as a “flat file” CSV file or in a range of commonly used GIS data formats including GeoPackage, Esri File Geodatabase and MapInfo TAB.

Licensed annually and including monthly updates, the Jersey Address Database offers comprehensive, up-to-date data and excellent value for money.

In addition to supporting a variety of data formats, we can also deliver the Jersey Address Database as a high-performance, reliable and secure API.

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  • Broad range of formats – We support all common GIS and CAD formats such as GeoPackage, MapInfo TAB, Esri Shapefile, Esri File GeoDatabase, Autodesk DWG and others. For many formats, deliveries can also include our award-winning cartographic styling.
  • Expert advice – From a Government of Jersey appointed business partner.

If you have a requirement for authoritative Government of Jersey map data, please contact us.

Jersey Coast of Arms

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