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HERE Maps for Qatar offers a reliable snapshot of the country that unlocks value by providing context and relevance for your data. It provides an unparalleled source of location data to build new applications or leverage the value of your own data.


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With up to 900 data attributes, HERE Maps for Qatar provides industry leading geospatial data which is fresh, consistent and reliable. The product’s rich layers include roads, pathways, buildings, structures, places, land use and land cover.

HERE Maps provides an unparalleled source of location data to build new applications or leverage the value of your own data.

How can HERE Maps for Qatar unlock value in your organisation?

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Flag of QatarQatar – Quick facts

Area (sq km)
GDP (PPP) 2018
GDP (PPP) Rank
One of the wealthiest countries in the world, the State of Qatar is situated in western Asia, on the north-eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. It shares its only land border with Saudi Arabia and coastline on the Persian Gulf. The capital city is Doha.
Historically Qatar has always been an important point on trading routes. It came under Bahraini and Saudi rule in the eighteenth century and then under Ottoman rule from 1871-1915, after which it became a British protectorate. Qatar became fully independent in 1971. It is now a semi-constitutional monarchy and divided into eight municipalities. The hereditary Qatari monarch retains so much power that the style of government is virtually an absolute monarchy.
Qatar has transformed from being one of the poorest of the gulf states, reliant mainly on fishing and pearl fishing and trading, to one of the world’s wealthiest. Oil was discovered in 1939 and has been responsible for the economic transformation. Qatar holds 13% of the world’s oil and gas resources. It is the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas, but its high emissions of carbon dioxide are to its cost. Qatar has one of the fastest growing tourism sectors and is investing heavily in this market. It is estimated that only around 12% of the population are Qatari nationals. Most of the population live in or around Doha and the country has extremely low unemployment, and a sophisticated infrastructure.
Qatari culture is significantly influenced by Islam. Bedouin poetry, music, song and dance are important elements to its cultural heritage. Qatar has invested heavily in museums and art galleries and the country is one of the biggest investors in art by value. The influential Al Jazeera Media Network is owned by the Qatari government. Soccer is the most popular sport, enhanced further by Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatar now hosts other sports, including tennis, squash and cycling.
On the world stage Qatar is a member of the United Nations, the Arab League and OPEC.

Flexible options to meet your needs

For most countries, HERE Maps is available in two tiers, HERE Essential Map and HERE Advanced Map.

HERE Essential Map is a basic 2D canvas of the world that enables use cases such as basic map display, data visualisation, search, localisation and tracking and tracing.

HERE Advanced Map builds on the HERE Essential Map to form the most complete and detailed map available. It includes detailed features for modelling road networks, such as navigable attributes, speed limits, sign text and the full set of Places, and enables use cases such as point-to-point routing, turn-by-turn navigation, advanced navigation for cars and trucks, business intelligence, planning and optimisation, and much more.

Consult the table below for specific availability and content information for Qatar.

We can also offer a range of data packages derived from HERE Maps which combine excellent quality and outstanding value for money.

HERE Maps for Qatar
Product HERE Essential Map HERE Advanced Map
Content Includes:

  • Road geometry
  • Street names
  • Address range
  • Administrative codes
  • Cartographic features and land-use
  • Building footprints
  • Selected categories of Places: airport, amusements parks, border crossing, commuter rail station, ferry terminal, golf course, hamlet, historical monument, hospital, museum, named place, neighbourhood, park/recreation area, performing arts venue, sports complex, taxi stand, tourist attraction, train station
Includes all features from the Essential Map plus:

  • Road attributes: Direction of Travel (two-way, one-way), Road Function Class (FC) Control Access, Ramp, Multiply Digitised, Complex Intersection, Restriction Driving Manoeuvre (no left/right/u-turn, no straight ahead), Paved, Toll Way.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycling basic geometry (only functional when combined with Pedestrian or Bicycling products)
  • Speed Limits FC 1-2
  • Traffic Message Channel (TMC) information
  • Sign Text
  • Toll Information
  • Environmental Zone ID

Looking beyond Qatar? HERE Maps is available for 200 countries…

Unlimited applications & use cases

From search, geocoding, display, tracking, business intelligence and digital advertising to navigation, powering safety systems and automated driving, HERE Maps meets your every need.

With HERE Maps for Qatar as a foundation, providing context and relevance to all things location, a wide range of applications and use cases are made possible.

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HERE Maps - Optional Extras

Even better with optional extras

HERE Maps can be further enriched with additional curated and specialised location content products that enable you to build differentiating location-enabled services and applications. Over 50 premium location content products seamlessly integrate with the HERE Maps, such as HERE Places, HERE Point Addressing, HERE Trucks, HERE Road Infrastructure and more.

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Our added value

By licensing HERE Maps for Qatar through Europa Technologies, you will automatically receive the following benefits, often charged as extras by our competitors:

  • Free consultation – an opportunity to discuss your precise requirements and tailor a bespoke solution.
  • Free data life support – any questions or issues with the product during the licence period, just ask!
  • Broad range of formats available – we support all common GIS formats, including Esri File GeoDatabase, Esri Shapefile, MapInfo TAB/Extended, and others.
  • Expert advice – from a UK-based HERE Registered Partner with a professional, award-winning team.

If you have a requirement for HERE Maps for Qatar or are an existing licence holder and are considering a move to new supplier, please contact us.

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