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Entirely landlocked and situated in, as well as surrounded by north-eastern Italy, the Republic of San Marino is one of the world’s smallest countries, and the third smallest in Europe. The capital is the City of San Marino.
The country is only 61 square km in size, and lays claim to being the world’s oldest republic. Its political framework is that of a parliamentary representative democratic republic, and ruled by two Captains Regent, from opposing parties, to achieve political balance. San Marino is divided into nine municipalities.
Tourism dominates the economy and San Marino is one of the wealthiest states in the world, hosting around three million visitors annually. Interestingly, it also boasts a higher number of cars than people. The other main revenue sources are finance, ceramics and electronics. Postage stamps and coins also represent an important revenue source.
Although it is a microstate, San Marino has a university. It is culturally very close to Italy and has a strong musical tradition.
It is aligned with the European Union, although not a member state.



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