Do you see what I see?

Cartographic design for users with Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD)

Do you see what I see? is an infographic produced by Europa Labs. The artwork was designed to be educational and to make cartographers aware of issues which may make their maps less accessible to people with colour blindness – more accurately Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD).

Do you see what I see?

Europa Labs - Do you see what I see?


This infographic is available in PDF format at two resolutions. The low-resolution version is suitable for printing at A3 size, whereas the high-resolution can be printed at A0.

Download low-resolution (A3) PDF (~2.5MB)

Download high-resolution (A0) PDF (~11MB)

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Europa Labs is the experimental or “skunk works” brand of Europa Technologies. It is responsible for working on innovative location intelligence projects and cartographic works, often without a client or sponsor. Discover our fascinating infographics and award-winning map creations.

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