Outlining our core values and guiding principles


Outlining our core values and guiding principles

Europa Technologies follows the TAGFEE Code which was created by SEO tools company, Moz.

TAGFEE at Europa Technologies

TAGFEE concisely encapsulates key goals for our business culture, specifically:

Transparent – Where practical, we share the inner workings of our business with our clients – both the good and the bad – in an open way. We take responsibility for our mistakes and do everything possible to rectify them.

Authentic – We are true to ourselves and do not make misrepresentations.

Generous – We strive to over-deliver if possible and provide products and services that represent excellent value for money. We do what we can for our communities – both the local and globally.

Fun – We are committed to supporting a friendly and relaxed work environment.

Empathetic – We show respect for other people’s thoughts, feeling and opinions. We will not be distracted by negativity of any form.

Exceptional – We strive to be a uniquely remarkable business which challenges convention, innovates and delivers.

Further Information

To learn more about Europa Technologies and their implementation of the code, please contact Warren Vick, Founder & Director (wvick@europa.uk.com)

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