Mobile Network Coverage

Mapping the mobile world

Mobile network coverage data can provide practical information about the availability of cellular services as well as valuable competitor intelligence. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, find profitable roaming partnerships and market your own network coverage.

Mobile Network Coverage Data

Mobile Network Coverage

In today’s connected world, it is essential to know where mobile services are available. This is particularly true for data services where both businesses and individuals have an expectation of both coverage and practicable speed. Our mobile network coverage data is a key ingredient for effective analysis in the wireless telecommunications arena.

Sourced directly from operators and trusted partners, we can provide coverage patterns for over 2000 mobile networks worldwide, in popular GIS formats. Coverage is across a broad range of technologies from 2G to 5G.

Mobile network coverage data is available for a single network, or multiple networks up to worldwide. There are also several options for updates.

Worldwide Mobile Network Coverage Data

Number of Countries
Number of Networks

The Who and Where of Coverage

The use of mobile network coverage with demographic data is a powerful combination. It adds the dimension of “who” is being covered by your own service, or that of a competitor. This intelligence is valuable when strategically planning a network roll out to expand coverage.

Don’t have a GIS department? No problem. Leverage the extensive experience of Europa Technologies to perform the analysis you need.

Mobile Network Coverage Data

Data Formats & Delivery

Mobile network coverage data is available in many popular GIS formats, including:

  • Esri Shapefile
  • Esri File GeoDatabase
  • MapInfo TAB (Extended)

All data products are delivered using our secure data delivery platform, Europa Data Vault.

Europa Data Vault
Orders, Formats & Delivery

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Network Insight

Network Insight is a hosted service offering interactive telecommunications coverage maps of the world for seamless display on your website. Featuring comprehensive and up-to-date maps, the service provides valuable, high quality and fully managed content for any telecoms operator.

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Historical GSM Coverage Maps

Historical GSM Coverage Maps

A collection of historical GSM coverage maps from a project commissioned by the GSM Association to produce a series of sponsored printed maps, for free distribution at events such as Mobile World Congress.

Historical GSM Coverage Maps


Demographics presents the number of households, population figures by sex and age band plus the number of unemployed. If the sales performance of your product is linked to these factors, this data product can help you find the right customers in the right places.


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