Climate Change Flood Risk Indicator

Understand the future of flood risk to properties & assets

The Climate Change Flood Risk Indicator is an easy-to-use data product offering a insight into potential change in flood risk due to climate change (under a realistic warming scenario). The product models impact for three flood types: river, surface water and coastal for postcode units across Great Britain.

Climate Change Flood Indicator

Climate Change Flood Risk Indicator

The Climate Change Flood Risk Indicator can identify areas more or less susceptible to flooding in a future warmer climate. It gives organisations the foresight of a longer term view of flood risk.

Climate change is recognised as perhaps the biggest global challenge of our generation. How can you take account of this in your planning processes? Research suggests that the UK is particularly at risk to an increase in flood events, in both frequency and severity, as a direct result of climate change. Organisations responsible for insurance, asset management, public services, flood prevention and emergency response must prepare for the future and ensure protection from unacceptable risk.

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Look into the Future

For any organisation with an interest in preventing and preparing for major flood events, it is important to develop an understanding of long-term climate change risk. The Climate Change Flood Risk Indicator has been developed with a 2040 horizon and uses a realistic (2°) warming scenario, in line with Government-led, peer-reviewed allowances.

Although 2040 may seem a long way off, some changes may be experienced much sooner. It is also worth considering that gradual change now is much easier to deal with than sudden change later, with many organisations unable to adapt rapidly. Having access to this information now can be helpful for considered planning, decision-making and portfolio management in the medium term.

Planning for prevention is better than dealing with disaster.

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Climate Change Flood Indicator - Look into the Future
Climate Change Flood Indicator - Advanced Science

Advanced science, made accessible

The Climate Change Flood Risk Indicator has been designed for easy implementation within any organisation. Utilising JBA’s advanced Climate Change Flood Model, the indicator takes advantage of high-resolution flood data to incorporate and illustrate variation at a local scale. Importantly, it is available at postcode unit level for the whole of Great Britain, making it easy to deploy in different systems and applications.

The indicator incorporates three major types of flood event: river, surface water and coastal.


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Known as The Flood People, JBA Risk Management produces flood maps, catastrophe models and analytics used around the world by insurers, reinsurers, financial institutions, property companies and governments.

As a licensed business partner, Europa Technologies can supply and support a wide range of JBA Risk Management products with an attractive value-added proposition. The Climate Change Flood Risk Indicator can be delivered as raw data, as an online service or as a bespoke web-based application.

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Delivery Options

Tap into our trinity of capabilities to consume the Climate Change Flood Model in whatever way suits you best. Whether you need a robust web-based application, an API service to boost your own development or just the raw data, we can support you. We have the expertise, credentials and capabilities to help you improve performance, streamline processes and reduce costs.

Risk Insight

Risk Insight

Risk Insight offers a powerful yet intuitive means of assessing risk across your property portfolio. Developed for insurers, public sector bodies and property managers, it provides a clear picture and understanding of individual risks and overall exposure. Implemented as an online service, Risk Insight can be integrated with your internal systems to provide a rich, seamless experience for your users.

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Europa Data Vault

Europa Data Vault

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Data Formats & Delivery

The Climate Change Flood Risk Indicator is available in many popular GIS formats, including:

  • Esri Shapefile
  • Esri File GeoDatabase
  • MapInfo TAB (Extended)

All data products are delivered using our secure data delivery platform, Europa Data Vault.

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Free Data Life Support

All data products supplied by Europa Technologies include free, world-class, lifetime support.

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Arrange your digital map licensing through us with the assurance of great value from your data investment.

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