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OS Points of Interest contains around four million different geographic features, supplied with location, functional information and addresses where possible. The Botanical and Zoological category is available for the whole of Great Britain or specific areas of your choice.

Botanical and Zoological – location data for Great Britain

This data comes from OS Points of Interest which contains over four million records. The Botanical and Zoological category contains 4,408 locations for Great Britain, but this can be filtered by class and geography. Europa Technologies offers you a fully bespoke service, allowing you to order just what you need and maximise the value of your data investment.

Locations in Great Britain

Analyse Beyond Address

OS Points of Interest includes locations in a Botanical and Zoological category which can be identified by their use and function as well as by their postal address or geography. Each record also contains a telephone number, website address and brand, where appropriate.

For the public sector, OS Points of Interest lets you identify gaps in services and analyse changes in city centre retail space over time. This helps you maintain a quality environment for your residents, shoppers and visitors.

OS Points of Interest - Analyse Beyond Address
OS Points of Interest - 3 Tiers

Multi-Tier Hierarchy

OS Points of Interest is organised into a 3-tier hierarchy with 9 groups, 52 categories and 616 classes. Botanical and Zoological is a category which can be sub-divided into 7 classes:

Click on a class name to explore the location data available.

Parent Group: Attractions

Documentation & Resources

As part of our support for OS Points of Interest, we provide a full, up-to-date library of documentation and resources, including product guides and technical specifications.

Documentation & Resources
Documentation & Resources

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AddressHub is a new address product for Great Britain built upon definitive Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF®) data, enhanced with UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number), coordinates and other valuable attributes. Designed to deliver a cost-effective addressing capability to organisations of any size, AddressHub opens the door to connect databases from multiple sources. Search, locate and identify addresses with ease and precision.

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Our Added Value

By licensing OS map data products through Europa Technologies, you will automatically receive the following benefits, usually charged additionally by many of our competitors:

  • Free Data Life Support – any questions or issues with the product during the licence period, just ask!
  • Broad range of formats available – Ordnance Survey supply their products in limited formats but we can convert into all common GIS formats such as MapInfo TAB, Esri Shapefile, Esri File GeoDatabase and others.
  • Expert advice from an award-winning Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner and Ordnance Survey Accredited Consultant.

If you have a requirement for Ordnance Survey data, or are an existing licence holder and are considering a new supplier, please contact us.

OS Partner

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about our Botanical and Zoological location data and other points of interest (technical, licensing, pricing, etc.) or would like to arrange a free personalised demo at a time that suits you, please get in touch using the links above. Alternatively, contact one of our product specialists who will be happy to help you.

Our location intelligence products and services provide great opportunities for resellers, system integrators and data brokers. Contact us today about partnering with Europa Technologies and explore how we might benefit from working together.