Global Insight

The leading world map & gazetteer

Key Features

  • Up-to-date political map of the world
  • Comprehensive gazetteer of over 930,000 places
  • Support for exonyms in 19 languages
  • Global Points of Interest (POIs)
  • Time Zones with DST
  • Attractive sea bathymetry
  • Internet / enterprise ready

New in Global Insight 2014.2

  • Updated international and 1st/2nd level administrative boundaries
  • On-going development of high resolution coastlines
  • New high resolution shaded relief overlay
  • Updated time zones with DST for 2014/2015
  • Digitally signed installer
  • General maintenance, updates & improvements


Global Insight offers 1:1,000,000 scale digital mapping for the entire world. With coverage divided by feature over a small number of intermatching layers, it is an ideal data set for global reference mapping. The product provides up-to-date political entities, coastlines, international borders, some first level administrative borders, time zones, points of interest and over 930,000 named places with urban sprawls. Names are in local and alternative forms (English conventional name, foreign language forms, second national language or long/short form). All place names use accented characters where required using a standard ANSI character set, also known as the Unicode Latin 1 code page. Other characters, such as those from Eastern Europe, Cyrillic and areas of the Far East are correctly transliterated to their romanised form.

Global Insight products are the new standard for world reference mapping and are ideal upgrades for outdated data sets derived from the Digital Chart of the World (DCW) & VMap0.

The product is an excellent choice for users performing global geocoding by place name. The alternative names layer allows an advanced geocoder to pick up many places with alternative spellings. Whether your data contains Geneva / Genève, Helsinki / Helsingfors or Köln / Cologne, Global Insight will match the name to provide superior geocoding hit rates.

The extensive place name gazetteer allows rapid location of almost any city, town or village in the entire world. Place data records include country name and 1st level administrative region (where available) which assists when identifying an ambiguous name. Population estimates can also be used to rank search results.


Global Insight consists of the following intermatching data layers:

  • Current political map, 1:1m scale [regions]
  • Current political map, 1:3m scale [regions]
  • Country reference [points]
  • Time zones [regions]
  • Coastlines [polylines]
  • International borders [polylines]
  • 1st level administrative borders [polylines]
  • 2nd level administrative borders [polylines & regions]
  • Sea bathymetry [regions]
  • Ocean Features [polylines]
  • Places; 930,000+ [points]
  • Alternative names [points]
  • Urban sprawls [regions]
  • Points of Interest (POI) [points]

A number of useful backgrounds, grids and lines are also supplied in addition to flag images (GIF format) at two resolutions.

Product Layer Comparison

Expo Content Programme

Global Insight benefits by being part of the Expo Content Programme. Expo includes useful map layers, from Europa Technologies partners and selected third parties, covering a number of industries and subjects. Future releases will extend this bonus content offering.

Class Layer Description
Earth Science Earthquakes Earthquake events from January 1973 to March 2014, including magnitude.
Earth Science Plate Boundaries Global tectonic plate boundaries (ridge, trench & transform).
Political EEZ Exclusive Economic Zones(EEZ).
Transportation Flights Global layer connecting departure/arrival airports for scheduled flights.


There are an unlimited number of uses for Global Insight. Potential applications include:

  • General reference mapping
  • Global geocoding by place name
  • International strategic planning
  • Transportation planning & tracking
  • Telecommunications
  • Mining, oil & gas exploration
  • Name overlay for satellite imagery
  • Travel planning

Global Insight is ready to deploy on the Internet or corporate intranet.

Data Formats

Global Insight is available in the following data formats:

  • ESRI Shapefile
  • MapInfo TAB
  • MapInfo MIF/MID

The primary and alternative places databases can also be supplied in the following formats which allow easy loading on to enterprise database platforms.

  • Tab delimited file (TXT)
  • Access database (MDB)

Other major formats can be supported by special arrangement. Digitally signed installer.

Delivery & Media

Global Insight is supplied on DVD or by online delivery.

Licensing & Pricing

Geo Data Life SupportAll geo data products from Europa Technologies include free lifetime support. Note that all data is licensed, not sold, and is subject to our standard End-User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Single & Multi-User Licences
Global Discovery (perpetual single end-user licence) – GBP: £2795 / USD: $5595 / EUR: €4795

Multi-user licence costs are based on a multiplier of the single user cost. E&OE

Users Multiplier GBP USD EUR
1 x1.0 £1,195 $2,395 €1,995
2 x1.5 £1,793 $3,593 €2,993
5 x2.0 £2,390 $4,790 €3,990
10 x2.5 £2,988 $5,988 €4,988
15 x3.0 £3,585 $7,185 €5,985
25 x4.0 £4,780 $9,580 €7,980
50 x5.0 £5,975 $11,975 €9,975
100 x6.0 £7,170 $14,370 €11,970
250 x8.0 £9,560 $19,160 €15,960
500 x10.0 £11,950 $23,950 €19,950
Site/Corporate POA POA POA POA

Maintenance & Updates

For single and multi-user licences, product maintenance (including all updates for one year) may be purchased for 50% of the costs above.

A one-off update can be purchased for 30% of the costs above.

Web & Server Licences

Global Discovery may be deployed in an Internet / intranet web environment or used in a central server based capacity for an annual fee of three times single user price. If the use of the product includes service resale (ASP models, etc.), the annual fee is five times the single user price. Prices include all updates for each licensed year. For intranet or server based applications where the number of users is known, the multi-user licence pricing above (one-off payment, perpetual licence) may be used. All web/server licences are per application, per year. There are no restrictions to the number of servers, users or hits.

Type Multiplier GBP USD EUR
Standard x3.0 £3,585 $7,185 €5,985
Resale x5.0 £5,975 $11,975 €9,975

Integration Licences

Attractive licensing terms are available to organisations who wish to integrate Global Discovery into their own software products. Such applications are subject to a commercial agreement. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Further Information

Global Insight FAQ

For further information, please contact our experienced data consultants who will be happy to help you.

Duncan Hill
Telephone: +44 (0)1932 64 55 60 (direct)

Warren Vick
Telephone: +44 (0)1932 37 97 31 (direct)

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